Beneful Meals at Walmart

Walmart has many dog food varieties of the Beneful brand which contain many flavors. The Beneful brand of dog foods comes either wet or dry. Beneful dog food brands also offer real meat as well.

One of Wal-Mart’s common brand of dog food is Beneful. One of the flavors that Beneful have is the wet Beneful containing chopped blends salmon with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. They also have Purina Beneful prepared meals beef stew all stages wet dog food. Another one includes Purina Beneful incredibites with beef. Beneful at Wal-Mart contain wet or dry foods. The price range of the food are slightly over $2- to right at $40, the $40 includes the savings price. Walmart has wet Beneful dog foods, which prices range from $2- to about $19. Walmart also has dry dog food. The price range from slightly of $5- to just over $31. Walmart does carry food which contain real meat. Some of which include Salmon. They carry a brand of Beneful called healthy weight with real Salmon. This is a real ingredient. Another one of their foods containing real meat is Purina Beneful with real beef. This bag of food is $13.98 for the small bag and $33.98 for the large one. There are coupons which can be printed online for Walmart purchases of Beneful. Right now, Walmart has rolled back prices on the Grain Beneful where you save $17.24. The price of that food was originally $57.00. Wal-Mart will continuously run specials on the dog food, wet or dry, and even the food containing real ingredients. Click here to watch video.

To get the Beneful brand of dog food varieties, which contain many flavors, consider the purchase at Wal-Mart. They have set and dry dog foods, with many flavors. Also, you can choose foods which have real meat in them.