How Jim Hunt Of VTA Publications Runs His Days


Jim Hunt is a knowledgeable investor who has created some unique strategies for stock trading and planning for the future. He has a lot of followers on YouTube, where he posts videos about the latest trends on stock charts, and tells his viewers when and how they should execute trades. Hunt is very passionate about finances, so much so that he believes learning how to trade stocks is easy. To demonstrate how serious he is about that, Hunt started up “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades.” “Wealth Wave” is about making two calls during a bear market that could drastically change your fortune, and “Making Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades” shows how picking the right stocks could multiply your profits by 10 each time.


Jim Hunt leads quite a normal life and doesn’t even consider himself all that ambitious, but he stays up to date with all financial news. Ideamensch interviewed Hunt to know more about what he does. Hunt talked about how he started VTA Publications as a resource for independent investors to learn how to manage assets without needing a bank to do so. He called working for a bank the worst job he had because of how clients were treated. When asked about a good startup idea for beginning entrepreneurs, Hunt pointed to Clickbank as a great tool where people can learn affiliate marketing while making commission selling. Hunt also recommends several books for his followers including “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and Jesse Livermore’s books.


Hunt started up VTA Publications not too long ago, and this company has compiled several booklets and resources as guides for anyone looking to start an independent business career. There are several articles published on the company website that are about setting financial goals and helping others realize what you’re trying to accomplish. And the courses that the company offer include retirement planning taken from the bible, reading and learning stock charts, and futures options for investing. Seminars hosted by some of the top business people are also available to purchase along with other course materials in various multimedia formats. Be sure to follow Jim on Twitter, and check out his official website for more information.