Davos Group CEO David Osio Launches Davos CAP Calculator Application

David Osio is a financial advisory expert, entrepreneur and a philanthropist based in Venezuela. Osio is the founder and the current CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has vast knowledge and interests in tax and corporate planning, banking, portfolio structuring, and asset management. He graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela, with a law degree in 1988. He also holds a specialized degree in International Banking Law from Estudios Superiores de Administracion IESA.

Career Background

After completion of his studies, David Osio embarked on his career as the President and CEO of the OPED enterprise in 1981. He later assumed an executive position at LETCO Commercial Companies where he coordinated the company’s marketing programs in the United States. Mr. Osio joined MGO in 1984, a law firm in Caracas, where he was in charge of the corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. In 1989, David served in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International. After two years of work, he earned a promotion to the banks Vice Presidents where he worked before founding his company.

Davos Financial Group

Davos Financial Group comprises of a group of independent and licensed companies that provide asset management and financial services to their clients. Since inception in 1993, the company has immensely developed in both the generation of income and services delivery. They have expanded their presence to include other cities such as Geneva, New York, Miami, Lisbon, and Panama. Following David Osio’s leadership, the company has earned recognition as the first financial advisory firm in Venezuela.

The New Davos CAP Calculator Application

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is an independent and licensed company under Davos Financial Group. Davos REG announced the launch of “Davos CAP Calculator” in June 2016. Davos CAP Calculator is a mobile application that provides official statements on the returns earned on the real estate investments. The Executive Director of the Davos REG teamed up with the Tecknolution Company in the design, development, and completion of the application.

The application allows the users to acquire all the financial information before purchasing a property. Davos clients can also estimate the price of the rent of the property. The application has the “Mortgage Calculator” feature that allows the users to calculate their mortgage. It also gives estimations on the mortgage depending on the bank projections, funding period, and interest rates. The app is available for use on both iPhone and Android devices.

Chris Burch; Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Technology and fashion are two industries that are constantly changing. What many people don’t realize is that these industries’ changes are often coincided with each other. This link was recently established in an article that was written by Chris Burch. It was published on engadget.com.

The article was titled; “Tech Fashion Trends For The Future.” It discussed the link between the technology and fashion industries. The article also discussed how these two seemingly different industries are actually quite similar and require each other to grow. Chris talks about the evolution of the boom box to iPods as an example of this bond between the two. He also talks about how technology has advanced to make some things, such as bicycle helmets, more fashionable. It is actually a very interesting article.

In fact, most of Chris Burch’s articles and blog posts are quite interesting. They are also very informative, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Chris Burch has written dozens of articles relating to the technology and entrepreneur industries. Most of these articles are aimed at individuals who are interested in starting their own companies.

Chris is definitely an entrepreneur extraordinaire. He began his career over 40 years while attending undergraduate classes at Itchica College. He and his brother started their first company in 1976. It was an apparel company named Eagle’s Eye. The brothers later sold the company for over a million dollars.

Throughout the years Chris has held many positions and titles in a variety of industries. These industries have included fashion, technology, and real estate. He is currently the chief executive officer,and founder, of Burch Creative Capital in New York City. Mr. Burch is also an investor in Guggenheim Partners.

Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that helps get startup companies off the ground and running. The company has helped start over fifty companies that offer a variety of lifestyle and consumer products. Organic foods, hospitality, and various types of technology products are among the list of these consumer products.

Any person looking to open a business can gain a lot of insight by reading the various works of Chris Burch. The man has many years of experience to share with these budding entrepreneurs. Many lucky individuals also can get investment opportunities from his company as well.