Organo Gold: Coffee & More

Did you have the chance to attend the Organo Gold event held in Las Vegas, Nevada in August? This annual event is one that Organo Gold distributors anticipate. Not only do distributors from around the country come together to meet and mingle, but the training seminar also provides tools and tips that help you succeed in your business endeavors. The excitement of visiting Vegas is enough to make anyone smile. But, when you learn more about this amazing Organo Gold, the excitement multiples! Organo Gold is a company that sells health and wellness beverages and products. Like most manufacturers, they have a product that sets them apart from other companies and that is coffee.

Organo Gold does not produce another boring coffee, however. Instead, the company infuses their coffee with the power of Garedom powder. This powder gives the coffee an amazing flavor and provides a slew of health benefits. Yes, drinking coffee can be beneficial to your health! When you become an Independent Distributor with the company, you’re on your way to making a great income, meeting new people, helping others, and having a ton of fun in your new career. Plus, the annual Las Vegas event is yours to enjoy when you become an Independent distributor with the company.

Unlike some other opportunities out there, it doesn’t cost a ton of money to start your new career with this company, nor does it take substantial time to start earning money. The Organo Gold coffee sells itself and for people who want the health benefits but aren’t coffee drinkers, the company offers tea and an assortment of additional wellness products. These items are reasonably priced and designed to help you feel your best. As an Independent Distributor for Organo Gold, you have the chance to get discounts on the coffee and other products the company sells and pocket nice commissions, too.

Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez Takes No Prisoners recently named Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez one of 2017 most influential women in the music industry. While the name may not ring a bell, rest-assured that her recognition is not an overnight phenomenon. For well over 20 years, Perez has been known in New York City as one of the most successful nightclub managers in the city. She is known for her fierce negotiation style and business acumen. If there is ever any doubt whether she belongs at the negotiation table, it doesn’t take long for Desiree to make her mark. She will undoubtedly continue to rise to prominence in the music industry for years to come.


Desiree Perez started off by managing and helping launch a number of nightclubs and entertainment venues in New York City. She has been a close friend and confidant of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, and he placed his faith in her by naming her the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation in 2009. Since then, Perez has help lead Roc Nation to year-over-year growth, making it one of the industry’s most powerful conglomerates. She has made a name or herself by negotiating a number of deal for Roc Nation, known in the industry as someone who finds a way to get what she wants. It is this tenacity that has made her a mover and shaker in an industry that is typically dominated by men. She will surely continue to be one of the most successful and well-known music executives as Roc Nation continues to grow.

About Desire:

Whitney Wolfe as an Entrepreneur who Makes Match Making her Business

Everyone needs love and care from someone else however how uncouth others may find them to be. Love is a powerful thing and being in love with someone is magic. Considering different people have different personalities, not everyone has to approach someone they feel an attraction towards. Whitney Wolfe has helped ease the misery of such individuals with her dating app. She has made match making of diverse people with different characters and expectations her business. In respect to that, she created a great app Bumble .The app has 20 million users and it helps match two heterosexuals. What makes it interesting and more fun is the fact that a connection is only made when a woman makes the first move.

Whitney Wolfe met her now husband, Michael Herd, back in 2013 and of course, she made the first move. Two years later after their courtship, a proposal came by and so were wedding bells. They had a very grand wedding at Villa Tre Ville in Italy. It was a wedding worth remembering where both the bride, groom and guests had non-stop fun. From the rain in the morning, which was good luck on a wedding day according to Italians, the wedding cake, excellent music and most important of all a wedding on top of a cliff, her wedding was magical.Whitney Wolfe studied in Methodist University. She majored in International relations, this being after she was rejected by the school of marketing and advertising.

Now, she is the genius in marketing. Years later, she founded Bumble. It is a dating app that matches two people only when the woman makes the first move.She has continuously updated this app making it even more interesting. Bumble BFF is the recent development. It is a feature that enables users to use same algorithms for friendship rather than dating. The feature is easy to understand as it turns to green when talking to friends and yellow for a hot date. Also, another feature of Bumble Bizz. It allows people to network professionally. Unlike other networking feature, Bumble Bizz not only networks but also mentors. It is not about just job creation.Bumble has developed so fast and with all these new inventions it is going to make it bigger in the near future. More plans are in store. Whitney is an amazing woman. At only the age of 26, her contributions are largely felt. Indeed, she deserved the wedding at the Amalfi Coast.

The Extravagant and The Simple Could Benefit From Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

If there is one thing that businesses and establishments need in order to survive, it is options. People need to be able to choose from a variety of options so that they will be able to work with the mood that they are in. This is where Roberto Santiago comes in. He has put together something that will cater to many different purposes for people. Manaira Shopping has a lot of the more upscale establishments for people who have a lot of money to spend and are willing to pay for some exclusive features. Then there are those that have simpler tastes.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is like many malls inside of one. Therefore, each customer can choose the type of mall experience that he wants. For one thing, people can have the normal mall experience where he goes shopping and buys some clothes and then goes to the food court. They also have the choice of going to the movies in order to catch one that could give them the escape that they need. This is the standard mall experience. People who have worked hard and are just looking for a time of leisure can just enjoy Manaira Shopping for this purpose.

For those that are more about celebrating and having an adventure, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has plenty of other features that will cater to those who have a taste for adventure and the wallet to afford it. They can go to concerts, art walks, special rooms, events and enjoy some great food from some of the finest restaurants. The restaurants serve food that are made from the highest quality of ingredients. Customers can rest assured that they are getting the best tasting food as well as some of the most important nutrients as it depends on the item of their choice.

In the end, Manaira Shopping is not just about giving people a good experience while they spend money. It is more about helping them grow as a person. If people can walk away from the mall rejuvenated, healthier as well as happier, than the mall has done something that is very respectable.

An Outline of JeanMarie Guenot’s Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Career


JeanMarie Guenot is a pharmaceutical executive with over two decades of experience. Her expertise lies in project and alliance management, corporate and commercial development, and business development. Her Linkedin page identifies that Guenot specializes in rebuilding and building companies that record a slight decrease in their productivity.


Amphivena Therapeutics


As the current CEO and president of Amphivena Therapeutics, JeanMarie Guenot helps in developing antibody therapies targeting hematologic malignancies. Amphivena Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that has diverse flagship therapies for treating disorders such as malignancies. The institution was pleased to have Guenot join their leadership team.


Career Background


Before Guenot joined Amphivena Therapeutics, she created SKS Ocular, an ophthalmic incubator. SKS Ocular focuses on developing dry AMD and drug technologies to treat ocular inflammation, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Hoffmann-La Roche also appointed her as their business advisor. Guenot was also the VP of corporate and business development for PDL BioPharma. As the VP, she was in charge of alliance management of PDL’s product portfolios. She also handled licensing procedures as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

One of the flagship products of PDL’s R&D was the Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50. Guenot advocated for the development and commercialization of this product. She also oversaw the clinical test that took three phases and involved autoimmune disease drug patients. Guenot was also present during the $800 M transaction that involved an equity investment split between Hoffmann-La Roche and Biogen Idec/PDL.


Guenot began her venture capital career as an investment manager for Atlas Venture. This position allowed her to manage and build life science companies and manage venture capital investments. Her professional scientific career began when she was hired as a principal scientist of Hoffmann-La Roche’s preclinical R&D. As the chief scientist, she developed and researched on drugs for treating oncology, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic diseases.




Guenot is versed in physical and medicinal chemistry. She attended the University of California for her Ph.D. As a Ph.D. student, she researched on semi-empirical and quantum mechanical methods for drug design, protein structure prediction, and molecular dynamics. Guenot also attended University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School for her MBA.  Read more about her background on Jeanmarie’s website, or the Guenot LLC website.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics on Retail Map With 100 New Stores Slated in Next Few Years

Most of us know Fabletics as the online subscription fashion retailer that offers fab active wear and accessories. It’s hugely popular, with more than one million VIP members, and we’re all aware that actress Kate Hudson is one of Fabletics’ founders.

The big star has always led a fit lifestyle, and maybe that’s why you often see Kate Hudson running around in colorful leggings and other cool active wear on She’s known for her gorgeous, casual-chic red carpet style, but she also extends that comfy, athletic attitude to her regular mom-of-two-boys busy routine.

Kate Hudson is excited that the “live your passion” Fabletics philosophy is now headed to a store near you. According to a news item in, Fabletics is extending their e-commerce brand to the masses in the way of 75-100 retail stores in the next three to five years.

Fabletics’ other co-founders, Adam Goldenberg, along with Don Ressler, tell Forbes magazine that women will enjoy looking at the on-trend styles, touching the fabrics and trying on Fabletics active wear in person.

At the moment, the company has seven Fabletics test stores around the country, and according to Adam Goldenberg, those venues are doing well.

Meantime, the online subscription retailer isn’t disappearing any time soon, because the large numbers tell the story there, too. Women enjoy shopping online for beautiful active wear items that are well-made, figure-flattering, in trendy colors and patterns and affordable on Instagram.

Fabletics is designed and produced in-house in Los Angeles, so it’s a convenient way to see how the brand operates. The company has done away with the so-called middle man and brought those savings to the customer. Kate Hudson is such a fashion icon, that her stamp of approval goes on each piece.

Fabletics creates great-looking active wear that can go beyond the gym. Some of these pieces can be suitable for the office in the morning and through the evening with a night on the town. Kate Hudson loves the collection of Fabletics dresses that have been added, because these pieces are soft, stretchy and comfy with a casual look that many women today demand.

Kate Hudson’s dresses are not confining with tight straps and zippers, so you can’t even emerge from a car wearing one. Her active wear dresses are easy and just perfect and work with whatever you’re doing. Some have built-in bras and others with adorable cut-outs.

Becoming a Fabletics VIP member is simple. All you have to do is take a quick fashion quiz to see where your lifestyle favorites land, and then it’s off to shop. Your first outfit is only $25 with free shipping.

Beautiful Fabletics active wear is changing the face of fashion at

Come join them!