“Marc Beer And The Renovia Pharmaceuticals Pelvic Disorders Project. “

Marc Beer has years of experience in the commercial healthcare industry. He is a man of many titles in the same with his startups and affiliation with commercial health institutions. Before he co-founded the Renovia pharmaceuticals with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Marc Beer has started a number of firms in the same business and led them to be the ultimate robust institution. Here are some of the institutions Marc Beer has worked with before Renovia.

Marc Beer is a graduate from the Miami University in Ohio with a bachelor’s of Science degree. As an alumnus of the university, Beer is a member of the Miami University business advisory team, among other titles. In commercial health, Marc Beer was the founding chair of the BOD of the compensation team of a recently acquired firm, Good Start Genetics. Marc beer holds a similar position in another firm, Minerva Neuroscience Inc., where he is also a member of the audit committee. Marc beer also held a number of positions in the sales and marketing team of the Abbott Laboratories. He also held a number of positions in Genzyme, the most recent on being the VP of the team that was responsible for launching new products to the market. The products that were launched addressed rare diseases populations globally. There are any more positions that Marc served in different institutions that are not covered here. These institutions include ViaCell, Erytech, and Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.

Renovia and the 42 million dollars fund.

Renovia Inc. was co-founded by Marc Beer to cater for disorders that affect the pelvic floor. Their first product was Leva devices, the was approved by the FDA. In the series B funding, the institution’s aim was to raise enough funds to help in the diagnostic and therapy of such disorders. Pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence have been proven by researchers to affect over a quarter million women worldwide. With the funds, Renovia will push on with the introduction of such new products and the advancement of their current Leva device. In the series, healthcare based institutions like Longwood, Perceptive Advisors in New York, and Ascension ventures in Missouri were leading in the series.

Marc Beer announced that the funds from the series would be used in the development and testing of a digital platform which will give Renovia’s clients with valuable information on new treatment paths, communicate to people information on pelvic floor disorders and finally lower the cost of the treatment of such disorders. The firm based in Boston acquired 32 million dollars from the like-minded institutions that participated in the series B round and sourced the remaining 10 million dollars from venture debts. The development of the therapeutic and diagnostic devices will improve the health and well being of millions of women once introduced in the market. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2018/08/21/ex-aegerion-chief-beer-raises-42m-for-womens.html


Marc Beer is the co-founder and chairman of Renovia Inc. and a businessman. This company which is based in Boston manufactures products that deal with pressing medical issues.

Currently, Renovia is at the forefront of treating disorders that deal with the pelvic floor. These include issues like urinary incontinence. The medical startup’s deal closed a total of 42 million dollars. This includes a debt of 10 million dollars and a closing of 32 million dollars will ensure that their venture moves forward.

According to research, pelvic floor conditions, affect approximately 250 million in the world. The company will now be able to manufacture new products that deal with pelvic floor disorders. In addition to this, Renovia is also developing other products that deal with therapy and the diagnosis of the disorders. In April, the FDA approved Leva. This was the medical startup’s first product.

The funds that the medical firm received will be used to develop and test a new kind of Leva device. In addition to this, three other products that will be used for diagnosis and the therapy of the disorders will also be initiated. Renowned medical firms such as Ascension Ventures, Perceptive Advisors and Longwood Fund were present during the Series B raising of the funds.

Marc Beer who is also the CEO of Renovia was pleased that these companies had joined his company in the quest of trying to treat the sensitive pelvic floor conditions. He added that joining forces will assist them in coming up with a platform for digital health, which will also enlighten customers on emerging treatment options, information on understanding the disorders that deal with the pelvic floor and provide vital data. Consequently, the costs of health care will be lowered in the country.

Pelvic floor conditions include fistula which causes lack of bladder control. They may also cause fecal incontinence and the prolapsed of the pelvis. These conditions are brought about by many factors these include delayed childbirth, rape or sexual assault, accidents among many others.

About Marc Beer:

In August 2016, Marc Beer partnered with Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD and they started Renovia. Mr. Beer has worked in the pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, development and commercialization experience of biotechnology, and devices for over 25 years. Prior to founding, Renovia, Mr. Beer founded ViaCell. This company is a biotechnology firm which collects, preserves, and develops stem cells from the umbilical cord. He was also the CEO of the company.  Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer

Mr. Beer attended Miami University in Ohio and attained a BS. He has worked extensively in the medical field where he has made immeasurable strides. He also belongs to various leading boards. These include Good Start Genetics, Minerva Neurosciences, Notre Dame Research, and Mass Life Science Board among others.