Waiakea, Hawiian Volcanic Water, is Overtaking the Beverage Industry

You might say to yourself, “The beverage industry does not need another bottled water,” but Waiakea is not just another water. Waiakea is a fresh, unique, mineral-infused water that is electrolyte and alkaline rich. It is pure and natural and set apart from all the rest. Waiakea was founded by a 22-year old college freshmen, which comes directly from a volcanic stream in Hawaii that he has rented for the next 99 years.

The rest of the market is made up of predominantly owners over the age of 50, so Emmons did not collaborate in developing his business.

According to Forbes, Waiakea water is defined as the premier, superior natural water company from Hawaii that Ryan Emmons, who is now 25, and his partner, Matt Meyer, originally founded. Meyer has recently moved onto other products, and Ryan is managing Waiakea himself.

The slogan: “drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically” is a slogan shared with the young natural water entrepreneurs. During his first year of sales, 2,304 cases were sold. In 2016, sales rose to 122,400 cases, and the company is now valued at $10 million.

What makes Emmon’s volcanic water a total success is that he uses the slogan and the concepts of sustainable products in environmentally-friendly packaging to create healthy, unique benefits for the health-conscious public.

Another contributor to Waiakea’s growing popularity is Emmons decision to “Give Back” to communities that are in need. This defines him as a young philanthropist; he donates 650 ML of clean water for every bottle sold through Pumpaid, their charity partner.

To date, Waiakea water has donated over 500 million liters of water to rural communities in Africa. Emmons is not only making a difference for his customers, but he is saving children’s lives.

Ryan is resourceful in using recycled materials for the bottles, so they use 85 percent less energy to manufacture. Waiakea is one of the purest waters collected.

It passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, are absorbed and infused and a “soft-feel” texture is created. Waiakea water is a healthy, delicious, unique and crystal-clear water that is enhancing the beverage industry.

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