Anthony Constantinou, Legend In Artificial Intelligence


He was born on 1st, July 1984. He is an assistant professor and a lecturer in Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom. He also heads the Bayern Artificial Intelligence Research laboratory among holding other positions. He has also worked as a researcher, teaching assistant in the university, freelancer, associate consultant, decision scientist, and a soldier.


Anthony Constantinou comes from Limassol in Cyprus but currently lives in London where he works. This means he speaks both Greek (his native language) and fluent English. He completed his master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics in 2009 at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. Later, he graduated with a Ph.D. in Bayesian Networks in 2012 from Queen Mary, the University of London where he works in Machine Learning and Data Mining. Go Here to learn more about Constantinou.


People know him for his projects, researches, and publications. Anthony has skills and knowledge in Bayesian Networks for decision making, engineering, probability, data mining, risk analysis, and statistics. Bayesian Networks helps us determine the possible relationships between two things.


When conducting his scientific research, Anthony Constantinou collaborates with other people and various learning and manufacturing organizations all over the world to produce quality results. The study is all round as it includes medicine, sports, gaming, finance, and economics. Hence he has received a lot of awards and honors.


One of his key achievements was developing a pi-football model which helped in predicting the results of EPL matches in 2010/11 season. In 2018, his Dolores model was ranked 2nd in the international special issue competition which was hosted by the Machine Learning Journal.


You can contact him through his email: or visit his accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.