Brad Reifler Creates Investment Firms

Brad Reifler, a serial entrepreneur, has recently opened his new financial services firm called Forefront Capital in order to allow middle class Americans an equal opportunity at profitable investment services.

Brad Reifler, after graduating from Bowdoin College, has led a series of successful and profitable companies through mergers and reformations. He was a former founding partner, chairman and CEO or Pali Capital. Pali Capital is a global financial services firm that taught him much about the industry. The lessons he learned in that position he is now applying to Forefront Capital.

The new firm is designed to attract both high profile and wealthy individuals while still specifically catering to middle class Americans. In this way, all investors will be on an equal footing and make Wall St. work for everyone.

The firm works towards this by combating several issues that are presently plaguing Wall St.

First of all, Forefront Capital charges no management fees. Throughout Wall St. firms charge management fees and profit fees on any investment portfolios. What’s worse is that the management fees are a very high flat rate that is charged regardless of the performance of the portfolio. This means that while middle class Americans are suffering from poor portfolio performance, they are still paying their brokers the same amount. Regardless of how well a broker does his job, he is still getting paid the same amount of money. Forefront Capital does away with these fees, making it a realistic option for all investors.

Next, a large issue in Wall St. is the options available to invest in for non-accredited investors. Usually, accreditation is reserved for the wealthy and indirectly allows them to access much better investments than would otherwise be possible. For example, private equity firms and hedge funds are exclusively the domain of accredited investors. Forefront Capital, on the other hand, opens up many different stock options for all who use their service. This means that the options and portfolios provided by Brad Reifler are safer and more profitable for both middle class Americans and wealthy individuals than those provided by other firms and services.  Make sure to follow Brad on Twitter, and keep informed about the industry at large on his SlideShare.