Bold, Brilliant, and Beautiful

The corporate world has a nasty habit of telling consumers what they should buy. Which sweater will flatter them. Which shade of nude lipstick will match them the best. However, women all over the world are quickly realizing that they do not want to be subdued and natural-looking. They want to shout out who they are inside. They do not want to fit in, they want to stand out.

Hearing these cries for self expression and cosmetic freedom, Doe Deere built herself a company that would provide the international community a chance to show who they are in the outward appearance. Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free line of cosmetics, offers the products that can transform a boring beige to a blazing blue. From bright oranges to vibrant purples, Lime Crime can help women demonstrate their loud and courageous selves inside.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York City following her first dream of being a musician. Once there, she found her husband, who also shares her love for expression and creativity. Once in New York City, she found a new passion for art and self expression through fashion, and soon pursued a degree in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She used this knowledge, plus natural entrepreneurial savvy, to single handedly start Lime Crime, and a make-up revolution was born. She has worked hard to meet the needs of her costumers and listen to what they want. Her company boasts that ‘If we aren’t obsessed with it, we just won’t make it!” This assurance allows for the company to stay personal and passionate about their products, and not turn into a money driven corporation.

Doe believes that self expression should be something that everyone does. Whether they feel like pink hair, purple eye lashes, or even blue lips suits them, everyone should at least have the chance to express who they are. Her company hopes to inspire women everywhere that they should not be ashamed to be who they are at heart, and hopes to provide an outlet of self expression that inspires creativity and beauty, however one wants to define that. Doe encourages all women to pursue their passion and express themselves. This is the heart of Lime Crime. Doe insists that anyone with a dream should follow it, because with hard work and heart, it can be accomplished.

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