Bernardo Chua Pushes Forward The Healing Power Of Mushrooms

Throughout what has been one of the most successful direct sales careers in the history of the industry Chua has been a great believer in the healing power of the ganoderma extract that can be found in some mushrooms found in an isolated region of China.

Providing a healthy alternative and looking to break new ground in the products and services offered by Bernardo and his impressive Organo Gold company is part of a daring business model that has brought global success in areas of the world where multi level marketing is not a traditional business option.

The daring career of Bernardo Chua and his ability to engage with his clients and employees is expressed in the high quality of the social media posts Chua has posted to platforms including Facebook. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

According to The Street, both Bernardo Chua himself and his Organo Gold brand have begun to be extremely active on social media as a way of forming a close link with those interested in the brand; Bernardo has developed a social media presence that sees him provide medical based information for his followers and also take part in popular activities, such as the ice bucket challenge.

Following the business model of Bernardo Chua can have major benefits for any individual who is hoping to receive the many good health benefits of the ganoderma extract that include the antioxidant capabilities of this mushroom based extract.

Other business based benefits include the chance to sell the products produced by Bernardo and his Organo Gold range of healthy coffee and tea that are infused with ganoderma extract.

A full support network is available for those who choose to become sales professionals with Organo Gold to make sure they have the best opportunity to explore all the benefits that are available from becoming a business success with the aid of Chua’s experience.