Sujit Choudhry Pivotal Role in the Management of Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is an expert on comparative constitutional law and a published author. He serves at the Center for Constitutional Transitions as a Director. The center creates awareness and educates democracies to enable them to build effective constitutions. He recently joined other law specialists to talk about the Ukraine system of government. The country uses a semi-presidential structure that is faced with a myriad of constitutional difficulties.

Experts from various organizations graced the forum. This included think tanks, university professors, human rights representatives, lawmakers, members of the judiciary as well as advisors to the president.

Sujit Choudhry is involved in teaching constitutional law in various countries around the world. He is the co-author of Constitution Making. The book includes academic contributions to constitutional law, historical analysis and a collection of outstanding articles on the subject. He is also the author of The Migration of Constitutional Ideas published in 2002 and The Political Origins of Constitutional Courts published in 2009 among others. Check this on

The Center for Constitutional Transitions empowers stakeholders to review frameworks that support constitutional change. This is done through a detailed examination of case studies by international teams of specialists to come up with policy options. This collaboration with stakeholders enables the center to deliver substantial research that informs decision makers. The center enjoys support from experts from over twenty-five countries around the world.

This collaboration allows the center to provide answers to diverse constitutional and democratic governance issues facing governments around the world.

Sujit Choudhry graduated from the University of Oxford with a bachelor’s degree in law. He then went on to Harvard University where he graduated with a master’s degree in law. He also serves as a law professor attached to the University of California’s Berkeley Law School. He is a definitive authority on comparative constitutional law. For further reference, head over to

Sujit Choudhry has been involved in advising many transitional democracies implement constitutional reforms. These include Ukraine, South Africa, and Egypt among others. He is also overseeing collaborative research programs revolving around territorial cleavage, the realignment of security policies as well as constitutional progressions. For his recent timeline activities, hit on

The research covers politics, comparative constitutional law and the role of constitutional design in the management of transitions from violent conflict to democratic politics and governance. Sujit Choudhry is also associated with the United Nations Development Program as well as the World Bank.  To keep updated with his latest work, hop over to this.

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Gregory James Aziz – His Work Will Outlive Him

Gregory James Aziz has served faithfully as the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car Ltd, a Canadian based company focusing on railcars. During his tenure as CEO, Greg Aziz, has served as National Steel Car’s Chair of Board, as well as Chairman of National Industries.


Greg James Aziz was raised by his family in Hamilton, Ontario. It was here that Gregory J Aziz would plant his influential business.


Greg Aziz, who also goes by James Aziz, would gather wisdom or his future field by studying Economics at Western University. From what he learned here, he would turn National Steel Car Ltd upside down.


By the time Greg Aziz took over National Steel Car Ltd, it was approaching its 100th year of business. Greg Aziz promised that he would get it over that hurdle. In order to do so, Greg Aziz had to guarantee a few things.

The first thing Greg did to make sure his company would pass the century mark was to instill a vision of innovation into the company. The people, as well as the product, must always be moving forward, becoming a better version of their past selves. This would keep them competitive in the years to come.


The second thing Greg did to make sure his company would pass the century mark was to help Nation Steel Car Ltd become more efficient. They must accomplish this on a scale never before achieved in their industry. He knew that if they could accomplish his, it would promise profit for years to come.


The third thing Greg did to make sure his company would pass the century mark was to focus on the integral parts of a good business model. Greg Aziz knew that several factors contributed to Nation Steel Car Ltd success. The first was his supplies, who we went above and beyond to show gratitude to. Secondly, he acknowledged that it was a shared vision of excellence that made Nation Steel Car Ltd the business of the century. Thirdly, he spends time appreciating the 2,000-member workforce he has that show up every day. Lastly, he thanked his loyal customers who kept his business floating for the best one hundred years, and Lord willing, for one hundred years more.

Gregory Aziz saw such phenomenal growth in his business because he believed in excellence, modeled mentoring, and laid the foundation for one hundred more years.


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Gregory James Aziz – Foundational Business

Gregory James Aziz – Foundational Business

Not many companies in this world can claim to have been in business for over 100 years. In fact, by modern standards, that is a miracle in itself. The only way a company can be in business for more than a century is by having a string of good leaders and great executives to move it into the next millennium. One such company that had this blessing was National Steel Car. Is there a blessing came in the guise of Gregory James Aziz?


Greg James Aziz who is a Canadian native learned the method of Economics when he attended Western University. It was from his knowledge and wisdom that he gained during his education that he would be able to take National Steel Car and create the massive business that it is today.


In James Aziz opinion, he was only able to do this because he focused on certain business methods. In fact, it was by using three different methods that he was able to guarantee that National Steel Car would probably make it to the next century.


The first thing that Greg Aziz did was focus on what would be the foundation of every single successful business. The first foundation was to model correct work for the workers below you and mentor them so that they reach their potential. The second foundation was to cast vision so that the executives of the business knew what the future held and we’re passionate for what the business stood for. The third foundation was to create a loyal customer base who would only want to buy their products from you and not leave you to go purchase from a competitor. He was able to achieve this by making sure that his business created custom products that fit his customer’s direct needs.


The second method that Greg James Aziz was able to use was to make sure his business operated in a smooth manner. Greg Aziz was an efficiency expert. He knew that they would score huge profits by giving out custom products. The real challenge was to make sure they could produce enough of them. That is where efficiency came in. Click Here for more.


The third method that he used was to join hands with politicians and show that his company was environment-friendly. Since everybody is moving green, he knew that this would attract customers because it would make everyone’s business Earth friendly.


Netpicks and the best Trading Strategies

The sentiment on Wall Street seems to have drastically changed following the recent technology-sector selloff. This has in turn opened the door for a market that is choppy during the months of summer. This is not unusual for such environments at the low-volume summer months. There is however a proactive strategy that one can use to take advantage of such environments. The strategies are meant to make profits during the environments of choppy markets. One the proactive strategies is known as Lock and Walk and in the past choppy markets, it has been profitable. Although future results cannot be guaranteed by past performance, it is one of the best profitable strategies.

The Lock and Walk strategy is designed in a way s as to support and respect the levels of resistance in the Nasdaq 100 NDX,-0.11% as well as to trade the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, +0.32% when resistance and support levels are broken or tested. Another vital rule that is associated with the strategy of Lock and Walk is that if it happens to have gains of 67 basis points, it shuts down and then waits till the next session of trading to start operations again.

Netpicks is a company that offers trading education to people involved in the trading markets. The company was established in 19996 and it started as an online trading site. Netpicks focuses on assisting regular traders in achieving success in the markets from Forex, Systems to Signals, Stocks, Futures, ETF & Options in swing and day trading.   Learn more about trading on

The headquarters of Netpicks are situated in Irving in Texas and is headed by Mark Soberman. The staff at the company are experienced and have lots of expertise when it comes to professional trading. With more than 25 years of operations, Netpicks has managed to acquire a reputation as a reliable and efficient trading company. Update with their timeline activities, visit them here.

The staff at Netpicks understands that each customer has unique needs and therefore has the ability to offer personalized services to each customer. The main aim of the company is to help all their clients achieve their trading goals. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Netpicks.  Want more investing tips? Click on this!

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Netpicks: Keeping Things REal and Green

It’s safe to say for most of us words like Forex, ETF’s, Options, Futures, and stocks, makes us scratch our heads in bewilderment. That is when a company like Netpicks comes into the picture. They help people navigate the confusing and sometimes complex world of financial investment. This company provides tools and tutorials for those of us who need it. They even have a channel on Youtube that provides people with video tutorials.  Watch and learn from these video tutorials on

With all of this put together one could call it a course for those serious about investing. The interesting part of this course is that shows you how to be a full time or a part time investor. For part-time investors, the emphasis is on how to trade smart, and spend less time as opposed to working long hours trying to do the right thing.

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The idea here is to make their system work for each type of investor, and all you need to do is select your goal and stick with it. Netpicks can also be called an investment firm that believes in social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, this company gives priority in investing with environmentally sustainable companies. After all, “Go Green” is the new mantra, especially after Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” hit the screens. Therefore, Netpicks wants you to make more “green” in a responsible way. And they show the users how to accomplish this.

Netpicks was founded back in 1996 by Mark Soberman in Irving, Texas. When they set up their website and offered training, they became pioneers of sorts for taking their product to the people, using this medium. Before they started teaching others how to be successful, Mark and his staff worked in the investment world. In short, he and his staff are bringing decades of trading experience into Neptick’s educational material. That doesn’t mean that they have given up their jobs as full-time investors to become investment educators. It means that they are still working and imparting their knowledge that they gained as recently as yesterday. This is important to keep things fresh.   For update on their recent timeline activities, click on

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Learn About Trade With Netpicks

In the mid-nineties, Mark Soberman started a trading company. Netpicks began so that people who trade could be better educated. They are located in Irving, and the staff is dedicated to customer service because they know how important it is to know what you are doing in the trading world. Netpicks works with forex, stocks, Options, Futures, and ETFs. They want to help people understand the platforms, and there are tips available for the traders. For people who are more visual, there are also informative videos on the YouTube channel.

Netpicks wants to make sure people know the little things about trading. It is about better management and not spending countless hours trading. Short but efficient. It doesn’t matter if people want to spend full time or just part of their time trading. So the busiest can trade in their spare time and learn something new every time.

Modern technology is essential in the world of trading. People work best in the scope of three. If there is a presentation at work, most often people remember sets of three. Netpicks uses sets of three to help people with their trading career. Informative article here on

The company is also passionate about more than just trading. They want to use technology that doesn’t leave a negative impression on the environment. Investing in businesses that care about such issues is becoming more important to the modern customer.

If you want to start trading online but you are not sure, Netpicks is the company you should check out. The world of trading can seem intimidating at first but if you have decided to give it a shot, make sure you get the right information.  Read more from the blogs on their page.

It is not always about the amount of time you spend trading as it is about the quality of that time. Trading can become a part-time or a full-time occupation as long as you know what you are doing. This is precisely where the tutorials, videos, newsletters, and workshops of Netpicks comes in. Ask the professionals, and they will be able to help. Sometimes a little help is all people need to turn their life around  Get connected now, click on

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Netpicks Examines ETF and Socially Responsible Trades.

There are many thoughts about making trades for finances. However, it is not that common to link trading with social responsibility. Although really good trading does show some kind of responsibility and even social responsibility, many people wouldn’t think about putting trading and social responsibility in the same sentence. However, Netpicks does this very thing when talking about ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds. This is one of the markets worth looking into for people that are interested in making money by making investments. There is plenty of information available on ETF, and Netpicks is willing to walk people through to where they can be comfortable with this method.  Informative article here on

One of the reasons that ETF is growing in popularity is because of the issue with Mutual Funds. Often times, people who make investments into mutual funds find that they have to pay a ton of fees for something that is not going to be able to keep up with inflation. This makes the whole point of investing in mutual funds to be useless. Therefore, one needs to find something better. Thanks to Netpicks, people are able to learn about some of the different options available.

Netpicks not only lets people know about all of the different options available for people to trade or invest in, the website also offers a lot of information on these methods in order to give people in depth education.  Learn more from NetPicks, visit their page. People who find themselves stuck with what is happening in the market they are trading in will find a lot of information from Netpicks that will take them to that higher level of profit that they have dreamed of.  Read important review about the company here.

Traders and investors could even perform greater than they have ever dreamed they would because of all of the information that is available for them to read on the website.  Get connected now, hop over to

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José AuriemoNeto, A Brazilian Real Estate Professional

JHSF is a famous Brazilian real estate company. It is the first Brazilian company to prioritize something called recurring income assets. The company has offices in Brazil and also other countries like Uruguay and United States. It has a value worth more than R$1.20 billion and has developed projects worth more than 6 million in square meters. The company was founded by a serious business man by the name Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio. There were also two other co-founding partners. The company which Jose headed specialized on developing real estate and construction during its formation or rather its inception. Later in the year 1990, the company split and Fabio took control of the real estate market operations while Jose Roberto was left managing the main company JHSJ.

In the year 2001, the company JHSF participates expanded its operations and formed a shopping center segment. The company developed a platform called the shopping metro Santa Cruz in Brazil in the city of Sao Paulo which was the only mall in the whole of Brazil to have something called the subway station. Later the company started growing and even bought many shares Fasano Group’s hotels. They became the majority shareholders. JHSF also negotiated for a shopping metro Santa which was supposed to be sold to BR malls in the year 2010.In 2014, JHSF inaugurated a shopping center in the name of Catarina Shopping Fashion outlet which is the first luxury market for Brazilians. They kept on opening new outlets with missions of expanding their business. They also created still in that small Catarina Executive Airport which was the first private airport that was established for executive aviation. That same year, the company management changed whereby Jose AuriemoNeto was elected as the chairman of the board while Eduardo Camara became the CEO rising from the position of a Vice President.

JHSF International has also opened branches in Uruguay and United States of America. They have since, developed the areas and have built buildings like Fifth Avenue in New York City. They also built a residential condominium in Uruguay by name Punta del Este. The company through the Chairmanship of Jose Auriemo have also built CidadeJardim complex that completed in the year 2006. It owns the biggest shopping arcade called shopping CidadeJardim.


Netpick Your Online Business Partner

Investment opportunities are increasing around the world but there are only a handful of traders who actually know about these new cash-cows. The era of looking for formal employment like your life depended on it are far gone. Two centuries ago, you would be doomed if after college you did not secure a job in the mainstream white-collar employment. The situation is different in the current globalized and high tech world. You barely need to move a muscle to make money and settle your bills. This is occasioned by the numerous online job opportunities that are on the training list of Netpicks.  For more, visit their page.

Netpicks is an international company that specializes in trading online. The company is based in Irving, Texas and it is one of the best there is in the field. Specializing in forex, stocks, options, and EFT’s, Netpick has been in the industry for over 25 years. In order to confidently engage in the online business and in forex for instance, there are simple rules that you need to understand in order to beat the system. This is where Netpicks comes in to help in the decision making process. The company has put up a team of trainers who are always there to answer your questions regarding online trading.  Read more about the product on

In addition, the company has invested in great training materials that can easily be accessed from its website or from its YouTube channel.   Watch important clips from this useful link   In an effort to simplify the learning process, the company has developed simple ways of training any interested party so that they do not waste much time on gaining knowledge. A simplistic approach in the training is what makes the company to stand out in this field. Understanding the online trade can go a long way in creating the much needed investment opportunity for anyone who has the basics of operating a computer. With the highly experienced staff members at Netpicks, you can easily become a forex guru and watch yourself build a career on the online platform. This is what the company has been trying to do for the last 17 years and its objective is to help investors to understand the online trade.  For their recent timeline activities, hit on this.

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Omar Yunes Franchise Claimed the BFW – 2015 Award

Omar Yunes, a young Mexican entrepreneur, captured the attention of Best Franchise of the World competition 2015 as his brand claimed the BFW – 2015 Award. His Sushi Itto franchise, Mexicano won the Award competition held on Dec. 5, 2015, in Florence, Italy. It should be noted that the 2015 BFW edition saw the participation of brands from 34 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, France, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, and more. Youes found to be elated with the achievement and responded, “I am delighted and would like to remind that I am just a representative of the achievement of the works of more than 400 employees across our various units. Also, I would thank the brand, Sushi Itto, which allowed us to innovate.”

Interestingly, the competition did not consider brands and their values as a parameter for the Awards. Instead, it chose the effects of franchises on the brands as a whole. It included the influence of franchise on the network, contributions towards the knowledge, the motivation of employees, savings added to the brand, improvements and the value of invoices proposed to the business model, and more. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo too confirmed that the award is the recognition to the manifestation towards the remarkable flavor, excellent customer service, and unique hospitality. Other brands from Mexico confirmed that the award speaks the quality of strong service sector of the country that has all the rights to claim an international level recognition, forgetting the days of Mexican franchises treated as regional issues.

Omar Yunes is known for his various entrepreneurial ventures since very young age. He founded the first unit of his Sushi Itto franchise at the age of 21. Yunes is known for his aggressive expansion plans brilliant strategies that helped him to expand the franchise across the country. Currently, his Mexicano franchise has 13 units and has a presence in all the major cities including Puebla, Veracruz, Mexico City, and more. It should be noted that the franchise holds almost 10% of the total number of units the brand has. The franchise won the Mexican version of BFW Award in November 2015, and that helped it to participate in the global competition.