Dr. Rod Rohrich Helps His Patients Through Plastic Surgery Options

As Dr. Rod Rohrich learned more about plastic surgery and the techniques that came along with it, he learned about which techniques he liked best. For Dr. Rod Rohrich, learning is an important part of being a plastic surgeon. He can try different methods and different options that might make it easier for him to help his patients. Additionally, Dr. Rod Rohrich knew there were things that would help him show people they could try things differently with the options they had at their disposal. No matter how hard Dr. Rod Rohrich had to work to come up with plastic surgery techniques for his patients, he did it to benefit them.

One thing Dr. Rod Rohrich focuses a lot of his attention on is rhinoplasty. When he does nose jobs, he tries to figure out which approach is best for each of his patients. By taking their needs into consideration and figuring out the right way to do everything for the individual patient, Dr. Rod Rohrich found out what he could do and how he could make it easier for the patients. It was also important for Dr. Rod Rohrich to make sure he could help everyone with the options they had while they continued doing things the right way.

Ever since Dr. Rod Rohrich started giving attention to the people who needed it, he felt he had a better experience than most people. He also felt his patients were more satisfied than others. All of this led Dr. Rod Rohrich to work even harder. Now that Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dallas, he continues helping people with the cosmetic surgery concerns they have. He pushes to make sure he can help them achieve the look they want while also doing everything they can to make the most out of what they have to work with. It’s important to Dr. Rod Rohrich to keep his patients happy while he also does different things. Since Dr. Rod Rohrich can cater each surgery to the patient, he gives them an experience unlike any other surgeon.

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Digging Into the Krishen Iyer Investments in Analytics and Underwriting

Krishen Iyer is mostly known for his investments in medical insurance. The San Diego State Public Administration Major graduate even started his own underwriting company. My Premium Insurance Company which he started in 2009 had the honor of being listed amongst the Inc. 5000. However, this hasn’t stopped the serial investor into venturing into unchartered territories — his interest range from; real estate, insurance and offering solutions to companies. The other company he founded Managed Benefits formerly Quick Link Marketing displays his business acumen. It is worthy of note that starting a corporation and sees it flourish is a luxury few can afford never mind different sectors. What makes it more intriguing is his academic background in public administration, handling insurance or business solutions indicates a versatile, well-read and calculating individual as shown in the his profile here.

For a person with a background of urban planning, the logical choice of investment would have been in real estate or infrastructure. Krishen Iyer debunks the myth surrounding the nexus of specializing in a field and subsequently investing in that area. The fact that he has managed to steer his companies to profitability, shearing off-market share from traditionally established companies displays a business genius. More intriguing is the venture into offering specialized marketing services. In a world where everyone is bombarded with adverts from online platforms, apps, mainstream media, billboards, it actually would appear to defeat logic to start a company that would offer what’s already there.

The logic, however, is certain products or businesses require specific tailor-made marketing to increase their customer base. Cases in point, technical products that may not enjoy the universal understanding of use or modus operandi have difficulties penetrating the market. Certain companies would equally not equally the financial muscles of their competitors nor have a delivering marketing department. Krishen Management Benefits  offers these solutions. What makes Krishen Iyer firm so efficient is their use of analytics, to predict trends. They operate on using leads to get potential clients for companies. This approach is revolutionary and has high success rates as opposed to the traditional marketing techniques. This is discussed further in the article found here https://chronicleweek.com/2018/09/krishen-iyer-top-marketing-tips/.

“Marc Beer And The Renovia Pharmaceuticals Pelvic Disorders Project. “

Marc Beer has years of experience in the commercial healthcare industry. He is a man of many titles in the same with his startups and affiliation with commercial health institutions. Before he co-founded the Renovia pharmaceuticals with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Marc Beer has started a number of firms in the same business and led them to be the ultimate robust institution. Here are some of the institutions Marc Beer has worked with before Renovia.

Marc Beer is a graduate from the Miami University in Ohio with a bachelor’s of Science degree. As an alumnus of the university, Beer is a member of the Miami University business advisory team, among other titles. In commercial health, Marc Beer was the founding chair of the BOD of the compensation team of a recently acquired firm, Good Start Genetics. Marc beer holds a similar position in another firm, Minerva Neuroscience Inc., where he is also a member of the audit committee. Marc beer also held a number of positions in the sales and marketing team of the Abbott Laboratories. He also held a number of positions in Genzyme, the most recent on being the VP of the team that was responsible for launching new products to the market. The products that were launched addressed rare diseases populations globally. There are any more positions that Marc served in different institutions that are not covered here. These institutions include ViaCell, Erytech, and Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.

Renovia and the 42 million dollars fund.

Renovia Inc. was co-founded by Marc Beer to cater for disorders that affect the pelvic floor. Their first product was Leva devices, the was approved by the FDA. In the series B funding, the institution’s aim was to raise enough funds to help in the diagnostic and therapy of such disorders. Pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence have been proven by researchers to affect over a quarter million women worldwide. With the funds, Renovia will push on with the introduction of such new products and the advancement of their current Leva device. In the series, healthcare based institutions like Longwood, Perceptive Advisors in New York, and Ascension ventures in Missouri were leading in the series.

Marc Beer announced that the funds from the series would be used in the development and testing of a digital platform which will give Renovia’s clients with valuable information on new treatment paths, communicate to people information on pelvic floor disorders and finally lower the cost of the treatment of such disorders. The firm based in Boston acquired 32 million dollars from the like-minded institutions that participated in the series B round and sourced the remaining 10 million dollars from venture debts. The development of the therapeutic and diagnostic devices will improve the health and well being of millions of women once introduced in the market. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2018/08/21/ex-aegerion-chief-beer-raises-42m-for-womens.html

Freedom Checks Earn High returns by Investing in a Simple Plan

With so many companies out there that seem lucrative for investment, it is normal for the people to be confused where to invest. You can do as much research as you want, but can’t match the experience and expertise of the professional financial experts. It is why, before you invest in any financial product, always consult with the financial expert. If you are in the United States and want financial advice that is bankable, you must subscribe to Real Wealth Strategist, which is edited by Matt Badiali. He is a professional geologist and has over three decades of experience in the natural resources and economic sector, which is what he puts in to use to find out which companies are worth investing in.

Matt Badiali recently proposed the Freedom Checks strategy that involves investing in the master limited partnership companies, which are from the natural resources sector. These companies pay out the majority of their profits to the stakeholders and thus, if you are one of the investors, rest assured you would get Freedom Checks too regularly. Many people think that these Freedom Checks are not real, but Matt Badiali explained how it works in details in his newsletter. For people looking for a wealth creation strategy, following the strategy that Matt Badiali proposes can be very helpful. It would ensure that your investments are safe from market volatility and have investments that would act as a buffer in the time of need.

Since not many people know about it, there is always the added advantage that people can use.The Freedom Checks strategy and its details can be found in the newsletter by Banyan Hill Publishing named Real Wealth Strategist. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali is currently working as a senior editor as he wants his knowledge and experience to be helpful for common people struggling to know more about the financial market. He does not expect everyone to have the same knowledge about financial plans and thus, feels that it is necessary for financial experts to share any essential plans with the masses so that they too know about it.

Ryan Seacrest

Born on December 24th, 1974, Ryan Seacrest has become a massive name in the American broadcast media department. Ryan has spent close to three decades in broadcast media and has gained vast experience as he has accomplishments. Among the significant deals he got was being the executive producer as well as the co-host of the show Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve.

He got a great chance of working Clark, and he continued being a co-host of the show even after 2012 when Clark passed on. It was his turning point as many people say because it is through being a co-host that Ryan secured top-tier positions in America’s broadcast media.

Another major deal that Ryan Seacrest secured was the Emmy Award Winning show of Live with Kelly and Ryan where he became a co-host alongside Kelly Ripa. It is a morning drive show that is syndicated by Disney Pictures and has become quite common in Los Angeles with over 3 milion listeners daily.

This year, the morning drive show has been nominated for the Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show award, and Ryan predicts that the chances of winning are highest. Ryan has also been a co-host of the TV station E- Entertainment which is always broadcasting live red carpet events.

Ryan is not just an expert at being a co-host. He has shown proficiency even as a solo host for the American Idol this year. The show has made Ryan get Emmy Award nominations over the years from 2004 to 2016. American Idol had had a long break of close to two years, but it got back on the screens this year on ABC and using Ryan Seacrest has helped it gain a large viewership.

Aside from just TV, Ryan has put his best foot forward in the entrepreneurial world by venturing into the clothing industry and even fragrances. Ryan is a philanthropist by nature and has partnered with a vast number of charity organizations as well as non-profit organizations to improve the lives of different people.

He even has his charity organization known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which has received support over the years from many celebrities to support its course. Ryan has also ventured into TV production where he has produced favorite shows such as Keeping Up with The Kardashians among other reality shows. It goes to show the passion he has for the media industry.

Stream Energy Is Branching Out In A Big Way

Many corporations now include charitable giving as part of their whole corporate outlook. Donating to or sponsoring an event or organization has become the new normal among big businesss. Stream Energy, the direct sell energy company, is a bit different in the fact that Stream has always had a strong charitable spirit. The staff at Stream Energy have always given back to their Texas communities and beyond. In fact, Stream Energy has set up their own philanthropic organization, Stream Cares.

The goal of Stream Cares is to house and direct all of the philanthropic efforts of Stream staff. While not a requirement of the job, many of the staff at Stream Energy feel the need to give back to their communities working with the charity of their choice. Stream has built up long standing relationships with both Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross. Staff from Stream work to raise money and donate time to both organizations. Stream Cares also works with the Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co. Works with the homeless youth population in Texas and supplies neccessary items for homeless kids to succeed in school such as: school supplies, backpacks, clothing, and diapers. Recently, Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Co. to send area homeless kids to area waterparks for a day of fun.

Stream Cares also helps with environmental disasters such as when Hurricane Harvey dumped 56 inches of rain on Houston area nieghborhoods wrecking houses and forcing people to evacuate. Stream staff wasted no time in raising the necessary funds for families so that they could get back into their neighborhoods and rebild their lives. Or when tornados touched down in north Texas at Christmas time, Stream staff partnered with the Salvation Army and wasted no time in raising money for the victims so they could rebuild. Stream Energy ended up making a matching donation to all monies raised by their staff. To read more about the humanitarian efforts of the Stream Energy staff, please click here.


Creator Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is an inventor and the one who created the first type of blockchain technology. The individual is also the founder of Zilch Technology and attended the University of the Witwatersrand, majoring in computer science and applied mathematics.

Serge Belamant is a skilled individual and one who has found massive success with his own companies as he sees the potential in this technology. He is proud of the companies he has created and in taking information technology courses while in school. Serge Belamant was born in France and lived in Africa for some time with his father.

Some of his other hobbies were chess, which he was terrific at as he competed in championships and he was good at rugby. He also was an effective writer and reader too. Serge Belamant was involved in several clubs during his time in school and has contributed to the world with his technology. Aside from this he has other patents in the forms of processing and having a secure account.

Many of his inventions have been used for verifying pins and account numbers. An article by seekingalpha.com list the arrival of blockchain technology and how it is going to revolutionize the world in the near future. The technology is reminsecent of an older time period oddly but has been on the rise in today’s time and is set to be everywhere soon.

A company named Net1 Technologies, which the article mentions has made the blockchain technology and added it on a debit card to be used. It is also compatibile to Visa and as stated before, can act as a debit one too. The card interestingly can be used online and offline, not needing any information from anyone else to be used. The card can be used as a bank account without needing electricity or another source.

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Marc Beer is the co-founder and chairman of Renovia Inc. and a businessman. This company which is based in Boston manufactures products that deal with pressing medical issues.

Currently, Renovia is at the forefront of treating disorders that deal with the pelvic floor. These include issues like urinary incontinence. The medical startup’s deal closed a total of 42 million dollars. This includes a debt of 10 million dollars and a closing of 32 million dollars will ensure that their venture moves forward.

According to research, pelvic floor conditions, affect approximately 250 million in the world. The company will now be able to manufacture new products that deal with pelvic floor disorders. In addition to this, Renovia is also developing other products that deal with therapy and the diagnosis of the disorders. In April, the FDA approved Leva. This was the medical startup’s first product.

The funds that the medical firm received will be used to develop and test a new kind of Leva device. In addition to this, three other products that will be used for diagnosis and the therapy of the disorders will also be initiated. Renowned medical firms such as Ascension Ventures, Perceptive Advisors and Longwood Fund were present during the Series B raising of the funds.

Marc Beer who is also the CEO of Renovia was pleased that these companies had joined his company in the quest of trying to treat the sensitive pelvic floor conditions. He added that joining forces will assist them in coming up with a platform for digital health, which will also enlighten customers on emerging treatment options, information on understanding the disorders that deal with the pelvic floor and provide vital data. Consequently, the costs of health care will be lowered in the country.

Pelvic floor conditions include fistula which causes lack of bladder control. They may also cause fecal incontinence and the prolapsed of the pelvis. These conditions are brought about by many factors these include delayed childbirth, rape or sexual assault, accidents among many others.

About Marc Beer:

In August 2016, Marc Beer partnered with Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD and they started Renovia. Mr. Beer has worked in the pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, development and commercialization experience of biotechnology, and devices for over 25 years. Prior to founding, Renovia, Mr. Beer founded ViaCell. This company is a biotechnology firm which collects, preserves, and develops stem cells from the umbilical cord. He was also the CEO of the company.  Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer

Mr. Beer attended Miami University in Ohio and attained a BS. He has worked extensively in the medical field where he has made immeasurable strides. He also belongs to various leading boards. These include Good Start Genetics, Minerva Neurosciences, Notre Dame Research, and Mass Life Science Board among others.

Ryan Seacrest and His Amazing Foundation for Charity

Ryan Seacrest, the celebrated host of the long-running and much-admired series, American Idol, has many entrepreneurial interests in many diverse places and fields.

He has been, and is, a host and producer for a number of television and radio shows throughout the country. Although most people only recognize Ryan Seacrest from American Idol, there are many other places where his voice is heard and his face can be seen.

Few people, however, are aware that Ryan Seacrest if heavily involved in philanthropic work, and he has formed his own Ryan Seacrest Foundation to further his goals of helping others. The foundation itself is dedicated to inspiring youth and others though entertainment and education opportunities. Enhancing and improving the quality of life for seriously ill children, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is supported by many, many other celebrities and friends who have appeared on his numerous productions, including those who competed on American Idol.

As per the New York Times, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in hoping to build a portal, as it were, in pediatric hospitals to their media center called The Voice. The voice will help patient visit and learn about television, radio, and other forms of media. This is the help the patient with experiences in other realms to help attain wellness and fulfillment though the long hours spent in the hospitals. The program aims to help alleviate the stress and concerns inherit in a hospital stay.

The further goal of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to invite journalism and other media students from around the community to participate in The Voice. This will give them the opportunity to experience first hand how to operate a media center. Most journalism students have never had such an opportunity. The object of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to open up new ideas to the most people to help communicate and learn with, and from, one another.

The amazing set of celebrities supporting the foundation is amazing. They all help to support other charitable organizations as well.

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Jason Hope Is Supportive Of The New Technology To Fight Age Related Diseases Cell Reorganization

On a daily basis out body cells are dealing with destructive and cell damaging forces. Jason Hope reports that the body will try to repair or destroy issue cells. If it destroys the cells it will use apoptosis, which is a form of cellular suicide. In the event the cells can’t be fully destroyed they will be placed into a state of senescence. Under senescence, cells do not grow and do not gain the potential to become cancerous.

Jason is a serial investor. Also he is an avid philanthropist. He works to help other people.

Tissue Repair And Replacement
In various tissues, the body tries to replace any lost cells with stem cells. Exercise can spark the division of stem cells in muscle tissue. During our youth, this process works great, however, as we get older, stem cells are not as good with repairing damaged cells. Additionally, not all tissues have the specialized stem cells, and those tissues hold the lifetime of cells from the very moment of adulthood.

Jason Hope is supporting SENS Foundation as they seek solutions to age-related cell loss. There are a couple of SENS technologies created to fight cell loss and replacement issues. The solutions not only minimize organ rejection, but they also treat and prevent age-related diseases. This breakthrough technology will one day allow physicians to use patient cells to make custom-made cells. After this process go into effect their will be no need for transplants.

Jason Hope reports that both of the new technologies are gearing towards turning the adult cells to embryonic stem-like cells. This new form of cells can change into any body cell it needs to. There would be no genetic defects due to aging or other cell damage. The body would not reject the cells because it was created directly from the patient. Lastly, the physician would have the ability to grow as many cells as needed for the treatment.

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New Technology Details
The first technology uses several procedures that change old cells into a similar embryonic stem cell. Those cells can then be swayed into becoming the type of cell that we need. Finally, the cell would be effective in helping to rebuild aging tissue. Jason Hope reports that some of the mature cells from certain areas in the body can be changed into other cell types without the reprogramming.

The second technology infuses a donor egg with genetic map from the patient to make the embryonic cells. This method would have the cells match the recipient’s genetics. Scientists would still have to put in the work to shift the cell into the type of cell they needed for treatment.

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