About the Investor: Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an investor and Corporate Counsel for several technology companies. He graduated from the University Of California at Berkeley and also received his B.A from the University of Iowa. He is an entrepreneur who counsels technology companies in industries of Internet defense and Biotechnology. He knew this was what he wanted to do because he felt that smaller firms can provide high quality, cost-effective legal service just as much as the bigger firms can. In a recent interview, he discussed his daily routine, his past and what the future holds.

Hagele’s typical workday is providing legal counsel related to general as well as intellectual properties. He also drafts and reviews contracts. All of this is done before noon. By the afternoon Mr. Hasgele handles client issues and brig resolutions to ongoing matters. He also spends time checking on strategies and progressions with investment partners. He feels that the best outcome often morphs as new information and opportunities become available.

Mr. Hagele claims one of the habits that has helped in his success is putting customers first. He also loves to ride his road bike. He usually does this during his breaks. Mr. Hagele feels that doing this gives him a fresh outlook.He also likes to read. One recommended book that he suggest everyone should read is Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Everyone needs something to do that is just for them. Something that is stressfree and helps to open your mind to new and different ideas.

Mr. Hagele has not always had success in his career. He has also had some failures. He once opened a restaurant with a celebrity chef and needless to say they had different ideas on how the money would flow. He learned that finding equity participants can really help to ensure that everyone is pushing for the success of the enterprise and not just for  themelves. Hagele has used that experience as the foundation for his other business ventures in the hospitality industry.

His worst job he ever had was working at a Chicago car wash during the winter time. It was there that Mr. Hagele came to the realization that he needed to take charge. Charge over his own life and his own education. He felt that he had to find something meaningful to do and so he did. Now a successful entrepreneur he is living his life to the fullest and cant wait to see what the future holds.