About Class DojoTransforming the Classroom: Class Dojo

Communication between parents and teachers has reached the digital age with the help of a free app: Class Dojo. ClassDojo is a free app and communication platform for students, teachers, and parents. It allows a connection between parents and teachers to create a positive environment and the empowerment parents need to assist their child at school.

ClassDojo was a dream app for the start up company. They believed in change from the ground up, enlisting teachers to use it and be the change. The start up company that began this app is dedicated to its purpose of helping increase communication in the classroom and creating a positive collaboration between parents, teachers, and students. Features on Class Dojo allow for instant and constant communication between class and home. No more surprises at parent conferences or calls home, teachers are able to provide their students and parents with positive feedback.

This app is versatile and able to be used on a laptop, phone, or tablet. The attractive features for teachers are that it is less paperwork and easy sign up. Once he or she has created their classes within Class Dojo, they can print pre-made sign up letters for students and parents. These letters take the hassle out of parents and students signing up.

The behaviors, both positive and negative, are customizable and can be adapted to a teacher’s need or class goals. Each student has their own feed and can receive class wide announcements or student specific announcements. It has new features which allow teachers to share student work directly with the parent or a video about a child’s participation. These new features encourage positive community and eases the workload of teachers.

The app is about creating a community within the classroom, allowing parents to track progress and students earn the awards they desire for being good in school. It puts the focus on positive behavior, rather than a consequence driven classroom. ClassDojo really transforms a class into a community. It is no wonder why it is used in 2 out of 3 schools. This app eases the workload of teachers and increases communication between the home and school.


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