A Method Of Trading Recommended By Netpicks

The “Lock and Walk” method of trading has been around for roughly 20 years now, and is well-known by Netpicks staff. In a nutshell, this is what it entails: Look at movements of stocks through a technical lens. Using yourself or a bot to do this, you then place your trades based on the numbers themselves and not the particular stock.

This is a quick moving method, recommended by Netpicks, that is designed for short trades. This is not something you sit on for three days, but rather three hours. This is also best suited for traders who use technical analysis in one fashion or another, anyway. They have no skin in any particular game. They do not pay attention to the market news or history of Apple, Novartis or a commodity like wheat. They only care about what the movement is doing right now.   Read this relevant article.

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The irony is, that is not lost on Netpicks, that this is basically how Binary Option trading works in regard to the timelines. Lock and Walk and Binaries both have limited time structures, yet the Lock and Walk crowd will usually look down on Binary traders. Going so far as to call them “Wall Street Gamblers”. Also, the numbers and movements of those numbers that traders look at are akin to FOREX trading in regards to the playing of one set of numbers against another in order to spot a gain, at which point you would sell.

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Critical analysis aside, this is an effective way of trading that can be profitable for the right people, according to Netpicks. Namely, long time traders who know what they’re doing. This is not a game for the newcomer as this involves a keen knowledge and awareness of the numbers involved and what, specifically, they mean.

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It also helps to know that this method is best used during any time of year, the summer especially, when the market is hard to read. This method helps take the uncertainty out of a choppy market by using a method that is stable by nature. Meaning that it is based on numbers only.  Start getting connected, hit on netpicks.mykajabi.com.

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