Graham Edwards Has Propelled the Growth of Telereal Trillium While Serving as an Executive

The real estate sector is very lucrative, and entrepreneurs such as Graham Edwards invested in this sector through his company known as Telereal Trillium. The real estate company was established in 1997, and it has managed and played an active role in the acquisition of lots of property throughout the United Kingdom. Telereal Trillium has also been working with the United Kingdom government specifically the Department for Work and Pensions. By signing this contract with the government, Telereal Trillium was able to attract other investors. Additionally, the company was growing rapidly since they were also able to engage in business partnerships with companies such as BT Group PLC.

About Graham Edwards

Telereal Trillium went forth to work with the United Kingdom government, and they have also been receiving contracts from other privately owned corporations within the country. Currently, Telereal Trillium is the largest privately owned company in the United Kingdom that deals with property management and the company is led by Graham Edwards. Graham Edwards has been the CEO of the company since 2001, and he played an active role in the purchase of the majority of the Telereal stock by Trillium, which was owned by the Land Securities. Edwards became the executive chairman of the company as from April 2018 and the company at that time went by the name Telereal Trillium. Under Graham Edwards’s tenure, the company was amassing an annual revenue of £1 billion.

Graham Edwards is a renowned investor, and he got his experience by working in organizations such as Merrill Lynch where he was a fund manager. He also studied at prestigious universities such as Cambridge University. He majored in economics, and this contributed significantly to his success in the real estate industry. Graham Edwards has also learned a lot about the United Kingdom real estate sector over the years

As an investor, Graham Edwards always keeps track of the rapid changes that take place within the United Kingdom real estate market. Graham Edwards also plays a significant role in the formulation of policies that affect the United Kingdom real estate sector. Such policies are meant to propel the growth of the United Kingdom real estate industry, which is why Graham Edwards is more of an asset to the policy-making organizations since he has an in-depth understanding about this specific industry.

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A Person you Need to Emulate, Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a well renowned successful businessman, an author, a speaker and also a philanthropist. As a business person, he is the co-founder and the Executive Chairman of QI Group that was established in 1998. QI Group of businesses is a premier organization with different investments diversified into the retail and direct sale, telecommunications, lifestyle and leisure, education, property development, training and conference management, and logistics. The company has its regional headquarters in Hong Kong as well as other operative offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and presence in over 30 countries through subsidiary companies.

He studied in prestigious universities in the UK and US and also worked in top rung companies such as IBM holding prominent positions. He worked in several countries including the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe till the 90s when he returned to Asia and shifted his career to entrepreneur.

As a speaker, Eswaran has made a name through motivational speech and lectures he has carried out all over the world varying from business to spiritual lectures. He has secured a seat in leading universities lectures, management and leadership forums such as World Economic Forum and Commonwealth Business forums.

As a philanthropist, Eswaran has recognizable achievements. He has established the RYTHM Foundation, the corporate social responsibility group that’s affiliated to QI Group and it’s involved in charitable activities around the globe. He has also established a Malaysian based organization, Vijayaratnam Foundation in honor of his father that partners with local NGOs and other well-wishers on various projects directed to youth and women empowerment, monitoring of childhood development and special education.

Eswaran is also the best-selling author, who has written various successful books. Some of his arts that have gained popularity are; On the Wings of Thought and also Sphere of Silence, a management book that has been accepted all over the world.

Finding Small Companies with Potential to Invest In

Nitin Khanna was the owner of Saber, which is a company that helped states they contracted with manage their vehicle registration services along with other services the state offices for vehicle owner. Due to the success of Saber, it was purchased by EDS, which eventually became part of HP. The transaction was for $420 million. Most people would consider more social opportunities when they have just sold a company for $420 million. That’s not the case with Nitin Khanna though; he looked to develop another company as elaborated here.

That company he developed is MergerTech, and he operates it out of California. MergerTech is an investment bank that has found a niche to compete in. That niche is brokering the sale of companies with a value of less than $100 million. The reason he chose that value is because it is below the radar of largest investment banks giving him a chance to nurture his business in Portland, Oregon.

Nurturing his business has allowed Nitin Khanna to focus on defining his niche. The first part of the niche Nitin Khanna identified is businesses that are at risk of going under and their investors want their money back. He sees these as companies that can recover and thrive. Another type in the niche is companies that are succeeding but have a need for cash from an investor. The final group of small businesses he is focusing on is those that have gone through the startup lifestyle and their owners would prefer to sell it and use that money to create another startup and nurture that company. This new venture has been detailed here

Nitin Khanna is playing the role of a matchmaker in the business world. As the CEO of MergerTech, he is searching for companies that fall into each of the three categories already discussed. He is then creating another list of contacts that are investors that want to assist a startup with cash, or to take over a company after they have matured from the startup phase. Nitin Khanna as a knack for networking. Using that networking he is helping the overall economy on both a micro and a macro level to grow through investment.