Marc Beer is the co-founder and chairman of Renovia Inc. and a businessman. This company which is based in Boston manufactures products that deal with pressing medical issues.

Currently, Renovia is at the forefront of treating disorders that deal with the pelvic floor. These include issues like urinary incontinence. The medical startup’s deal closed a total of 42 million dollars. This includes a debt of 10 million dollars and a closing of 32 million dollars will ensure that their venture moves forward.

According to research, pelvic floor conditions, affect approximately 250 million in the world. The company will now be able to manufacture new products that deal with pelvic floor disorders. In addition to this, Renovia is also developing other products that deal with therapy and the diagnosis of the disorders. In April, the FDA approved Leva. This was the medical startup’s first product.

The funds that the medical firm received will be used to develop and test a new kind of Leva device. In addition to this, three other products that will be used for diagnosis and the therapy of the disorders will also be initiated. Renowned medical firms such as Ascension Ventures, Perceptive Advisors and Longwood Fund were present during the Series B raising of the funds.

Marc Beer who is also the CEO of Renovia was pleased that these companies had joined his company in the quest of trying to treat the sensitive pelvic floor conditions. He added that joining forces will assist them in coming up with a platform for digital health, which will also enlighten customers on emerging treatment options, information on understanding the disorders that deal with the pelvic floor and provide vital data. Consequently, the costs of health care will be lowered in the country.

Pelvic floor conditions include fistula which causes lack of bladder control. They may also cause fecal incontinence and the prolapsed of the pelvis. These conditions are brought about by many factors these include delayed childbirth, rape or sexual assault, accidents among many others.

About Marc Beer:

In August 2016, Marc Beer partnered with Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD and they started Renovia. Mr. Beer has worked in the pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, development and commercialization experience of biotechnology, and devices for over 25 years. Prior to founding, Renovia, Mr. Beer founded ViaCell. This company is a biotechnology firm which collects, preserves, and develops stem cells from the umbilical cord. He was also the CEO of the company.  Learn more:

Mr. Beer attended Miami University in Ohio and attained a BS. He has worked extensively in the medical field where he has made immeasurable strides. He also belongs to various leading boards. These include Good Start Genetics, Minerva Neurosciences, Notre Dame Research, and Mass Life Science Board among others.

Ryan Seacrest and His Amazing Foundation for Charity

Ryan Seacrest, the celebrated host of the long-running and much-admired series, American Idol, has many entrepreneurial interests in many diverse places and fields.

He has been, and is, a host and producer for a number of television and radio shows throughout the country. Although most people only recognize Ryan Seacrest from American Idol, there are many other places where his voice is heard and his face can be seen.

Few people, however, are aware that Ryan Seacrest if heavily involved in philanthropic work, and he has formed his own Ryan Seacrest Foundation to further his goals of helping others. The foundation itself is dedicated to inspiring youth and others though entertainment and education opportunities. Enhancing and improving the quality of life for seriously ill children, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is supported by many, many other celebrities and friends who have appeared on his numerous productions, including those who competed on American Idol.

As per the New York Times, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in hoping to build a portal, as it were, in pediatric hospitals to their media center called The Voice. The voice will help patient visit and learn about television, radio, and other forms of media. This is the help the patient with experiences in other realms to help attain wellness and fulfillment though the long hours spent in the hospitals. The program aims to help alleviate the stress and concerns inherit in a hospital stay.

The further goal of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to invite journalism and other media students from around the community to participate in The Voice. This will give them the opportunity to experience first hand how to operate a media center. Most journalism students have never had such an opportunity. The object of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to open up new ideas to the most people to help communicate and learn with, and from, one another.

The amazing set of celebrities supporting the foundation is amazing. They all help to support other charitable organizations as well.

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Jason Hope Is Supportive Of The New Technology To Fight Age Related Diseases Cell Reorganization

On a daily basis out body cells are dealing with destructive and cell damaging forces. Jason Hope reports that the body will try to repair or destroy issue cells. If it destroys the cells it will use apoptosis, which is a form of cellular suicide. In the event the cells can’t be fully destroyed they will be placed into a state of senescence. Under senescence, cells do not grow and do not gain the potential to become cancerous.

Jason is a serial investor. Also he is an avid philanthropist. He works to help other people.

Tissue Repair And Replacement
In various tissues, the body tries to replace any lost cells with stem cells. Exercise can spark the division of stem cells in muscle tissue. During our youth, this process works great, however, as we get older, stem cells are not as good with repairing damaged cells. Additionally, not all tissues have the specialized stem cells, and those tissues hold the lifetime of cells from the very moment of adulthood.

Jason Hope is supporting SENS Foundation as they seek solutions to age-related cell loss. There are a couple of SENS technologies created to fight cell loss and replacement issues. The solutions not only minimize organ rejection, but they also treat and prevent age-related diseases. This breakthrough technology will one day allow physicians to use patient cells to make custom-made cells. After this process go into effect their will be no need for transplants.

Jason Hope reports that both of the new technologies are gearing towards turning the adult cells to embryonic stem-like cells. This new form of cells can change into any body cell it needs to. There would be no genetic defects due to aging or other cell damage. The body would not reject the cells because it was created directly from the patient. Lastly, the physician would have the ability to grow as many cells as needed for the treatment.

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New Technology Details
The first technology uses several procedures that change old cells into a similar embryonic stem cell. Those cells can then be swayed into becoming the type of cell that we need. Finally, the cell would be effective in helping to rebuild aging tissue. Jason Hope reports that some of the mature cells from certain areas in the body can be changed into other cell types without the reprogramming.

The second technology infuses a donor egg with genetic map from the patient to make the embryonic cells. This method would have the cells match the recipient’s genetics. Scientists would still have to put in the work to shift the cell into the type of cell they needed for treatment.

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The Staffing Machine that is Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin began his professional life by attending the University of Deleware, graduating with a B.S. in Pre-Med. He then attended the New York Chiropractic College, graduating with a doctorate in Chiropractic in 1995. After this intense education, he started a chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His business specializes in helping people alleviate body pains via his learned chiropractic techniques. His experience in the medical community showed Brian Torchin the difficulty of finding qualified people for medical facilities to hire as staff.

In addition, Brian Torchin learned these things while serving as director of medical marketing for Practice Management. Thus, Torchin founded HCRC staffing in 2007. It specializes in getting qualified candidates into facilities that need their particular form of expertise. It has proven to be one of the most sought-after staffing companies since has can produce top quality candidates in less than 72 hours. This is optimum for facilities who lose crucial personnel suddenly without notice for some reason. Its operation hours are also longer than average. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

Its doors and phones are open to late at night and over the weekends. HCRC has extended its reach beyond the United States to medical facilities all over the world including Australia, Canada, and Europe. HCRC is able to help with any medical facility staffing need whatsoever. This includes, but is certainly not limited to receptionists, billing managers, credentialing office managers, chiropractors. Client companies are not obligated to hire the recommended candidates from HCRC and will only have to pay HCRC if they do.

When their clients do decide to use one of HCRC’s recommendations, it will oversee the contract negotiations. Our placements include the most specialized medical doctors. It has also started providing its extensive staffing services to law firms. To find out just how qualified these candidates are before HCRC submits them to clients, it performs its own extremely extensive phone interviews.

Visit: – A Leader Of Blockchain Technology, also known as Jingdong Mall, is now one of the e-commerce superpowers right now in China and they are in no way going to be shaken and brought down from their level. They have been walking, running and sprinting with another e-commerce giant, Alibaba. has defined what a great and successful retailer is, online or offline – and with the programming background of their Chief Executive Officer, Richard Liu Qiangdong – or Jingdong is now in collaborative works with one of the most prestigious and well-profiled technological institutes: The Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and The Ying Wu College of Computing at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. They will launch the “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” in Xiongan, China. The institute focuses on planning, developing, and designing smart logistics systems in urban areas.


This joint technological venture will be focused and more definitive of improving efficiency and strengthening stability and increasing the strategizing on conquering challenges that are thrown at Jingdong’s way. But at a more technological aspect – the joint laboratory venture will propel Jingdong to focus on new technology and how to apply it. These technologies will focus on efforts in security, decentralization applications, consensus protocols and privacy protection.


We are at the age of modern technology and physical transactions are now a thing of the past. Cashless payments and transactions are the new big thing, and is in on this trend and they are running with the times and owning the game. Find Related Information Here.


Blockchain technology is a new power player on the vast map of the world wide web, it is another brain baby by the person who coined Bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto. Like digital currencies (like bitcoins or “digital gold”), blockchains are able to create other types of virtual money – and this is important for Jingdong specifically because of the modern changing times.


Jingdong is a world leader on the use, manipulation and utilization of blockchain technology – and Jingdong is laser focused on exploring their business potential by investing more technology and effort into the growth of the ecosystem of the blockchain. Focused on strategy and research partnerships.


And this will be key in Jingdong Mall in staying at the top of the retail game and this will serve as examples and inspiration for companies who are also aiming for the top.


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NewsWatch TV Helps Avanca Indigogo Campaign With Great Success- Review

Avanca created an Indigogo campaign to recieve funding for a launch of one of their new products. Crowdfunding for the product was a massive success with numbers exceeding a whopping 2,939% of their goal!

Avanca hired NewsWatch to produce a one minute segment to promote the “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC.” The segment was then released and aired on the national NewsWatch television show and online channels as a review. Avanca raised $456,551 and achieved 2,939% of their goal in the 30 day period of the Indiegogo campaign. The success was over 29 times more money than the company had originally set in order to launch the product.

Marketing director at Avanca, Nathalie van Wijkvliet admits claimed that she believed the massive success of the campaign was largely because of the help from NewsWatch TV. “We [worked with] NewsWatch and it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful. Its great working with NewsWatch, we love it.” Wijkvliet also says that Avanca “highly recommend[s] working with the NewsWatch team”

Avanca hired NewsWatch to produce a one minute segment to promote the “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC.” The segment was then released and aired on the national NewsWatch television show and online channels.

NewsWatch TV is an award winning US based television program that airs on Monday mornings at 7am on the AMC Network and other independent stations. The program focuses on technology and entertainment along with consumer news,celebrity interviews, editorials, reviews, and public service announcements.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Interview In Davos: Business History, Plans To Become Number One is one of China’s largest ecommerce platforms owned by Richard Liu Quiangdong. He’s worth over ten billion dollars personally on paper, and his company is worth over 30 billion dollars as of today. In an interview in 2018 with Rubenstein titled “An Insight, An Idea”, Richard Liu told him that he started in 2004.


Back in the 2000’s, most students wanted to go into government, but he didn’t want to do that, so he set up his own business where he sold computer accessories. Liu created up to 12 stores at that time in 2004, but then the SARS epidemic hit, and he didn’t want his staff to talk face to face with customers, so he decided to close the shop.


One of the managers said they should sell online to lower the risk of SARS, and he (jokingly) is already a billionaire. They spent one year selling in person and selling online to compare the figures, and when online proved to be better then he just went with selling online full time. He had merely heard of DangDang at the time but had never heard of Amazon. Refer to This Article to learn more.


The thing that he did to make his company grow so rapidly was to make the decision not to sell counterfeit products online and would issue proper invoices and receipts. Richard Liu was selling mostly computer parts because they had limited amounts of cash. It was I.T. products, digital products, and mobile phones for sale at first. Richard Liu now has about 200,000 employees and is adding about 30,000 per year.


The biggest market value amongst his competitors is TenCent, then Baidu, and then Richard Liu Qiangdong’s goal is to simply be number one on the market. When he had his first office in China, he had just four words written in Mandarin on the column and they read, “I Just want to be number one.” Richard Liu thinks that the value he creates for society should be the focus, and this takes time to develop.


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Talkspace Why Should People Seek Online Therapy if they are Suffering from Mental Problems?

People keep talking about the physical health and illnesses all the time, but mental health is equally important. There are many mental health issues that have become common and widespread these days. Some of the common mental health issues are depression, anxiety, stress disorders, and more. If you suffer from any of these mental health issues and do not avail treatment at the right time, it would lead to major issues in the future. Consult with the mental health specialist as soon as you identify that you are suffering from mental health problems. A therapist would be able to know what is going wrong with your brain and thought process and why you are suffering from it.

Talkspace is an advanced online platform that is transforming the mental health world completely. People now just need a mobile phone to consult with the mental health expert, and they don’t even have to reveal their identity. You can consult with the mental health expert on Talkspace easily, and you do not have to worry about paying huge fees as the charges are nominal. Talkspace was started to ensure that people with a low budget would also be able to consult with the therapist. It would help people improve their quality of life and would also help in stopping the mental health problem to grow further. If you are looking to bring clarity and positivity in life and get rid of the mental health problems, then download Talkspace today and connect with the therapist with ease.

People often feel that if they tell other people about their mental problems, they will be regarded as a joke and will not be taken seriously. But, Michael Phelps has been trying to promote online therapy through Talkspace so that more people can come forward and get the help that is needed. He feels that people should be afraid to go to a therapist and his little effort will encourage more people to come forward. Talkspace is an excellent platform for people to come out and talk to a therapist without having to worry about not having enough money for it.

Whitney Wolfe talks about Bumble’s Progress

According to an article posted on, Whitney Wolfe, Bumble’s founder, and CEO confided that her company went through a lot of challenges in 2017 and other previous years.

Bumble faced a legal battle with one of its competitors, and it was subjected to unnecessary criticism after banning images with a gun and an ad that supported sexual assault.

Nonetheless, the challenges did not distract Bumble from developing its dating and networking app. It managed to launch a venture fund, and it extended its boundaries to the beauty industry. At present, the friend-finding site has over 41 million users.

Bumble’s plans

According to the 2018 interview posted on, Whitney Wolfe alleged that her company had not reached its limit. On that account, it had partnered with Priyanka Chopra to expand their dating and networking services to the Indian market.

Ms. Wolfe said that her company decided to expand its services to India since Indian women had not found someone to enlighten and connect them to like-minded people from around the world.

Apart from the company’s plans to expand, Ms. Wolfe pronounced that Bumble was not planning to merge with Match, a business rival who had offered to acquire Bumble.

Who is Whitney Wolfe?

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an accomplished businessperson. She is a trained international relations officer with a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University. Before joining the dating and networking world, Ms. Wolfe worked as an entrepreneur selling bamboo tote bags, and a philanthropist. She cofounded Help us Project, a charity organization that advocated for important causes. Whitney Wolfe Herd doesn’t care what she’s supposed to do

After graduating, she joined Hatch Labs, an organization that helps start-ups to compete with their already established business rivals. Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Whirlwind Wedding Was a True Celebration of Southern Italy

At Hatch Labs, Wolfe teamed up with other entrepreneurs to co-found Tinder, a global hookup website. Ms. Wolfe was in charge of Tinder’s marketing department. She served it until 2014. Bumble Founder/CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine Entertainment Board

After leaving Tinder, Whitney Wolfe teamed up with Andrey Andreev to establish the present day Bumble. Unlike the traditional dating sites, Bumble focused on empowering women and giving them more control when looking for their matches. Within one year, the dating site recorded 80 million matches. Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit