Betsy DeVos Continues To Work Hard To Give Low Income American Families Freedom Of Educational Choice

Betsy DeVos is known to many as the Secretary of Education for the United States, but there is a lot more to her than that. DeVos is also a longtime supporter of using public funding to pay for American children’s tuition costs into private and charter schools. This is called educational choice, and passing more legislation that would allow for this would give parents the opportunity to send their kids to a school they choose. As it is now, most American children are forced to attend a public school based on one simple factor, and that factor is the zip code of their home. It almost seems silly that the greatest country in the world continues to follow an outdated practice, but here we are living in a digital world, and the educational system has not come along as of yet.


As soon as Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education for the U.S.A., she got to work. One of her first moves was to pay a visit to many different schools in the state of Florida. She even made an appearance with the rapper Pitbull who has opened a set of charter schools up in the state. The reason DeVos has focused so much on the sunshine state is because of its tax-credit scholarship program. In short, Florida has been supporting educational choice for longer than any other state, and there are currently more than 50,000 students who are going to a school that their family chose.


Betsy DeVos has also supported Indiana and Louisiana, which are both states that have supported educational choice through the passing of specific helpful programs. These programs have allowed the state to serve close to one million students in any given year. While there are not a million students who are currently participating in those state’s programs, the choice is there for their families if they ever decide to. Betsy DeVos wants people to understand that this is the beauty of educational choice. The word choice is a part of the two word phrase for a reason, and that is because it is truly the choice of a child’s family as to where they will go to school. If public school is working for them, DeVos has no problem with that. She just wants every American family to have the choice.


In Florida, Betsy DeVos also visited CARE Elementary School, which was named the Christian Academy for Reaching Excellence in the past. CARE participates in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, which allows corporations and individuals to receive tax credits for making donations to groups that take the money and create scholarships for kids whose families want them to attend a private or religious school. Many economically challenged families have been helped by the program, and Betsy DeVos is very happy about that. DeVos has admitted that she has no plans of slowing down her support for educational choice in the United States, and many more low-income families will surely benefit from the hard work she is doing.


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Investing with Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks released some information for those that are looking to invest in this company and enjoy the benefits that Freedom Checks has to offer. People are always looking for a way to research their financial goals, and this company can help them find the path to financial freedom.

Freedom Checks does require a small initial investment. Some people are a little nervous to trust this, but they can make a lot of money if they have a little faith and some hard work. The investments in Freedom Checks come from their master limited partnerships. This will allow the investors to be eligible for the IRS Code title 26 and subtitle F. Investors can get several tax breaks when they work with this company. Not everyone knows about this because it is a well-kept secret among investors and tax breaks are not always made public knowledge. When a person works with this company they are investing in companies where the demand is on the rise. For example, as more people begin to purchase fuel the value of the stocks will go up. Freedom Checks will invest in this field from the beginning, so a person can see an increase in their investment right away.

With this investment group, the investor will get to see a larger percentage of money. They will be able to keep as much as 90 percent of the profits. This will allow a person to make a nice amount of money back and they will be able to enjoy the tax benefits as well. Instead of having to pay tax on the capital gains from the investments, a person will only have to pay tax on the shares that they sell. This will allow them to keep more of their money in a safe an legal manner.

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Shafik Sachedina: A Businessman And Philanthropist Who Provides Rehabilitation Services

Shafik Sachedina is the owner of Sussex Healthcare, one of the most prestigious rehabilitation centers in the United Kingdom. He is from a family who immigrated to the United Kingdom from Tanzania, and when he settled in the United Kingdom, he vowed that he would be creating a facility that would cater to the public, providing them with the medical services that they needed.

Before he established the Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina called on his colleagues in the medical industry and shared his idea of building a rehabilitation facility outside London. He knew that the United Kingdom needs more rehabilitation facilities, and he told his colleagues that he would want to open one. His colleagues supported him with his plan, and together, they established the Sussex Healthcare, admitting people who are injured or diagnosed with mental and physical disorders, subjecting them to different therapies until they’ve shown signs of improvement. The Sussex Healthcare has also been admitting senior citizens who are looking for a nursing home where they can retire.

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Through the years, the Sussex Healthcare became one of the premier rehabilitation centers in the United Kingdom. Many people who have been in this facility are saying that Shafik Sachedina did a great job of employing people who genuinely care about their conditions. The facility focuses on four major types of patients and clients – the brain injured, those who are suffering from dementia, patients suffering from physical and mental disorders, and retired senior citizens who chose the Sussex Healthcare as their second home. Many individuals have shown their support for the facility established by Shafik Sachedina because it helped them recover faster, because of the world-class service offered by the staff.

Shafik Sachedina is also known in his community because of his contributions to an international institution called the Institute of Ismaili Studies. As one of the members of the institution, he is required to promote the cultures and traditions of Islam. He is also a member of the Aga Khan Development, and he is traveling to Central Asian states, looking for a family who could benefit from the programs that are being sponsored by the organization.


Greg Aziz Works To Create More Jobs With New Contracts With National Steel Car


The leading manufacturer in railroad freight and tank cars has been leading the market for more than 100 years. The National Steel Car corporation has continued to surpass all expectations when it comes to the engineering and manufacturing of railroad equipment.

When it comes to the people who work for National Steel Car, they all share one thing. The company cares deeply about the people that work there as well as the people that they provide for. They have worked together to become a diverse and dynamic business over the years.


Greg Aziz, the CEO of National Steel Car has maintained that they will continue to raise the bar on building a bigger and better business. By focusing on the rail industry, they are continuing to remain unmatched by creating a deeper purpose and remaining true to their core values.

National Steel Car is committed to sticking to their delivery performances as well as building top of the line rail cars. The business has won a number of achievements while under the direction of Gregory Aziz. The annual TTX SECO award has been given to National Steel Car for more than a decade.

Greg James Aziz makes sure that he is not relying solely on the past of the business but by also living up to the demands of the customers. By valuing the relationships between the builders and suppliers, National Steel Car has maintained quality railcars while employing over 2,000 employees.


The National Steel Car corporation has acquired more orders to create a higher and more advanced type of grain rail cars. This new design will be a shorter and lighter car which will allow for more grain to be carried. This is going to allow for more cars to go into retirement from most other fleets.

The new order for rail cars to be made is going to allow for National Steel Car to hire additional personnel and will allow for many permanent positions to be opened up within the company. Greg Aziz went on record to thank the partnerships that they have kept during their 106 years in making of the rail cars. See This Page for additional information.


This latest contract that National Steel has acquired is just the tip of the iceberg for the contracts they have made with CN Rail. The contract signed will create 1,000 new grain hopper cars to be made during the next two years. The contract will allow for the older and less capacity cars to be taken off the rails. Up until now, the Western Canadian grain fleets were made up of cars that were on an average of 30 years or more in age. This is not the only contract that CN Rail put into works with National, they had also acquired a contract to create 350 lumber cars. With the latest contracts set out in motion, there will be an additional job placement for 550 new employees to the business which will hold more than 1500 employees at their Hamilton facility.




Malcolm Casselle career and contribution to the growth of WAX

Malcolm Casselle is the president WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and the CIO of OPSkins. Mr. Casselle has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MIT and a master’s degree in the same from Stanford University. Malcolm is fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin. Malcolm started his career in 1995 when he co-founded NetNoir, one of the top media production websites that were fixated on Afrocentric culture. He served there as the CTO. Between 1998 and 2002 he was the advisor and senior vice president to the CEO of Pacific Century Cyberworks, a Hong Kong-based telco service provider. Between 2006 and 2013, Malcolm served as the director of Capital Union Investment Company based in Hong Kong where he was responsible in managing private direct investments into the final stage web firms.

In 2012 April, Malcolm was appointed as the Chief Executive officer of the global social network for main video game players. Malcolm is currently serving as the CEO of MediaPass, an online paywall solution that creates subscriptions-based returns for all digital content. During the same year, Malcolm Casselle co-founded Timeline labs, a tracking software for the social media and he served there as the CEO. The company was later acquired by SeaChange international in 2014 where he assumed the role of the General Manager and Senior vice president after the acquisition.

In February 2016, Malcolm Casselle became the CTO president of new ventures that was initially Tribune publishing. Malcolm has been in office at Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) in the capacity of the CIO and president since 2017.

WAX is a P2P marketplace for the trading of simulated assets built upon the basis of blockchain and devolved smart contracts that will enable traders to trade effectively in the virtual assets. WAX provides a major solution to the huge problems in the virtual asset markets, fraud, and disintegration, and does so with a modest blockchain-enabled widget that allows all users to buy and sell their simulated goods without ever clicking off their game.

WAX provides a solution to the geographically fragmented problem. This provides the ground that when a user transacts on a platform that doesn’t utilize common utility token, then they can’t transact with users having different cryptocurrencies without using intermediaries.

Communications with Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is one of the partners at the Quick Link Marketing company. Krishen Iyer has a great deal of online marketing experience, technical development, and helping clients carry out their daily operations. This company can make things easier for their clients. They can use effective marketing solutions and they can help provide lead generation that meets the specific needs of the clients.

Iyer has been successful in his career due to his attention to details as well as intellectual curiosity. This had led to his success in academics where he attended Grossmont College and the San Diego State University. Krishen Iyer left school with a bachelor’s degree in urban development and public administration.

While he is very bust Iyer takes the time to help his community with volunteer work. He participates in cleanup efforts and supports organizations such as the Haiti relief effort.

Krishen Iyer got the idea for Quick Link Marketing due to the need of companies looking for lead generation solutions. This was a demand for his service so Iyer wanted to provide this to the clients. There was also a place in the market for this service and the chance for it to become very successful.

Iyer has a very busy day at this company. He works in the technical development department, meets with clients, and works on the companies’ marketing efforts. His main focus is making sure all of his clients and happy and they are getting the services that they need for this marketing organization.


Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online


CFO Michael Burwell Brings Decades Of Experience To Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell is an individual who rose to a successful position due to his strong work ethic in business. Willis Towers Watson is quite lucky to have Mr. Burwell serving as its Chief Financial Officer. This company is based out of London, and its focus is insurance brokerage and risk management. Before joining up with this organization, however, Burwell as quite successful while working with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. At this organization, he served two positions, and they were chief operating officer and chief financial officer.


His previous experience with regards to the transaction and auditing processes will come in quite handy at Willis Towers Watson. It is quite likely that Michael Burwell will excel in his leadership position at the company for quite some time. Willis Towers Watson seeks to help its clients perform better financially, and this is a goal that Burwell is also strongly committed to. Burwell strives to create financial success not only for himself and his company, but also for the clients with whom he works.


Burwell has quite an impressive career background in the industry. He has more than three decades worth of valuable experience, and a large portion of that experience, more than 20 years of it, has been in relation to advising transaction and auditing services. Prior to acquiring all of this experience, however, Mr. Burwell first received a stellar education that would set him up to later embark on a successful career path. Michigan State University is the institution from which Michael Burwell graduated with his B.A. in Business Administration, and he is clearly making great use of that degree.


Willis Tower Watson has been quite successful as a company, despite only being in operation since 2016. The company came into existence after a big merger between Towers Watson & Company and Willis Group Holdings. Speaking for the organization’s views, Chief Executive Officer John Haley has stated that Michael Burwell is a welcome addition to the already strong team, and he will be able to bring strong finance and leadership skills to the table. Go To This Page for related information.



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Top Company in Oil and Gas Production from the Gulf of Mexico- Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an independent company that deals with oil and gas production along the gulf of Mexico. The organization is headed by Tim Duncan who founded the company in 2012 using the equity funding worth $ 600 million from the Apollo and Riverstone Company. Tim Duncan had started his career in the oil industry at the Zilkha Energy in 1996, where during his time there, Selim Zilkha had foreseen the seismic imaging revolutions that are used to date. The revolution helped geologists to drill to over 6 miles underground to the oil- laden rock before the company was sold in 1997 at $1.2 million, which intrigued Duncan about the business as he was still a young engineer.

How Tim Duncan Helped Talos Energy Acquire the Stone Energy

Tim Duncan closed the deal of acquiring the Stone Energy Company during a difficult time in his life as he was affected by the hurricane Harvey. Duncan lived at Kingston, Texas, located in the north of Houston where the residents of the Kingston had to move when they were warned that another 6 feet hurricane was about to hit the place. Duncan helped his family and two dogs wade through the waters into the FEMA rescue boat before flying them to Alabama using a private jet to his parents’ home. What’s more, he flew to stay with his parents because he knew too well it that despite the hurricane that hit Houston there would be no excuse of not closing the deal of acquiring Stone Energy as he was in the middle of the negotiations.

Further, his hard work bore fruits when Stone Energy merged with Talos Energy merge at cost of $ 2.5 billion. Again, this saw the company take up Stone Energy’s new ticker symbol as “TALO” where the annual revenue increased to $900 million. Equally important, with the merging of the company has seen the increase of production to 48,000 barrels daily, where it is still set to increase. So far, its largest reservoir in terms of asset base is their Phoenix field located at the south of New Orleans that was established by Chevron. Additionally, though Hurricane Rita had destroyed an estimated 13,000-ton Typhoon that was drifted over 60 miles, Talos was able to restore the field where it now pumps 16,000 barrels per day besides acquiring the Pompano platform from Stone Energy.

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James Dondero: Giving in Action

If anyone wanted to know what it is like to be a philanthropist would have to give like one. James Dondero is one of those people who truly understand philanthropy work. He is one. This is a man who loves to give and ends up making people happy. It happened for the Dallas Zoo.

Dondero donated money to the Dallas Zoo after he discovers that they could not get the funds needed to make a new enclosure for hippos. Guests who visited the zoo complained about not having that opened for everyone to enjoy. Zoo officials agreed but there was a lack of funding. Dondero’s donation made it possible for them to please the guests. Not only did they build the zoo habitat but also build a lodge named after Highland Capital in honor of Dondero’s generous donation. The habitat is called The Simmons Hippo Outpost. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Since it has opened, guest has been coming in huge crowds to see these lively animals. Also, people have been hosting events right across from the hoop habitat at the Highland Capital Lodge. Both of these entities have been bringing in lots of revenue for the zoo. They can do other things like update some of the habitats for the other animals now. They could possibly even add animals that they have not had before. Either way, the zoo could use some other improvements thanks to Dondero making the hippo habitat possible. Visit his website at

Donating is a great thing, especially if it ends up helping to bring in more revenue to make some changes. Dondero’s generosity certainly did that he did not stop there. Other organizations got a chance to enjoy his gift giving also. He loves Dallas, so it’s not hard to understand why he likes giving back. He enjoys it.