Investment Diversification with Fortress Investment Group

Since its inception as a private equity firm in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has been a force to reckon with innovation and investment. Currently, the group is an entirely diversified worldwide investment management company, which directs more than $43 billion worth of assets for its over 1,750 investors in permanent capital vehicles, private equity and hedge funds. The firm leverages the “strong risk-adjusted returns” risk for investors for the long term. With its headquarters in New York, the firm currently has more than 9,000 people in its payroll. To further its investment interests, the firm has three personnel that work as a team including; San Francisco-based Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and the New York-based Randal Nardone. Over the two decades that the firm has been operational, Fortress Investment Group has established various core areas of expertise, which include capital markets, asset-based investing, corporate mergers and acquisition, as well as sector-specific knowledge of institutions and companies.

Under operations management, the firm has established robust tools and strategies for extracting value from the inherently intricate investment it carries out. Besides, its asset-based investments, both via credit funds and private equity, are comprised of a broad range of diversified assets, including capital, financial vehicles, and real estate that create long-term cash flow. The firm’s personnel are well endowed with expertise in mergers and acquisitions and have relationships with a full range of management professionals, corporate board members, and other corporate stakeholders. Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, both current principals, founded the Fortress Investment Group alongside Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012. These three principals leveraged deeply engraved experienced from positions in various entities such as the UBS, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and BlackRock Financial Management.

The founders’ goal was to develop a new kind of investment firm. Within the first five years, the assets under their management grew astonishingly from $400 million to about $3.9 billion. By last year, 2017, they had assets worth $32.6 billion.The first decade of the firm’s operation was hard driving and dramatic. By 2006, the entity had expanded its Fortress Investment Group; one with two versions three and four. Later, various others came online, including the Drawbridge Global Macro Fund, the Fortress Partners Fund, the Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund and the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund. The group has made several notable acquisitions, including a Canadian firm Intrawest, which is North America’s largest ski resort operator. Later on, between 2006 and 2007, the firm purchased Penn National Gaming, RailAmerica and Florida East Coast Industries. In 2011, in a move to globalize and expand, the entity opened a second headquarter in U.S.’s San Francisco and Asia’s Singapore and Shanghai.

Flavio Maluf: How Tax Incentives would bring in more Investors

The chief executive officer of the Eucatex Group, Flavio Maluf has shared his insights about the tax incentive program that the government wanted to impose. For many years, Brazilian business people have been complaining about the excessive amount of taxes that are being collected from them. Adding to their frustration is the realization that the government of Brazil is corrupt, and there are no concrete results to the taxes that they are paying. However, as the new administration in Brazil is taking over, business people are promised that a tax incentive could be introduced. Most Brazilian business people welcomed the tax incentive proposal, and they wanted to have it signed into law as soon as possible. Read more on Business and Economics about Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf clarified to the Brazilian business people that what the government wanted comes with a condition. He revealed that the government of Brazil wanted the private companies to help them with their projects, and the new administration has just shown the infrastructure projects that will be implemented this year. Flavio Maluf stated that the Eucatex Group is ready to help the Brazilian government with their plans of building more infrastructures and civic centers for the public. He added that giving the Eucatex Group a tax incentive would allow them to generate more profit while at the same time, being able to help the government with their visions.

Another thing that he pointed out is that with the introduction of a tax incentive law, foreign investors would start considering Brazil as a new destination for investments. A tax incentive law would attract thousands of businesses overseas, and it would improve the country’s economy significantly. However, before Brazil could do that, the country must finish all of the infrastructure projects first, or at least, improve it for the business owners to use. The country has considered a tax incentive law for so long, but they could not implement it entirely because of the fears that it might affect the country’s economy. However, the current administration ruling the country is confident that introducing a tax incentive would be more advantageous to Brazil, opposite to what the critics are saying.

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Ian King Banyan

ian king Banyan Publishing is a super fast-growing publisher on impartial investment advice, together with over 400,000 everyday readers whoever depend on the site’s panel of professionals in conformity with assisting them to perceive promising funding opportunities. The internet site focuses on investments certain as much goods yet natural resources, small-cap and mid-cap stocks, income-producing investments, choices plays, then deeply undervalued U.S. companies.

Ian king Banyan used to be made in 1998 as like The Sovereign Society, or rapidly grew to be regarded so a conduct global asset protection then funding agency primarily based on the values over self-reliance yet private sovereignty. The website targeted concerning providing its reader’s discourse pertaining in conformity with world funding strategies, U.S. greenback diversification, establishing then jogging offshore bank accounts, commodity protection trusts, worldwide commercial enterprise corporations, personal foundations, second citizenships then foreign residency, alongside including guidelines on maintaining non-public yet financial privacy.

Ian king was rebranded in 2016 so Banyan Hill Publishing according to the center of attention about imparting actionable advice besides the company’s community concerning world professionals within commodity protection, investing, or entrepreneurship. These professionals enable Banyan Hills according to help daily Americans acquire the ease regarding “total wealth,” which offers humans the potential to pick out their monetary destiny via making their very own monetary decisions then growing their beauty along less risk, whilst animal uninterrupted out of the monetary concerns up to expectation consequently dense are saddled including today. Visit at to learn more.

The site’s honor is instituted beyond the banyan tree, as is the world’s biggest creeper when ranked through canopy size. The banyan creeper is unique in that, so its branches develop it is supported by clusters of gaseous roots extending closer to the floor which forms additional trunks. While these trees don’t develop so big namely redwoods or oak trees, their capacity in accordance with aid themselves along extra trunks permits them in accordance with continue to exist natural mess ups certain as much hurricanes so much can ravage lousy herbal and man-made constructions as are within their path.

With demand mistrust fostering its brain again below years on friend calm, many investors may additionally stay wondering then the next economic tsunami intention strike. Given the history on busts oftentimes consequent booms into the pecuniary markets, that is now not a query concerning whether, but as an alternative when, any other certain match intention occur.

For traders searching for shelter from a present financial storm, solely pair choices are effectively available today: They may visit a financial advisor any dispenses his company’s cookie-cutter counsel whilst charging a relative ocher because of doing so, then he execute perform their personal investing selections besides some outdoor assistance; unnecessary in imitation of oration the past alternative is through no with Ian king skill appealing, whilst the latter option assumes that you hold the day then the strength in accordance with turn out to be a financial expert your self between summation according to doing as ye operate in imitation of performing a living. Both of it selections are unsatisfactory, then either may style an evident or existing jeopardy in accordance with thy pecuniary health.

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Igor Cornelsen-The Career Investment Advisor with a Knack of Investing

Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1947, Igor Cornelsen is a career investment advisor who has made a reputation for himself as a professional investment banker with Bank of America, which he joined in 1978. As an investment banker, he has worked with several prominent banks like Libra Bank PLC and Unibanco. His motivation to work as an investment advisor stems from many years of working experience in the investment banking sector. Having managed stocks for various banks, he has worked with in his career, becoming an investment advisor was a consequence of his experience in life.

His business mindset is outstanding. He doesn’t believe in being influenced by anyone, including professors and analysts. He believes in equipping himself with facts instead of others’ opinions. Also as an investment advisor, he also runs a successful investment advisory firm, which he has managed to grow due to his ability to find depreciated assets before his competitors. He strictly uses Reuter’s news for enhancing his productivity, for he believes the web news service isn’t biased in its reporting of the actual events taking place. One habit that continues to make Igor Cornelsen productive as a businessman is; spending huge amounts of time reading information on analysis from unbiased analysts and investors.

In 1965, the career investment advisor started pursuing a BS in engineering from Federal University of Parana. In 1970, he completed his studies and obtained his degree and then started working as a professional investment banker. He moved to Rio de Janeiro where his career as an investment banker commenced. He became a member of Multibancos board of directors in 1974, having been the best recruit among other recruits that yearned to become the board of directors for Multibancos. He was promoted to the rank of CEO two years later for having demonstrated great performance as a board member of the bank. He later joined Bank of America in 1978 after the bank acquired Multibancos. Shortly afterward, he left the bank for Unibanco where he worked until 1978. Today, he operates as a private career investment advisor.


Igor Cornelsen has a knack for investing apart from being a professional career investment advisor. His contribution to the banking sector is truly invaluable.

The Key to Freedom Checks

Freedom checks have been circulating in the media, but what are they? These checks look like government checks, just like the ones you get from your tax refund. They aren’t the same thing, but you may have seen a picture with Matt Badiali, as he was holding up one of his freedom checks. One ad shows Badiali holding a check for over $114,000, but if you’ve seen these ads no doubt you’ve dismissed them. Visit the website to learn more.

Most folks have called them a “scam”, or a “get rich quick scheme“. While these may appear to be both they are anything but a scam. In fact, Matt Badiali himself has done the work upfront for you, so that he could give you all the details on these checks and tell you what they are all about. If you think that Matt Badiali seems over-excited, you might be right. However, he is excited for the right reasons. Now, he wants to share the information with you now that he has discovered how these checks work and what they can do for you long-term.

What is certain is that freedom checks are largely misunderstood and it’s no surprise. As a financial analyst, Matt Badiali knows that there is something to this. His background in geology coupled with his financial knowledge has led him to this time in life where these checks are not a mystery but rather an investment. Literally, they are. How does it work?Visit at to know more. Visit at to know more.

These checks are nothing more than dividends being paid out to those who are shareholders with specific companies. These companies are natural oil and gas companies located in the United States. Can you recall a time when all you heard about was foreign oil? Finding natural resources in the United States has been a big deal, and now it’s becoming even bigger due to these freedom checks. After having purchased stock in a gold company, Matt Badiali found out the truth about these investments work.

Today, he is still able to receive dividends from the “stock” he has purchased in Kaminak Gold Corp. This was his first taste of what it was like to earn money in stocks. Buying the stock at $0.06 per share in 2008, he sold it in 2010 for $2.64. This meant he had been paid an increase of 4,400 percent. He is now sharing what he has learned with others in hopes they can gain too.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Plastic Surgeon, Author, Consultant and Thought Leader

Dr. Jennifer Walden (a native of Austin, Texas) literally helped write the book on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Walden is not just an author though. Here is a deeper look at her accomplishments.


Walden has an impressive educational background, having graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she was also Salutatorian of her class.

She completed her Integrated Residency at Galveston before completing her Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


Dr. Walden is currently certified (as of 2018) by the AAAASF and ABPS. She holds state medical licenses in Florida, New York, and Texas.

Medical Practice

Dr. Walden has been a privately practicing cosmetic surgeon since 2011.

Prior, she was an Associate Plastic Surgeon at Aston Plastic Surgery. She also served as Director of the Aesthetic Surgery Program at The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital during a portion of that time.


As mentioned earlier, Dr. Walden co-authored the book: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has also been featured in the Texas Super Doctors publication four years running: 2014-2017.

Consulting and Speaking

Dr. Walden leverages her position as an opinion leader in order to speak at national conferences, as well as offer her consulting services to clients such as ThermiAesthetics, Venus Concept, Ideal Implant, and Sciton Inc.

The Man Of Untapped Wealth: Matt Badiali

Of all the ways to accumulate wealth in the world today, there are but a few that remain untapped. By untapped, this just simply means the public is uninformed. Let’s take a look at a very valuable source of wealth potential in the world today. This form of wealth is called Freedom Checks.

When you hear the word Freedom Checks, you often will think about an envelope arriving inside your mailbox that is promising to make you rich, but this is not the case. In fact, Freedom Checks have been called hidden sources of wealth as well as being labeled a worthy investment. With Matt Badiali introducing these Freedom Checks, he has the necessary background and knowledge to even bring about this form of wealth. What must be understood is that the way freedom checks work is not anything new. With Matt Badiali and today’s social media, the knowledge of Freedom Checks has now been made available to the public in all places. Watch Matt Badiali at

If you want to know just what makes Matt Badiali qualified, here’s some history of the man, for one he has a financial analyst and his foundation basically consists of attending Penn State University where he studied Earth Science, and from Penn State, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

Simply put, he has a background in geology that few in the financial industry does, making him vastly different than the crowd. He has personally been to Switzerland turkey Haiti just to name a few. Freedom Checks is an investment and they should be looked at as nothing more. When you do decide to follow Matt Badiali’s advice and pick up the Freedom Checks, you will soon understand just why both sides of the political arena, Democrats and Republicans, have been working on this program for 40-plus. To know what Freedom checks actually are, it just simply takes a little understanding of MLP’s, master limited Partnerships. This is what set Freedom Checks apart from all other so-called scams. Matt Badiali has definitely developed a system that will put money back into the pocket of the investor while reducing the Capital cost for all involved. This is truly a hidden source of wealth.

In conclusion, there has never been a more advantageous time than now to take hold of a vehicle of wealth as the Freedom Checks are called. Taking action now will prevent future problems and delays. This is a mine of untapped wealth.Visit:


Paul Mampilly Seeks to Grant $1 Million in Profits to Attendees of Total Wealth Symposium

Knowledge is a precious commodity, and anyone who wishes to experience true success must seek it from the most available source; those with experience. The annual Total Wealth Symposium offers that experience, through the various experts invited to its panel. Total Wealth is an investment conference, held over a span of four days, that trains its attendees in maximizing their returns. This years panel boasts an eclectic set of masters from every aspect of finance and investment. Matt Badiai, a Professor of Geology amd expert in oil wells and mines, expert cryptocurrency trader Ian King, Jeff Yastine, financial expert and journalist, top-level consultant Ted Bauman, and Paul Mampilly, stock specialist. Paul Mampilly has been part of Total Wealth for awhile now, and this year they are prospecting a lofty objective. Their goal is to help every attendee present at the symposium earn $1 million dollars by 2019. It is a goal encouraged by their success rate of previous years, last year’s numbers placed profits at 1,665 percent. Watch Paul on Youtube.

Last year Paul Mampilly, accompanied by fellow expert Jeff Yastine, touched on the issue of cybersecurity. Technology is becoming a more dominant part of business, and numerous corporations have suffered hacks. This year technology will also be a dominant subject, as cryptocurrency readily becomes a more stable asset of investment. Attendees will be treated to a wealth of knowledge from the top financial minds of every field. It is prospected that attendees will learn how to gain 1,000 percent returns from the Technology Sector, the secrets of achieving 1,800 percent returns, information on latest trends affecting the market, and hands on information on building successful strategies. Hopefully, the outcome will be as successful as the organizer wish. One million for every attendee is an achievable goal, but also hard to come by.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting, Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, and founder and editor of Profits Unlimited. He is a master investor and financial genius whose successful career spans numerous investment firms. A graduate of Fordham University, Paul Mampilly started on Wall Street, eventually finding success with the management of a hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management. His newsletter Profits Unlimited, offers top-level advice for investing in stocks.


OSI Food Solutions: Setting the pace for other food companies in the U.S and beyond

OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest renowned private corporations that deal with food production, processing, and sales. The company has several retail brands as it offers different types of food products as well as meals including morning breakfast, bacon, sausages, chicken products, hot dogs, cooked beef patties, and sandwich products. Over the years, the company has experienced a tremendous growth in its market share and total revenue. This success is owed to the company’s leadership and the employees who work hard to ensure that OSI Food Solutions succeeds in their endeavors. Sitting at the helm of the company are top executives led by Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and David McDonald, the president.

Targeting China

David McDonald has always believed that through internationalization, OSI Group will be able to reach a larger customer base. As a result, the leader has steered the company towards venturing in China, one of the highest-populated regions in the world. OSI Group currently serves millions of Chinese by providing a variety of food supplies including pizza, sausage links, and beef patties. In 2012, the company established its mega processing plant in Henan province. It also created a working partnership with DOYOO Group, one of the recognized food corporations in China.

Acquisition of Baho Foods

Outside China, the president has managed to expand OSI Group’s territory to other global markets. It has some projects in other areas like Geneva, Poland, and Hungary. In 2016, David McDonald led the Group towards the acquisition of Baho Foods. He was very pleased about the deal, considering it a means of increasing the company’s demand. By understanding how to coordinate OSI Group’s local team with other global teams, David McDonald has managed to make the company stay up to date with the food trends.

Winning Awards

OSI Food Solutions have won numerous awards because of their outstanding performance and dedication to providing top-quality products to their customers. Two years, the group was presented with the coveted Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council. OSI Food Solutions was among the eighteen companies in the entire world that were honored for demonstrating excellence in environmental management. The company was also presented with the Sword of Honor Award in 2015 for demonstrating excellence in health and safety management at their places of work. OSI Food Solutions was among the seven companies lucky enough to win the two awards in two consecutive years.

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NetPicks Explains The Ask Price

When one enters a certain world, one thing that they are going to notice is that there is a different language. As a matter of fact, each and every world has its own language. This language consists of terminology that people may not have heard of before entering this world. In the case of Forex trading, there are quite a few terms that people may not have heard of outside of the Forex market. Some people may not learn all of the terminology, but they may still become successful at trading. Fortunately, NetPicks has a lot of content that can explain the terminology that is thrown around.

One of the terms that NetPicks explains is the ask. The ask is the type of term that addresses when people wants to buy a currency pair. When the currency pair is in a bullish state, this means that a lot of people are asking for this currency pair. One of the most important things about this market is that the ask prices are constantly in a state of fluctuation. The other side of the ask is the bid which is where people are hoping to sell a currency pair. The trick is making sure that they are making the deal in the right direction.

This is one of the major terms that traders have to understand as they learn about Forex trading. It can be very tricky to find out what each of these terms mean. Fortunately, NetPicks has a list of all of the terms that are used with Forex trading. NetPicks also explains each of the terms in a short, concise and simple manner ( Therefore, people do not experience confusion when they are reading about the market. They can walk away with the confidence they need to make the trades.

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