Strong Leadership within InnovaCare Health, Inc. Helps to Broaden Medicare Advantage Program

Leadership is an essential component of any healthcare organization to be able to strategize and improve quality, while also providing the type of safety that patients expect. It takes leaders who understand the level of precise detail that it takes in order to provide value-based systems, despite challenges within the industry.


InnovaCare Heath, Inc. leads North America in managed healthcare, as a provider of Medicare Advantage services for eligible beneficiaries. The company’s Chief Executive Officer and President is Dr. Rick Shinto. The Chief Operating Officer is Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare has a strong mission for redefining the complicated healthcare issues which the country faces at this time. The company continually strives to implement innovative changes to bring forward business models that result in quality-driven and affordable benefits for Medicare Advantage members.


The leadership by Dr. Shinto and Kokkinides has proven to be a strong alliance to effectively produce quantifiable results that will impact the healthcare industry for decades. Dr. Shinto and Kokkinides both have a combined 40 years of healthcare experience, which represents the 120 years of executive leadership within the company. Dr. Shinto completed a residency at the Pulmonary Internal Medicine in California as an internist. He quickly became Chief Operations Officer for Medical Pathways Management and was later appointed as Chief Medical Officer. Furthering his passion for healthcare and making healthcare a priority, Dr. Shinto later became the Chief Executive Officer at North American Medical Management (NAMM). Prior to joining InnovaCare Health, Inc., he was chosen as the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan in California.


Prior to returning to InnovaCare Health, Inc. in 2016, Kokkinides served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer overseeing Medicare and Medicare government programs for Touchtone Health. Her career has a spanned over 20 years in government programs. She held an executive leadership position for the UnitedHealth Group affiliated company; AmeriChoice, as Corporate Vice President for the division of Care Management and Disease Management. In 2017, she was chosen by the Trump Administration as a panelist to consult with government agencies, namely Medicare and Medicaid, to overhaul the healthcare system and help to restructure those programs.


Healthcare leaders will continually face difficult decisions to implement new ideas and the timing of changes in order to impact beneficiaries in a positive way, while also lowering costs and maintaining high standards of care. However, the leadership of InnovaCare Health, Inc. has shown a willingness to take measured risks, resulting in increased quality and improved benefits for Medicare Advantage members.


Sujit Choudhry Founder and Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is known to be one of the leading authorities in comparative constitutional law and has written many books and articles on the same. Ever since he entered the field, Sujit Choudhry has earned the reputation for being the global expert on comparative constitutional law and has also advised many countries for their constitutional amendments. Sujit Choudhry believes that even though the world has come far regarding technology, culture, and other aspects, the legal reforms are yet to match the progress. There are many areas in which the constitutional improvements are needed, but those aren’t present.

An Impressive Backgrounder

Sujit Choudhry believes that many of the political crisis and situations of conflict can be resolved with the help of solutions devised through the comparative constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry has had an illustrious career and has worked with New York Law College as Professor in the past and was also appointed as the Dean at the Berkeley Law College. Currently, Sujit Choudhry serves as the professor of law at Berkeley ( Sujit Choudhry has had the pleasure of working with some of the topmost law experts from across the globe. In a recent interview that he gave, Sujit said that if he had the funds and the chance, he would form an organization to bring together world experts on comparative law together to propagate its importance more actively. It is for this reason he started the Center for Constitutional Transition, that is a unique organization (

Sujit Choudhry attends many events and conferences on comparative and constitutional law and recently participated in one of such conferences in Kiev, Ukraine. The conference was joined by some of the global experts on the constitution. The theme of the meeting was to discuss the political situation of Ukraine and how it can be resolved with the help of comparative law. Sujit Choudhry said that the problem of Ukraine is the weak government, lack of any substantial political party, and the semi-presidential system that is being followed. It is causing the people do not have faith in the government and their moves. Sujit said that the concentration of power is diluted in Ukraine’s political system and thus, reforms are hard to come by. For more insights from Choudhry, click on

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Michael Hagele Combines Business and Technology to Find Solutions to Problems in Businesses

MichealHagele is famous for his entrepreneurial input in different industries. For starters, he is the external general auditor of several technological companies and has accomplished so much in internet-based companies including aerospace. In an interview, he admits to finding a major drive in life when he landed an employment opportunity after working in a car wash for several years.

Look at MichaelHagele’s Career

Initially, Michael Hagele was an employee at a car wash. He however, contemplated working in a formal set up at some point in his life. To achieve these dreams, he decided to enroll for formal education at Iowa University where he majored in business administration. Later on, he advanced his education by joining the University of Washington, an affiliate of the Berkeley School. From school, Michael Hagele landed a job opportunity from the Fenwick & West LLP before heading to Online Commerce Group. Follow Michael on Twitter.

Work Experience

Michael Hagele had earned vast experience from school and his previous work stations. Therefore, it was easy for him to land even better job opportunities in the internet market. Alongside representing several companies in legal cases, Hagele has shaped his career around competitive internet firms.

Expertise and Skills

As of now, Hagele’s services extend to general aerospace as well as technology. He has over the past years crafted his art in leadership and business management. In addition to his skills in leveraging internet based services, Hagele pursued telecommunications and ensured that he accumulated extensive skills to help him cope in different work places. It is right to outline that Hagele has perfected his art in business management and technology. However, the technological aspect outweighs his experience in business management.

The Outline

Hagele has a particular approach to problem solving at work. For starters, he handles clients by addressing their issues in technology. Whatever sessions dedicated to them, he is always focused on delivering excellent results. Moreover, he is good at innovation as he will always work hard to develop working policies for the business. Hagele is not only a team leader but also a dedicated team player who utilizes innovative skills to grow businesses. Check:


Ted Bauman’s Road to Success

Ted Bauman’s career has been dedicated to getting the resources for financial freedom to individuals. Bauman though born in Washington D.C. emigrated as a young man to South Africa where he graduated from college. The early part of his career was spent in non-profit organizations while he later consulted for the United Nations and international governments.

Ted Bauman used these experiences to gain comprehension of the influence that economics and politics have on society. Ted Bauman become the Director of International Programs during 2008 focusing on effectiveness and sustainability using his knowledge of economics. Bauman started as an editor part-time at Banyan Hill Publishing during 2013.

“The Bauman Letter” was began by Ted Bauman using his background in writing where he gives advice for securing and preserving wealth. Buaman gives strategies and tips for investing that are designed to aid his subscribers. The weekly service for stock trading known as “Smart Money” was recently started by Bauman. Follow Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman’s Start

Ted Bauman has always had a desire to assist others. His background in finances allowed him to achieve his dreams. Ted Bauman’s interest in protecting people from the threat that large corporations and government pose to rights inspired him. He joined a non-profit in Georgia when he came back to the U.S. and his father convinced him to enter the world of writing about finances.

The Early Years

Ted Bauman found that his previous experience and background in finances made it easier for him to succeed. When Bauman became a writer his economic knowledge was helpful, it didn’t take a lot of effort or time to create content got people’s attention. His biggest problem starting out was time management.

Ted Bauman’s early work involved low income housing. The company attempted to intervene in order to create a system for financial management to maximize income. He eventually learned that you had to have boundaries, the assessment of what the community can do without help from the outside has to be determined.

Ted Bauman is Recognized

People recognize Ted Bauman’s name when it comes to the writing industry. His father was also a financial writer and people know his work. This gave him an advantage when it comes to being successful at Banyan Hill Publishing. Bauman stays informed about the latest data related to finances. This gives him the ability to do his job while showing he is dedicated to his readers. Learn more:


Why Tony Petrello Is So Concerned With Helping Out Children

Tony Petrello is known for a lot of things. One of the things he is known for is his involvement as the CEO of Nabors Industries. You see, Tony Petrello has been the head of Nabors Industries for a long time. He is the one who is responsible for Nabors Industries’ explosive growth over the past few years. He is also the one who made sure that Nabors Industries provides the best service possible to all those who need it.

There is an old saying. It says that everything is larger in Texas. That can definitely be said of Tony Petrello and his philanthropic donations. You see, Tony Petrello is a lot more than a rich CEO. In fact, he is one of the greatest philanthropists in the country. Last year, Tony Petrello donated over five million dollars to the Neurological Research Center at Texas Children’s Hospital. They want to help out children who are suffering from neurological defects such as cerebral palsy. Tony Petrello felt that it was his responsibility to help out. In addition, Tony Petrello and his wife plan on giving another two million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital.


You may be wondering why Tony Petrello and his wife are so drawn to the cause of the Neurological Research Center and helping out children with neurological problems. The answer to your question is that Tony Petrello and his wife have first hand experience with neurological defects in children. You see, their daughter is eight years old. When she was born, she suffered from PVL. Now, she is suffering from cerebral palsy as a result of her experiences.

It took his daughter a long time to figure out how to do basic stuff, stuff that other children were able to do by themselves without any introductions.

Tony Petrello and his wife made a decision that they will help out children who suffer from cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. They do not want other children to have to go through what their own child went through. Even if they do not manage to find a cure for cerebral palsy and the other neurological conditions, they are sure that with their help, doctors will be able to come up with ways to better treat these children and give them a good time. There is no doubt that their contributions and activism have helped many children.

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