The Extravagant and The Simple Could Benefit From Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

If there is one thing that businesses and establishments need in order to survive, it is options. People need to be able to choose from a variety of options so that they will be able to work with the mood that they are in. This is where Roberto Santiago comes in. He has put together something that will cater to many different purposes for people. Manaira Shopping has a lot of the more upscale establishments for people who have a lot of money to spend and are willing to pay for some exclusive features. Then there are those that have simpler tastes.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is like many malls inside of one. Therefore, each customer can choose the type of mall experience that he wants. For one thing, people can have the normal mall experience where he goes shopping and buys some clothes and then goes to the food court. They also have the choice of going to the movies in order to catch one that could give them the escape that they need. This is the standard mall experience. People who have worked hard and are just looking for a time of leisure can just enjoy Manaira Shopping for this purpose.

For those that are more about celebrating and having an adventure, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has plenty of other features that will cater to those who have a taste for adventure and the wallet to afford it. They can go to concerts, art walks, special rooms, events and enjoy some great food from some of the finest restaurants. The restaurants serve food that are made from the highest quality of ingredients. Customers can rest assured that they are getting the best tasting food as well as some of the most important nutrients as it depends on the item of their choice.

In the end, Manaira Shopping is not just about giving people a good experience while they spend money. It is more about helping them grow as a person. If people can walk away from the mall rejuvenated, healthier as well as happier, than the mall has done something that is very respectable.

Squaw Valley Issues Statement on Water Quality

Following news that E.coli and coliform bacteria were detected in the waters of upper mountain area of Squaw Valley, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows resort issued a public statement reporting that all possible steps were being taken to ensure that resort’s water was safe and would remain so. The press release dates from November 30, 2016. The Pacer County Department of Environmental health received a report of possible contamination on November 8.


In spite of concerns about water quality, the famous Squaw Valley resort stayed open to skiers. The resort’s restaurants did, however, close down until the resort could verify its water was safe before. Wesley Nickes, Director of the Pacer County Department of Environmental Quality stated that by mid-November tests at three of four upper mountain wells showed declining E. coli counts and no coliform bacteria.


The November 20 press release Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows explained the source of the water issues and how they were being handled. The problem apparently began with heavy rainfall in October. The heavy rainfall overwhelmed the resort’s new water system, resulting at High Camp and Gold Coast. Squaw Valley’s press release stated that the problem was contained to the system and contaminated water never reached resort guests.


They notified Pacer County Environmental health immediately after detecting that water quality problem and consulted with water treatment experts to find out how to how to address the problem. They reported that the resort would only go back to using the water system for High Camp and Gold Coast until health officials were certain the water had been made safe. In the interim, the resort supplied bottled drinking water to employees and guests. They further noted that this practice would continue until the resort’s water quality issues had been resolved.

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Helane Morrison: A Career Built On Standing Up For What’s Right

Helane Morrison is Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of San Francisco’s largest advisory firms. She is also on their executive committee. Many people that had lost faith in the financial industry because of the 2008 economic crash and have begun put their finances in the capable hands of Hall Capital. The company has helped many investors by enforcing regulatory compliance, accountability and integrity in all their dealings. Morrison has made a lasting impression when it comes to the compliance field. She ensures every investment they make on behalf of their clients are ethical, solid and properly researched.


Morrison and Hall Capital’s team of professionals work to ensure every financial advisor, brokerage firm or mutual fund advisor the company uses is thoroughly vetted. Morrison and her enforcement staff unleashes disciplinary action including corrective practices and criminal charges should an anomaly be detected. Prior to joining Hall Capital Morrison headed the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco Office for 11 years beginning in 1996. She handled litigation matters, regulatory compliance and enforcement in Northern California as well as five other Northwest States after she was promoted to Regional Director.


Morrison dealt with business relations, financial communities, legal issues and government agencies while representing the SEC. She brought fraud cases against executives of top companies. She identified and exposed American Amicable, an insurance company, as selling false securities to more than 50,000 military personnel. Before she worked with the SEC, Morrison was an attorney with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for 10 years. The last 5 she was a partner. While there she handled private securities defense, internal corporate investments, business litigation and matters related to the SEC.


A native of Brooklyn, New York, Helane Morrison has a BA in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Berkley law school. She also served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun and U.S. Appeals Court Judge Richard Posner. She’s a member of the American Bar Association and a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation. Morrison has developed a reputation for hard work and a commitment to the clients she represents whether in private practice and while at the SEC.


He work with Hall Capital Partners has been exemplary and has led to her receiving several promotions and earning the trust of her superiors at the company.


Sam Tabar Offers Investment Advice For The New Year

The new year is under way and many people are setting resolutions in order to make 2017 the best year ever. Their resolution may be to lose weight, make more money, or stop smoking. Sam Tabar can help with one of those.

Tabar, a Columbia Law School graduate, and capital strategist has some advice for those who are looking to invest their money in the new year.

According to a study conducted by Fidelity Investments, 54% of people make financial resolutions every year. Many of them are looking for a quick score or a large payday. According to Tabar, this could be a mistake and put the investor in worse shape than when they started.


Sam Tabar suggests that those investors who want to see their money grow this year should stay away from commodities. His reasoning is that they are just too volatile for the average or novice investor.It takes a lot of research to profit in commodities and many investors cannot withstand the sharp declines in commodity prices, Tabar advises.

Social Entrepreneurship

One area that Sam Tabar himself is investing in is social entrepreneurship. He is looking for those companies that give back to communities and work to help better the lives of citizens all around the world.

One company that he has identified is THINX, a socially conscious company that manufactures women’s undergarments. Every time THINX makes a sale they donate seven sanitary pads to AFRIpads, who then distributes them to women in need in Africa.

It is companies like this that not only turn a profit but also help make the world a better place.


No matter what path the new investor takes, Sam Tabar believes that portfolio diversification is key. You do not want to have all your eggs in one basket. The reason for this is simple. Tabar knows from experience that the hot stock or mutual fund that everyone is talking will eventually come back dow to earth.

Tabar has one more piece of advice for the investor; start today. One year from now you will look back and either be happy that you started investing or wish you had.

Waiakea, Hawiian Volcanic Water, is Overtaking the Beverage Industry

You might say to yourself, “The beverage industry does not need another bottled water,” but Waiakea is not just another water. Waiakea is a fresh, unique, mineral-infused water that is electrolyte and alkaline rich. It is pure and natural and set apart from all the rest. Waiakea was founded by a 22-year old college freshmen, which comes directly from a volcanic stream in Hawaii that he has rented for the next 99 years.

The rest of the market is made up of predominantly owners over the age of 50, so Emmons did not collaborate in developing his business.

According to Forbes, Waiakea water is defined as the premier, superior natural water company from Hawaii that Ryan Emmons, who is now 25, and his partner, Matt Meyer, originally founded. Meyer has recently moved onto other products, and Ryan is managing Waiakea himself.

The slogan: “drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically” is a slogan shared with the young natural water entrepreneurs. During his first year of sales, 2,304 cases were sold. In 2016, sales rose to 122,400 cases, and the company is now valued at $10 million.

What makes Emmon’s volcanic water a total success is that he uses the slogan and the concepts of sustainable products in environmentally-friendly packaging to create healthy, unique benefits for the health-conscious public.

Another contributor to Waiakea’s growing popularity is Emmons decision to “Give Back” to communities that are in need. This defines him as a young philanthropist; he donates 650 ML of clean water for every bottle sold through Pumpaid, their charity partner.

To date, Waiakea water has donated over 500 million liters of water to rural communities in Africa. Emmons is not only making a difference for his customers, but he is saving children’s lives.

Ryan is resourceful in using recycled materials for the bottles, so they use 85 percent less energy to manufacture. Waiakea is one of the purest waters collected.

It passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, are absorbed and infused and a “soft-feel” texture is created. Waiakea water is a healthy, delicious, unique and crystal-clear water that is enhancing the beverage industry.

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Experience of Hussain Sajwani in Business

Mr. Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani is the Chairman of DAMAC Group, a multinational company with a broad range of strings to its bow. The organization began as a food business providing food services and has developed, more than a quarter century to a common combination that works in more than 18 nations. It now has business in the land, new undertakings, ventures, coordination and business exchanging and is a constraint to be figured within all regions.


Mr. Sajwani moved on from Washington University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. From that point forward, he has acted as the author proprietor of DAMAC. His enthusiasm for incredibleness and capacity to hand his dreams over the truth is confirmed by the overall accomplishment of his organization. One explanation for his prosperity lies in Damac’s ability to move with the circumstances. New thoughts are invited at the organization, and it prides itself on its edge groundbreaking.


And in addition to holding the position of Chairman of DAMAC, Mr. Sajwani is also the Chairman for the accompanying organizations: Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles, Al Jazeira Services, Al Ahlia Insurance and Al Amana Building Materials. The equitable goes further to demonstrate the business intuition of Mr. Sajwani; at 52 there’s no motivation behind why he ought to back off yet.


The most understood segment inside the DAMAC Group is Damac Properties, which gives cutting edge land in the entire most all around heeled areas on the planet. The central command of Damac Properties is in Dubai, and there are provincial workplaces in Egypt, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Russia, Kuwait, Oman and numerous different nations. Mr. Sajwani has succeeded in business because of his efforts and realization that he wanted to be a billionaire, not just a millionaire. He is also a person who takes part in philanthropic undertakings.


Not many entrepreneurs can master the art of doing different businesses and still succeed the way Hussain Sajwani has done. He has established many businesses and has been successful in what he has done. Hussain Sajwani is a man who is happy to see other people succeed in business and also the development of the community.

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Chris Burch: Future Trends in Technology and Fashion

The technology industry has grown in relating to the fashion industry. According to many technologists, they consider their technological development fashionable when they are adopted on a massive scale. For this reason, we might have relished that the use of technology and fashion is an imminent factor of consideration. Therefore, the two industries are considered seamless. For the longest time, they have grown together in all ages of development. We have also realized that they will always keep growing together. When technology is developed over time, it is also considered as fashionable. On the other hand, fashion is also considered as technological fashionable when its use replicates technology. A fascinating part of this journey is how they have kept on growing together. Therefore, we might understand this scenario when we look at past events that denote their acceptability in society.


According to Chris Burch, technology is one of the places where you might consider using your imminent facility management capabilities to initiate. However, the 70s brought about the introduction of the boom box. This was one of the most influential excitements that brought about technology. For anyone who had the boom box technology, he had the capability of walking around with their favorite tunes and stations. For this reason, the boom box also had to curette decks installed. While you were using one cassette deck play music, you can use the other one to record the playing music simultaneously. When the use was considered as fashionable, its use was spread to the 80s where the introduction of movies in the cassette was imminent. Because the use of the boom box technology was good, it was considered as fashionable. Because people adopted its use in a manner that depicts market leadership, fashion was made manifest in them.


For more than one decade, the introduction of the Walkman technology was introduced in the world. Its use was one of the most interesting parts of fashion and technology. Everyone who had the Walkman was considered as fashionable. Its use was spread it the 90s where the introduction of the iPod was made manifest to all people. The iPod was one of the latest pieces of technology. If you had the device, you would accept the fact that people work to meet their deadlines. When we open our eyes and see the reality, we know the truth of the matter. For what is considered fashionable, technology grows.


An Outline of JeanMarie Guenot’s Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Career


JeanMarie Guenot is a pharmaceutical executive with over two decades of experience. Her expertise lies in project and alliance management, corporate and commercial development, and business development. Her Linkedin page identifies that Guenot specializes in rebuilding and building companies that record a slight decrease in their productivity.


Amphivena Therapeutics


As the current CEO and president of Amphivena Therapeutics, JeanMarie Guenot helps in developing antibody therapies targeting hematologic malignancies. Amphivena Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that has diverse flagship therapies for treating disorders such as malignancies. The institution was pleased to have Guenot join their leadership team.


Career Background


Before Guenot joined Amphivena Therapeutics, she created SKS Ocular, an ophthalmic incubator. SKS Ocular focuses on developing dry AMD and drug technologies to treat ocular inflammation, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Hoffmann-La Roche also appointed her as their business advisor. Guenot was also the VP of corporate and business development for PDL BioPharma. As the VP, she was in charge of alliance management of PDL’s product portfolios. She also handled licensing procedures as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

One of the flagship products of PDL’s R&D was the Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50. Guenot advocated for the development and commercialization of this product. She also oversaw the clinical test that took three phases and involved autoimmune disease drug patients. Guenot was also present during the $800 M transaction that involved an equity investment split between Hoffmann-La Roche and Biogen Idec/PDL.


Guenot began her venture capital career as an investment manager for Atlas Venture. This position allowed her to manage and build life science companies and manage venture capital investments. Her professional scientific career began when she was hired as a principal scientist of Hoffmann-La Roche’s preclinical R&D. As the chief scientist, she developed and researched on drugs for treating oncology, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic diseases.




Guenot is versed in physical and medicinal chemistry. She attended the University of California for her Ph.D. As a Ph.D. student, she researched on semi-empirical and quantum mechanical methods for drug design, protein structure prediction, and molecular dynamics. Guenot also attended University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School for her MBA.  Read more about her background on Jeanmarie’s website, or the Guenot LLC website.

Madison street capital changing the world of financial investment firms

Madison street capital has once again did what it does based in financial advisory role. In 2016 in acted as the financial advisors to ARES Security Corporation. This a security proving company in Vienna and has been under subordinated debt since 2016. Madison street capital acted appropriately in the whole year trying to arrange for minority recapitalization. According to Charles Botchway the chief executive officer of the company, the recapitalization was taken care by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. This has been seen as the suitable partner in financial investment. As such on 10, January 2017, the transaction was completed and the reward went Madison street capital. Ben Eazzetta who is the president of ARES Security was very categorical in highlighting the importance and the role played by Madison street capital in the recapitalization process.


Madison street capital reputation is one of the leading investment and financial institutions that has thrived into a multinational company. The company was established in 2005 and strives in providing financial investment and advisory services to its clients. Majority of its clients are middle and small market entities. Among its services include, corporate advisory, financial opinions, business and financial valuation. This is the basis for any development of any business in the contemporary world. The company comprises a group of train personnel and professional that continue to offer better services to the clients. Through corporate advisory, the company is able to explain to the client the overview of the company giving the opportunities that might make the business grow. They also provide financial valuation of any situation for the success operations of the company. Business valuation is a key component when looking for proper business insurance cover. As such, Madison Street Capital gives business the best advice to which insurance cover to look for.


The company has expanded to other parts of the world. For instance, it operates offices in Asia, Africa and North America which have provided a good platform to engage with clients. Another major duty of the company is merger and acquisition of assets and properties. The company has helped organizations acquire different properties by providing financial and structural advice. According to a Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha the company had increased number of hedge funds deals went higher in year closing 2016. This shows increase in transactions that have been realized by the company as compared to the earlier years. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois United States of America.


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