JustFab Prepares To Go Public Amid A Looming Melt-Down Of Subscription Companies

For the past few years, the hype and steam that most subscription companies were associated with have subsided. Most have even closed their shops with the industry giants such as Birchbox continuing with rounds of laying off workers. However, despite all these challenges that seem to be crippling the industry, JustFab Inc. still has its head up high. The company specializing in the provision of trendy women and children wear is continually expanding its membership with over 4 million subscribers so far.

IPO status

According to BusinessInsider, JustFab tops the list of the few survivors in the industry still making a profit. This year, the beauty company expects to pull in over $600 million in revenue even as most other industry players struggle to stay afloat. This projected growth and the recent business re-evaluation that placed the company past the coveted $1 billion worth status; all these factors favor the company’s journey towards going public.

When LA Times, http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-justfab-subscription-20160629-snap-story.html, contacted the company co-founder, Adam Goldenberg about the issue, he was optimistic about the company’s positive growth track. He also hinted out that with such growth, the company will at one time have to go public. This speculation was further fueled by the engagement of Todd Tappin, an executive specializing in IPO execution, as the company’s new financial Chef Financial Officer.

About JustFab

Just Fab Inc. is the ideal shop for women. The company, http://www.justfab.com/, stocks fashionable and trendy women wear for each and every occasion. Shoes, handbags, and apparel are all available; the company’s online store is just fabulous. There is also something for everyone; whether you want to add to your office or casual wardrobe or shop for new party attire, you can get it all at JustFab.

Like most other subscription companies, you have to register as a member to enjoy this wide variety for women and kids clothing. Once registered, you get to enjoy a VIP treatment and a chance to shop for unique apparel of your choice against the $39.95 monthly subscription billed to your card. The items are then shipped to your preferred address all over the United States free of charge. Members also get to enjoy a 50% discount off the recommended retail price.

David Osio And Davos Real Estate Group Simplfying Investing

In a recent PR Newswire press release the Davos Real Estate Group and David Osio presented a new application (app) named Davos CAP Calculator, which will effectively estimate the return on investment for clients of the real estate company. Davos Real Estate group is part of Davos Financial Group, a leader in the Latin American real estate market. Website for the Davos Financial Group: David Osio Slidshare

This financial group specializes in building wealth for their clients by the accumulation of real estate properties.

Tecknolution is the company creating the app which will allow principals to know the gain from each of their investment real estate purchases. The app is available on iPhone and Android devices. In the future, this app will be able to forward real estate reports to agents and clients. By using the app, investors can estimate the rental price for each individual property. This Davos CAP Calculator will also estimate individual mortgages based on bank rates, and the duration of the loan.

Davos Real Estate Group, has been working on a new international real estate strategy based on their revolutionary app. The first venture will be in Spain.

Learn more about David Osio by visiting his website: DavidOsio.com

This application and others are generating great interest in our social media connected world. Our personal and business lives are changing thanks in part to the power of the internet. Ask any teenager how much they value their cell phones and you will realize for them it is more valuable than its weight in gold. If a student with poor grades is threatened to have their cell phone taken by a parent, the child would have no other choice but to study or to contact social services to have their parent accused of child abuse. Recently during the parade of the athletes at the Rio Olympics, the athletes walked onto the main arena and most had cell phones in hand broadcasting their experiences to friends, family, and social media. We as a society have become unwitting victims of our modern technology and there will be no going back. Enter any third world country and count the cell phones in use. It is endemic. David Osio and other app designers are taking control of the business world by creating new and exciting apps. There is no use in fighting it.

Learn more: http://www.lapatilla.com/site/2016/02/04/caida-de-precios-del-petroleo-amenaza-pago-de-la-deuda-externa-de-venezuel

Sources: http://http/www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application-300288823.html

Expert Excels At Enhanced Medical Staffing

Brian Torchin, an expert and veteran in the full service staffing and consulting health care industry, believes in putting together and establishing long term relationships with his clients.

Torchin was a medical practitioner himself and through his own work realized that finding jobs could be demanding. His personal history takes in sports medicine and physical therapy and he currently practices medicine as a chiropractor.

He began a course of action to build a company that was unlike any other, which resulted in his founding Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). Specifically Torchin helps candidates who are just beginning in the medical field find jobs at the right place to work and to recognize what is needed from them when they find a job.

Torchin built the company after staffing his office with physicians, physician assistants and physical therapists and other doctors. Making use of his own experience, Torchin spends his energy and resources to determine what clients need and presents the results by maintaining those needs before advising responses.

Torchin and his company, HCRC, bring into play an advice-giving, solid and detail-oriented method to staffing. The company has worked with private practices, hospitals, and urgent care centers and more.

Torchin also publishes a variety of articles on the company’s blog and suggests tips to hiring excellent employees.

For example on a recent Twitter post, Torchin pointed out continuing to be well informed on trends such as aggressive compensation is essential for health systems to appeal to the talent and assistance they need to expand and to get better.

To make useful and immediate communication available with both physicians and clients, HCRC offers its services through extended night and weekend hours.

Torchin has continued to be a team player and has put techniques such as advising and guiding into operation.

With headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the company’s services are available throughout the United States as well as on four continents, Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Brad Reifler Creates Investment Firms

Brad Reifler, a serial entrepreneur, has recently opened his new financial services firm called Forefront Capital in order to allow middle class Americans an equal opportunity at profitable investment services.

Brad Reifler, after graduating from Bowdoin College, has led a series of successful and profitable companies through mergers and reformations. He was a former founding partner, chairman and CEO or Pali Capital. Pali Capital is a global financial services firm that taught him much about the industry. The lessons he learned in that position he is now applying to Forefront Capital.

The new firm is designed to attract both high profile and wealthy individuals while still specifically catering to middle class Americans. In this way, all investors will be on an equal footing and make Wall St. work for everyone.

The firm works towards this by combating several issues that are presently plaguing Wall St.

First of all, Forefront Capital charges no management fees. Throughout Wall St. firms charge management fees and profit fees on any investment portfolios. What’s worse is that the management fees are a very high flat rate that is charged regardless of the performance of the portfolio. This means that while middle class Americans are suffering from poor portfolio performance, they are still paying their brokers the same amount. Regardless of how well a broker does his job, he is still getting paid the same amount of money. Forefront Capital does away with these fees, making it a realistic option for all investors.

Next, a large issue in Wall St. is the options available to invest in for non-accredited investors. Usually, accreditation is reserved for the wealthy and indirectly allows them to access much better investments than would otherwise be possible. For example, private equity firms and hedge funds are exclusively the domain of accredited investors. Forefront Capital, on the other hand, opens up many different stock options for all who use their service. This means that the options and portfolios provided by Brad Reifler are safer and more profitable for both middle class Americans and wealthy individuals than those provided by other firms and services.  Make sure to follow Brad on Twitter, and keep informed about the industry at large on his SlideShare.

Talk Fusion And Bob Reina’s Commitment To Changing Lives

Talk Fusion is one of the leading and the rapidly expanding video communications across the globe. It ranks among the top video communication firms in the world. Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions is committed to enabling businesses grow. The firm’s services are also dedicated to changing the lives via proprietary video technology. Talk Fusion’s products are promoted on a person-to-person basis. That is done by independent associates that are spread in more than 140 countries.


The company was created in 2007 by Bob Reina. It is the company that launched the initial Instant Pay Compensation in the world. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion holds fast the highest ethical business practices. Additionally, it is a member of the esteemed Direct Selling Association. Reina understands that greater success does come with greater responsibility. For this reason, the company fosters a strong dedication to giving back to families and communities. It also gives to animal charities globally to effectively establish a positive transformation in the world.


Recently, Reina’s firm launched its 30 day trial. The highly anticipated trials were in nine languages across 140 countries. They enabled customers around the globe to try out Talk Fusion’s complete video marketing solution risk free and instantly for 30 days. It was a result of many hours of hard work and diligent planning. The firm’s corporate team was pleased to offer potential customers the chance to fully understand the effectiveness of video marketing. It is an opportunity, which can only offered by firsthand experience. Reina notes that there is no comparison in the world in terms of the value that Talk Fusion offers.


About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is Talk Fusion’s chief executive officer and founder. He strongly believes that in order to be successful, it takes dedication over a long period of time. Throughout his coursework at the University of South Florida, Reina juggled various jobs and managed to graduate as number one. He was in the police academy class.


Driven by his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, Reina started operating as a direct selling associate on the side. After a few years, he left his steady paycheck to form Talk Fusion. Through the firm, Bob Reina is committed to changing lives. It is a mission that he is devoted to. That is not only in enhancing people’s businesses but also supporting several causes. He has donated a record breaking $ 1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina has also been actively engaged in saving the lives of many animals. Under Reina’s leadership, Talk Fusion is poised to be the next Dollar billion brand.

Emily McClure Tries out WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Wen hair by Chaz Dean has some of the best infomercials in the beauty industry. Emily McClure, a die-hard Haircare fanatic decided to experiment WEN Cleansing Conditioner to see if it could work well for her thin hair. She tried out the Sephora endorsed version, which is designed specifically for thin hair.
Day 1

McClure began her test after a busy and eventful day. After applying the WEN Cleansing Conditioner as per the recommendation, her hair turned from greasy to shiny and bouncy.

Day 2

In the morning, her hair was greasy. Unfortunately, she has a busy day ahead, so she decided to skip the shower. Towards the end of the day, she resumed her experiment, and her hair attained a shiny look.

Day 3
McClure washed her hair and applied the conditioner plus other styling products such as texturizing paste and heat protectant.

Day 4

She skipped the shower and opted to style her hair at the salon using ordinary shampoos. McClure noticed her hair had become greasier. This was McClure’s bad hair day.

Day 5

After applying the WEN hair Conditioner, her hair attained a voluminous and shiny appearance. She was happy with the outcome.

Day 6

McClure had discovered that using WEN on a regular basis was working perfectly for her hair. This day, her friends complimented her.

Day 7

She continued with her routine of morning shower and hair styling. She was happy with the general outlook of her hair, but her curls seemed to fall faster than usual. Originally published on Bustle.com: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

See, http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

About WEN by Chaz

WEN by Chaz is a revolutionary line of hair products that was founded by Chaz Dean, a popular Los Angeles-based stylist. WEN brings a unique approach to the way people cleanse, moisturize, style, and take care of their hair. The hair care line comprises of a wide range of natural products such as botanical and natural herbs that can add sheen, moisture, and strength to the hair. Wen hair products are sold on Amazon.

WEN Hair Care products are also available here: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care

Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Green Means Gold For Brazilian Eucatex

Keeping a small environmental impact while keeping profits high is a hard task for a business, back in the 1950’s such a thing was nearly unheard of. For Brazilian Eucatex this was not only a dream but a goal that became a reality. Through innovation and design Flavio Maluf and Eucatex have made big strides in both green production and monetary success.

In 1951, the Maluf family created Eucatex with the idea of using eucalyptus trees for the creation of their roof tiles. This not only would produce better acoustics but also help lower environmental impact. This proved successful and Eucatex was able to expand and build plants throughout South America. Currently, Eucatex ships to over 50 countries and has expanded their product lines to other items such as paints. They have also began a forestry leasing program in various rural areas.

Joining Eucatex after living abroad, Flavio started off in the family business in the production sector. Flavio Maluf then transferred to other parts of Eucatex. In 1997 Maluf assumed an executive role before finally taking the role of president. An innovator and visionary Flavio continues to expand Eucatex’s business model.

As part of the Maluf family, Flavio had keep to the high expectations of the family and the business that they built from the ground up over fifty years ago. Flavio graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) with a degree in mechanical engineering. After Flavio began to study business in NYU for a year then returned to Brazil to join Eucatex.  With Eucatex Flavio has won many awards, and has become central to Brazil’s economy.  Offering important advise about the state of the economy, and the future of education.

The belief that a company can be successful while at the same time keeping their impact to the environment as minimal as possible has been the focal point for Eucatex for many decades. Now with more factories and more products, Eucatex still considers innovation with an environmental conscience key to their business model. Flavio Maluf and the rest of this family owned business have kept this philosophy since the beginning and will into the future ensuring big success for Eucatex while keeping environmentally friendly.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics on Retail Map With 100 New Stores Slated in Next Few Years

Most of us know Fabletics as the online subscription fashion retailer that offers fab active wear and accessories. It’s hugely popular, with more than one million VIP members, and we’re all aware that actress Kate Hudson is one of Fabletics’ founders.

The big star has always led a fit lifestyle, and maybe that’s why you often see Kate Hudson running around in colorful leggings and other cool active wear on twitter.com. She’s known for her gorgeous, casual-chic red carpet style, but she also extends that comfy, athletic attitude to her regular mom-of-two-boys busy routine.

Kate Hudson is excited that the “live your passion” Fabletics philosophy is now headed to a store near you. According to a news item in Racked.com, Fabletics is extending their e-commerce brand to the masses in the way of 75-100 retail stores in the next three to five years.

Fabletics’ other co-founders, Adam Goldenberg, along with Don Ressler, tell Forbes magazine that women will enjoy looking at the on-trend styles, touching the fabrics and trying on Fabletics active wear in person.

At the moment, the company has seven Fabletics test stores around the country, and according to Adam Goldenberg, those venues are doing well.

Meantime, the online subscription retailer isn’t disappearing any time soon, because the large numbers tell the story there, too. Women enjoy shopping online for beautiful active wear items that are well-made, figure-flattering, in trendy colors and patterns and affordable on Instagram.

Fabletics is designed and produced in-house in Los Angeles, so it’s a convenient way to see how the brand operates. The company has done away with the so-called middle man and brought those savings to the customer. Kate Hudson is such a fashion icon, that her stamp of approval goes on each piece.

Fabletics creates great-looking active wear that can go beyond the gym. Some of these pieces can be suitable for the office in the morning and through the evening with a night on the town. Kate Hudson loves the collection of Fabletics dresses that have been added, because these pieces are soft, stretchy and comfy with a casual look that many women today demand.

Kate Hudson’s dresses are not confining with tight straps and zippers, so you can’t even emerge from a car wearing one. Her active wear dresses are easy and just perfect and work with whatever you’re doing. Some have built-in bras and others with adorable cut-outs.

Becoming a Fabletics VIP member is simple. All you have to do is take a quick fashion quiz to see where your lifestyle favorites land, and then it’s off to shop. Your first outfit is only $25 with free shipping.

Beautiful Fabletics active wear is changing the face of fashion at http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Fabletics-Retail-Stores-Opening-38342683.

Come join them!

Marc Sparks loves Spark Tank

Venture capitlism is a vital industry for developing businesses and society as a whole. Every year, hundreds of companies receive their initial funding from venture capitlists. Often these companies meet with many brilliant venture capitalists and have the time to develop their ideas.

This process is beneficial to the company because it helps to develop their ideas and it gives them the money to execute them. Society often benefits because these companies present brilliant and exciting ideas that will change the world.

Venture capitalism used to be a fairly opaque process, but recently television shows like Silicon Valley and Shark Tank have brought elements of this process to the broader culture. Marc Sparks is a brilliant investor and recently he thought to apply the process to other parts of our culture.

According to a CCN report, Marc Sparks has always loved working with developing companies. As a venture capitlist he has brought numerous companies to new heights, and he loves the sense of innovation that each new start-up offers. He knows that start-ups have a great impact on the world, and he wondered if start-up philanthropies have a similar impact. Marc started looking into the funding process for philanthropies, and he decided he could improve the process.

He loved watching Shark Tank when he was at home, and Marc knew he could apply that process to philanthropies. Making a competitive process would encourage start-up philanthropies to flesh out ideas, and allow Marc to find the philanthropies that offer the most social good. Marc Sparks named the process Spark Tank and recently he launched Spark Tank in the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

Spark Tank has already had several successful rounds of funding, and the process is fairly simple. At the beginning of each phase, charities submit an application. The application includes basic details about the charity and their plans for the area. Marc and his team look over each application carefully, and then invite their top three charities to the finale.

The Spark Tank finale is a truly unique event for philanthropies seeking funding. Marc brings a team of experts to sit on the judges panel. Each of the three charities is given a set amount of time to explain their plans for the money. The judges can ask any question, and each finalist must answer the question. Learn more about Marcs Sparks:  http://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000

After the sessions are complete, the judges take time to discuss the three options. They choose to award $1,000 to the charity that will offer the most social good to the community in general.

Spark Tank is an extremely successful program. They have already funded several philanthropies, and Marc plans to keep the program running for years to come. He also hopes to spread his charity to several other metro areas.

Read more:

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