Talk Fusion Launches Trial Period to Lure Even More Customers

Talk Fusion is already leading the way in communications software. Videos in email format and smooth and alluring video chat platforms have helped this company because a leader in the communications industry. This was quite impressive for someone that did not go to school to study technology, but Bob Reina has created an empire. Bob isn’t going to stand by and gloat as he reigns at number one though. He is still working hard to promote Talk Fusion like it is a starter company that is still competing for attention from customers. The new free trial for Talk Fusion shows that Bob is serious about getting more customers in place.

What Talk Fusion has managed to do is cut into the creative edge of video communication and make complex things simple. At one time email was just a lot of simple text. As time progressed, however, people became a lot more aware of the video email that was available through Talk Fusion. This brand has managed to thrive because it presents a new spin on something that was old. Email has been around for decades, and it has almost become something that is no longer used for millennials. The Talk Fusion software has made email exciting.

Potential customers that take the time to try out Talk Fusion will not regret it. They will find that this is the software that can totally transform their presentations. People will begin to acknowledge the way that software has become a lot more important for businesses. The entrepreneur that is launching a new idea will benefit from this. The businessman that is trying to build a new business will need this type of software.

Bob Reina will begin to see the benefits that come with Talk Fusion. This will be the type of program that is designed to help all of those that are looking for a way to present information in a new way. It is pertinent to get this Talk Fusion software to the masses that want to transform their presentations. The trial period makes more people aware of this software program.

Shaygan Kheradpir Will Oversee Coriant’s Overall Strategic Operation

Coriant, a leading supplier of cutting-edge networking solutions to top network operators in more than 100 countries, publicized the news about the naming of a new CEO and Chairman, Shaygan Kheradpir. He joins Coriant after working closely with the top management team since 2014 as an Operating Executive at Marlin Partners.

Having participated in overseeing overall strategic plan and operations of several established companies, Kheradpir will utilize his position to manage Coriant’s growth strategy and reinforce the focus on technological solutions tailored to address unique needs of customers distributed around the world. Kheradpir takes on the position left by former CEO and President Pat DiPietro, who assumes the position of Vice Chairman of Coriant Board and Marlin’s Operating Partner. During his tenure, DiPietro oversaw the integration of several network providers and development of Coriant’s portfolio.

Responsibilities of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan will play a significant role in developing end-user applications to address the high demand. Some of the products that Kheradpir plans to include the transformation of 4G to 5G, cloud infrastructure build-outs, hyper-scale data center, and evolution of 100G to Multi-terabit data system.

Why Coriant is unique

Coriant has an excellent and detailed portfolio data networking and packet optical solutions, technological innovation, and a growing client base. These features attracted Kheradpir to Coriant. Under the leadership of Kheradpir, Coriant will offer cost-effective solutions to its customers comprised of large enterprises, network operators, as well as cloud providers.

About Shaygan

Shaygan is a recognized leader possessing an extensive industrial and operational experience. He has at least 28 years of expertise in the technology, financial, and telecom industry. He kick-started his career at GTE Corporation and eventually became Chief Information Officer of Verizon. He has a reputation for developing award-winning technological products. Kheradpir is the first technology investor to have served in the Barclays Executive Committee. He played an integral role in the development of Barclays’ TRANSFORM program, which is a revolutionary transformation of the bank that was embraced by subsidiary companies across the 50 countries. After being appointed as a Juniper Networks CEO, Kheradpir implemented an Integrated Operating Plan and oversaw the marketing strategies for the company’s product.

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How Wen Went Mainstream

Everyone has heard about WEN by now. It’s the original cleansing conditioner that cleans and freshens hair without all of the harsh, drying chemicals that are in most shampoos. Since the hair is not being completely stripped of its natural oils and radiance, it takes less work to make it look full and shiny after being washed.
The current shampoo-free trend is owed to the long-term popularity of Wen. People always knew that the product existed, but it took a long time for the idea of cleansing conditioners to hit the mainstream. Now that people are starting to be more knowledgeable about what’s in their beauty products, they are realizing how important it is to preserve the hair’s oils and to avoid sudsy sulfates.

This sephora endorsed product promises to wash, condition, and pre-style hair all at once. It’s natural to be skeptical, but the results are instant and impossible to argue with. You need to use a fair amount of Wen to make sure you’re scrubbing the scalp while leaving enough to reach the ends of your hair. Even so, the hair never feels weighed down or as if the product isn’t fully rinsing out. Hair that usually doesn’t dry well on its own can be left to air dry with great results.

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The trade-off for silky smooth hair that requires less styling is that you may not be able to skip washings at first; if you are currently accustomed to shampooing every two or three days, you will probably need to wash every day until your hair adjusts to a gentler style of cleansing. Your hair might also lose curl or volume slightly faster, as is natural when the hair is no longer stiffened by sulfates. This little bit of effort is worth it because of how silky and shiny the hair is after a quick blow dry.

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About Class DojoTransforming the Classroom: Class Dojo

Communication between parents and teachers has reached the digital age with the help of a free app: Class Dojo. ClassDojo is a free app and communication platform for students, teachers, and parents. It allows a connection between parents and teachers to create a positive environment and the empowerment parents need to assist their child at school.

ClassDojo was a dream app for the start up company. They believed in change from the ground up, enlisting teachers to use it and be the change. The start up company that began this app is dedicated to its purpose of helping increase communication in the classroom and creating a positive collaboration between parents, teachers, and students. Features on Class Dojo allow for instant and constant communication between class and home. No more surprises at parent conferences or calls home, teachers are able to provide their students and parents with positive feedback.

This app is versatile and able to be used on a laptop, phone, or tablet. The attractive features for teachers are that it is less paperwork and easy sign up. Once he or she has created their classes within Class Dojo, they can print pre-made sign up letters for students and parents. These letters take the hassle out of parents and students signing up.

The behaviors, both positive and negative, are customizable and can be adapted to a teacher’s need or class goals. Each student has their own feed and can receive class wide announcements or student specific announcements. It has new features which allow teachers to share student work directly with the parent or a video about a child’s participation. These new features encourage positive community and eases the workload of teachers.

The app is about creating a community within the classroom, allowing parents to track progress and students earn the awards they desire for being good in school. It puts the focus on positive behavior, rather than a consequence driven classroom. ClassDojo really transforms a class into a community. It is no wonder why it is used in 2 out of 3 schools. This app eases the workload of teachers and increases communication between the home and school.


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Steps One Company Took To Fix Their Own Reputation

It was an interesting thing to find. It appears that the Huffington Post wrote a compelling piece detailing the changes that an online reputation management company went through over the past year. Apparently, this company that deals with the reputation of others had to fix their own reputation at one point in time. They must know what they are doing when it comes to fixing a reputation because their company still gives off a great first impression when you search for their name online. That is their business, after all. Status Labs helps businesses and people look better online. Have you searched for your name or your company’s name lately?


If you are running a company in today’s fast paced, tech savvy world, then you are bound to have some angry customer that writes something you do not want people seeing about your company. If you are doing enough business to gain attention, then the media could even write something nasty about your company. Status Labs actually got a lot of bad media coverage over what one of their (former) executives did outside of Status Labs’ company. The executive was immediately removed in the first measure of their recovery plan.


The next steps involved some measures to be done within the company. They gave employees better perks of working for Status Labs. Status Labs actually gives their employees shares of the company now, so the employees can benefit as Status Labs does more business. They also started working with their local community in order to show the public that the company cares about the world’s problems. In addition to these measures, Status Labs had their employees work with charitable organizations, like the Food Bank of Texas. The employees really enjoyed helping other people who were in need.
With all this information about what Status Labs has done for themselves, and given the fact that they have helped over 1,000 businesses, what are you waiting for? Find them on social media sites like Tumblr to see what they’re all about.

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Instagram: @statuslabs

Halvorssen: I Would Rather a Democratic Socialist Than a Supporter of Dictators in the White House

Thor Halvorssen, a human rights activist, was interviewed on the Fox Business Network’s show The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan in which he explains the differences between a democratic socialist such as U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and socialist authoritarians such as the government in Venezuela.


Halvorssen believes that a democratic socialism is perfectly OK and provides some of the Scandinavian countries as a model example.


“If there are branches of government that exist, and separation of powers, and constitutional rights. You can have a country like Denmark or Norway or Sweden that often times have socialists governments, labor governments, that’s perfectly alright.”


The problem, Thor Halvorssen explains, is when socialist programs are instituted under an authoritarian government because the end result is often times to people under such regimes are looted by the government instead of being helped by wealth distribution.


Halvorssen went on to explain that he made a large contribution to the Sanders campaign and explains that his father was once a political prisoner. This experience has made him passionate limiting political power, especially that of authoritarian regimes.


He believes that the two front runners for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are too tolerant of these abusive foreign governments.


“I Would Rather a Democratic Socialist Than a Supporter of Dictators in the White House,” Halvorssen said.


Halvorssen ends the interview by explaining how he would try to end poverty.


“You end poverty not by redistributing wealth, you end it by creating more wealth.”

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Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product

One of the leading hair care products on the market right now is WEN By Chaz ( This is a product that is used by both men and women to help best maintain their hair. During recent months a woman used this product to test it. After testing this product, she had excellent things to say about the product. During the one week testing period, she would report the results each day to give you an idea of how it is working. Each day she reported that her hair improved in terms of appearance and strength. The woman also concluded that the product is ideal for those with thin fine hair.
The hair care product Wen is a leading product due to a a number of reasons. These include having natural ingredients, ease of use and also the ability to do more than just clean and condition hair. With the natural ingredients, the product will be able to help keep the hair healthy and strong by preventing damage. It will also repair the hair as well. With the use of these natural ingredients, users have reported an overall improvement in the look, feel and condition of their hair.

When looking to use Chaz Dean’s products, users will just need to apply a small portion on their hand, rub it together and then apply to the scalp and rest of the hair while adding water. Since this is a product that has a number of things it can do for your hair it is one of the more versatile products on the ebay online market when it comes to maintaining hair. This product will cleanse, treat, condition and also style your hair. A combination of these things will enable users to more easily keep their hair in the best possible condition on a regular basis.

The Values that Have Led to The Immense Success of Koch Industries

One of the largest privately held firms in the world is Koch Industries. The company has grown in leaps and bounds under the leadership of Charles Koch and his brother Mr. David Koch. It was founded by their late father Mr. Fred Koch from a humble beginning to where the company is today. The success of the company since its inception has been largely influenced by the experience and values their father upheld to steer the company to success.

Recently, Charles Koch the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation stated that the success of the company since he and his brother took over has been made possible by the values his father shared. The values are set in a letter that the father left for the family to efficiently run the business. These values have enabled Koch surmount some of the challenges that he has faced in running the company.

Koch Industries is a multinational corporation that is located in Wichita, Kansas in the United States of America. Initially, the corporation was founded as Wood River Oil and Refining Co in 1940 by Fred Koch dealing in the refining of crude oil. The company is listed by Forbes as the second largest private company in the United States with annual revenue of one hundred and fifteen billion dollars.

The subsidiaries are Invista, Georgia-Pacific, Molex, Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Minerals and Matador Cattle Company. They are involved in diverse business like the manufacturing, refining of petroleum, chemicals, energy, fiber, minerals, pulp and paper and ranching. The company was renamed Koch industries in 1968 after the death of the founder Fred Koch as a way to honor him. The two brothers have managed to keep the corporation as a private company with over a hundred thousand employees in the subsidiaries.

The corporation is headed by Charles Koch as the Chief Executive Officer and chairman and his brother David Koch as the Vice President. From a crude oil refinery company, Mr. Charles Koch has helped the company invests in other areas if the economy through its subsidiaries. His efforts have placed Koch Industries on the international map with offices not only in the United States.

Charles Koch was born in Wichita in Kansas on the 1st November 1935. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science in general engineering in 1957 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To further his education he did a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 1958. He first started working at Arthur D. Little, Inc. but eventually moved back to his home town to work at Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. He is also a philanthropist and author having authored Good Profit.

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John Goullet: Leading Through Diverse Experience

Diversant is an IT solutions and staffing firm and the largest such African American owned firm in the United States. The firm approaches staffing and solutions in a unique way. Rather than trying to sell a firm an employee or a product, Diversant meets with the firm and explores the community that it is in. With this knowledge, Diversant then identifies what the firm’s needs are and what the community’s needs are. After it has created a package that it thinks will best suit the firm, Diversant presents the idea to the firm. The whole process is more of a partnership than a sale.

Diversant, as a firm, has three guiding principles and four core values. The first principle is the team approach. Rather than put just one Diversant employee with a client, a whole team is built specifically for each client based on their needs. The second principle is being diverse in every sense. Diversant believes that introducing diverse solutions will create better firms. This also goes for Diversant’s staffing strategy. The third and final principle is a focus on client satisfaction. Everything is designed in, around and for the clients.

John Goullet is one of the leaders at Diversant. His current position is Principal, as he loves playing a vital role in the day to day operations of the firm. Goullet started his career by getting a college degree from Ursinus College. After graduating, Goullet went on to work for various companies around New Jersey for roughly 10 years. He worked at Computer Sciences Corporation, The Constell Group, 3d Information Services, Cap Gemini America, and Tsr Consultants.

It was after a decade in the IT industry that Goullet felt he had enough experience and knowledge to pursue a niche that he felt was about to become very popular. This niche was IT staffing. Goullet could not find anyone else who was in the industry and he wanted to be one of the first. After 15 of successfully running Info Technologies, Goullet merged his firm with Gene Waddy to form Diversant.

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Keith Mann Creates New Scholarship

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Keith Mann has created a college scholarship for deserving urban high school students. Mann has partnered with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit management company that runs a number of charter high schools in urban New England, to find the right students to receive the award. A believer in the power of education, Mann has long been known for his philanthropy towards helping promising and underprivileged young people pursue higher learning. To learn more about the scholarship and Mann, check out this article on the Business Wire website.

One graduating high school senior from within the the Uncommon Schools system will be selected annually to receive $5000 for his or her college education. Applicants will submit a 1,000 word essay detailing how they feel having a college degree will help them achieve their professional goals. The scholarship is designed to help encourage and develop the next generation of business leadership and will be formally known as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

Uncommon schools recently expressed their gratitude to Mann for helping their students through creating the scholarship. The firm is committed to preparing low-income urban young people for college, and its mission is to help close the achievement gap between students from middle-class backgrounds and those from lower socioeconomic ones. A highly successful non-profit, Uncommon Schools manages thriving public charter schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dyanamics Search Partners, a firm that matches financial talent with hedge fund and other non-alternative types of investment companies. A pioneer in the financial staffing industry, Mann recognized early in his career that investment companies not fitting the traditional mold needed help finding appropriate employees. A hands-on leader, Mann is in charge of the daily operations of Dynamics Search Partners, which works with clients in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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