Investors are Flocking to iFunding

The real estate market is vital to the American economy, but it constantly needs innovation. Innovators have brought unique change to the real estate market for the better. One of the biggest innovators in the real estate market today is William Skelley.

William Skelley is an extremely bright mind in the real estate industry, as CrunchBase showcases. He was well trained at Hobart College, and he knew that he could forever change the way people think about real estate funding. A few years ago, he started a unique company that should change the way people think about investing.

Real estate projects are necessary for economic growth, but they often struggle to receive the funding they need. Often they must seek out multiple banks or wait for a large investor to come around and invest in their project. William Skelley told RealHeartland he saw this problem and knew he could find a solution, but he had his eye on yet another problem.

The real estate market is incredibly lucrative, and it definitely attracts a fair share of investors. Unfortunately, many investors find it difficult to break into the market. Most developers want a large amount of money, so small investors are detracted from looking into the market. Finding worthwhile developments to invest in required a great amount of time, so other investors avoided the market to save themselves some time.

Skelley knew that he could connect potential investors with developers by utilizing the crowd funding idea. CNBC shows he launched iFunding, so developers and small investors could easily find each other. Developers can post their projects with a full description on iFunding’s website. Potential investors can then look at the developments and make a decision to invest or not. Investments require a minimum of $5,000 so they can easily make a small investment. This platform is easy to use, and it will allow developers and investors to connect.

IFunding has been an incredibly popular platform from the start. Several huge projects have been able to attract funders with ease. These great projects have included commercial developments, housing developments, and industrial developments. These investors have made a great deal of money, and the developers are incredibly happy with their projects.

The real estate market is constantly evolving, and it needs innovation to support this growth. iFunding is an incredible platform that should continue to grow for years to come. With this platform more investors will be brought to the market and more projects can be built.

Visual Search Engines are A Glimpse into the Future of the Internet

Visual search engines search images based on patterns they recognize and give pertinent information based on the pattern. Through image display such as graphs, websites, diagrams or previews, the results are displayed virtually so that it’s easier to find the desired match.

Slyce, TinEye, CC Search, and Compfight are just a few examples of Visual Search Engines, the latest technology for finding information on the Internet. Results may consist of locations, other images, web pages and documents related to the search input.

These search engines like image recognition are used to find certain buildings in a city. This is with a technology called Content Based Image Retrieval. The search engine uses the query by example to find data with similar color, shape, texture and content and then compares it to a database to locate the desired results.

The genius of the process is quite simple. The image is sent to the application’s server. Once there, this image is analyzed by various teams, each pros in the individual fields that comprise the image. Each team decides if the image can be categorized into one of their fields. In the end, a centralized computer analyzes the data and produces a resulting page sorted by the closest match first.

A leading company in visual search technology, Slyce allows customers to buy items they see in the world through printed catalogs, magazines, and even online through social media sites like Pinterest. The company’s technology handles one, two and three-dimensional photos, giving retailers an easy means to connect consumers with their products.

Slyce’s technology is relatively simple to use. First the consumer scans a bar code, QR code or 2D image for an exact match, or a 3D image for a similar match. Slyce then provides a HTML 5 Web Widget HTTP, API, or native SDK to begin the visual search within the camera view. Slyce also offers a shit-label standalone app. A Bar code and QR data gets extracted from the image and is processed and analyzed and results for a similar product returned to the customer. For bar codes and QR codes, the customer receives results within 1.5 seconds, and 5-15 seconds for 3D images.

This technology allows consumers a multitude of time-saving advantages. Exact products can be matched and purchased; the customer can find out more about the product and can also find other accessories to complete the look. Customers can even add items to a wish-list and search online coupons.

Portia Kersten’s Contribution to the Growth of Skout

The growth of Skout can largely be attributed to its Chief Financial Officer, Portia Kersten. She happens to be one of the most successful women having worked with companies in a range of industries to help raise capital and maximize growth potential. Portia Kersten is one of the people who have helped steer Skout to where it is today. She also holds an MBA from the Columbia University in the United States of America. Her humble background and the books that she has read while growing up shaped her life growing and also as a leader now. The book characters that motivated her growing up were those who had beaten insurmountable odds to achieve success. She has also received immense inspiration from Margaret Thatcher who had a similar background while growing up. Despite this, she beat the odds and went up through the ranks to become one of the greatest women in history.

Before she joined Skout, she had worked for different companies like GE. The best business lesson she got from GE was recognizing and acknowledging the best practices to inculcate in business for its growth which she has also done to improve the general wellbeing of Skout whenever faced with challenges. Despite having a demanding career, she has managed to handle her private life well by maintaining high priority things both at work and at home and this can be attested to by her husband. Being a woman who has made it in an industry largely dominated by men, she believes that in order for other women to make it in this industry, having patience and being confident is paramount. It is necessary for women to ignore naysayers and define their own lives either private life or their professional life. This is the only way that women are able to make it in the industry and compete with men. Finding the right people to encourage you to beat the odds is necessary.

She recognizes that one of the strengths of Skout is its employees. The employees working for Skout are talented and knowledgeable. Working with Andreessen Horowitz has also built her professionally. Skout employees work hard at helping grow small business enterprises. They have also faced challenges in the course of the business just like any other business in the process of finding and maintaining product and market fit. She believes that Skout will keep growing to help other people and companies.

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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna: The Wait is On

It has long been the trend to attempt to look like your favorite celebrity. As the makeup industry drastically improved, so did the capabilities to look like your favorite stars. Both men and women influence the industry today, and stars that you would never expect are launching makeup lines.

Rihanna, for example, is a beauty with an edgy look. Countless tutorials exist that attempt to teach someone how to have Rihanna inspired makeup, but they often do not do the trick. Well, the wait is over and anticipation can commence now that the singer released information that she is launching her own makeup line. Named Fenty Beauty, we unfortunately will not see these products on the shelf until around fall 2017.

Curious minds are contemplating the overall quality that Fenty Beauty will possess, but it is essential to remember that this is not Rihanna’s first rodeo in the makeup business. In fact, the singer teamed up with MAC a few years ago and launched three, successful products. She also has a handful of fragrances under her belt. Regardless of Rihanna’s experience, her new line will undoubtedly benefit a very diverse audience around the globe.

The anticipation for makeup blogger, Wengie, to release her opinions and future tutorials on Fenty Beauty has begun, too. The Australian social media queen is known for her cutting-edge makeup tutorials, reviews, and flawless photos that paint a picture of the power of makeup. Curiosity has spiked as the wait for a Fenty Beauty tutorial commences.

In addition to tutorials and reviews, Wengie regularly posts travel news and anything related to fashion. Skin care tips, how to use certain products, and opinion pieces are only a few of the reasons why people cannot stop following Wengie. The blogger undoubtedly grows busier by the day as more celebrities launch makeup lines.

Kevin Seawright, CFO and Community Leader

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and CFO of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, along with NewarkWorks and some other organizations, as well as a few well known city figures, have all joined together to assist Newark youths in obtaining summer jobs this summer.

This well thought out employment plan’s main goal is to furnish Newark student residents with approximately six weeks of work experience, which in turn, will help raise the percentage of college graduates in the community. Starting July 5th, the program will run for six weeks, ending on August 16th. The summer program will focus its efforts in on-the-job training and will also include financial literacy lessons, lectures of empowerment and college readiness programs. All student employees will receive minimum wage compensation for their work.

This years program intends to boost the number of student employees to 3,500, 500 more positions than 2015, which had 3,000 employees in the program. One idea implemented this year to improve the efficiency of the process is to require students to apply online. By registering online, students can achieve in 30 minutes what used to take up to six weeks in the application process.

This year, Kevin Seawright focused much of his efforts on not only creating more summer jobs for student residents, but also establishing a partnership with two successful banks, TD Bank and Santander Bank. This was done to improve the students financial responsibility. This partnership’s main agenda is to teach students how to open and maintain their own personal savings and checking accounts. Kevin Seawright is a firm believer that by doing this, it creates a strong foundation for students when they graduate and enter the real world.

Kevin Seawright has a fabulous resume on Vizualize, including a stint as CFO of Maryland’s largest Department of Recreation and Parks, administering over $50 million in federal, state and city funding. After that, Kevin Seawright became a superior leader in the educational arena, offering insight on the construction of new schools and assisting with any arising issues with current infrastructure. He was in charge of annual budgets measuring more than $200 million and also was responsible overseeing $600 million in the development and maintenance of brand new structures. Kevin Seawright was in charge of managing more than 500 residents and offered solid advice in the funding for construction, serving as Director of Operations at the Collington Life Care Community.  Check out his page on the Newark CEDC website, and see another side of Kevin on SoundCloud.

Weight Loss Made Easy With NutriMost

I have tried several diets in order to lose weight. Short of weight loss surgery, there really isn’t a lot that I haven’t done. When I start to lose a few pounds, I always seem to gain them back. I heard about a woman in Connecticut who lost 80 pounds from the NutriMost program.
This is a program that is not like any other. NutriMost focuses on the foods that will speed up the metabolism, allowing you to eat what you want as long as it’s something that will help you lose weight. Each person is different as there are certain target foods that each person has that will increase the metabolism. Dr. Mitch Gordon started NutriMost Recipes, and he was able to lose weight while working with the program. The woman I saw who lost 80 pounds was able to eat what she wanted, so I knew that it was a program that I wanted to try. Nutrimost is even recognized by Wood TV! There are 2,800 biomarkers in the body that can be triggered to either lose or gain weight. These are unique, and when the imbalances are recognized, a personalized program can be created so that there is maximum weight loss without a lot of exercise or crash dieting.
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Dick DeVos Supports Education in a Big Way

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club recently hosted the final two races the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup and the three event Melges 32 Blue Water Series. Dick DeVos along with his Volpe team including Mark Mendelblatt, Scott Nixon, Sam Rogers, Drew weird to, Peter Kinney, Erika Reineke and Mike Hill won both the final event and the series. DeVos claimed that it was the best sailing he had ever done, as he complimented other teams including Argo, Delta, and team Hydra for a job well done. DeVos reiterates that the goal of this program is to give the younger kids on the teams, experience so that they can move on in the sport.

Dick DeVos along with his wife Betsy are co-chairman of the Education Freedom Fund which started in 1993. It provides private scholarships to low income families in Michigan, to send their children to the school of their choice. They have given money to groups like American Education Reform Council, Choices for Children and Children First America. In addition to their passion for giving to educational purposes, the DeVos family is also involved in political donations.  They have funded Christian schools in the Western Michigan area, as well. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has donated money to civic, artistic, religious, and community organizations in Michigan. Among the recipients are Kids Hope USA, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Mars Hill Bible Church, Potter’s House, Grand Rapids Christian schools, Rehoboth Christian School, Hope College, Calvin College and many others. In 2010, the foundation started West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is the first high school of its kind that incorporates the study of aviation into the high school curriculum. In 2010 the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation contributed over $22 million to the Kennedy Ctr. Institute of Arts Management. The center was later renamed DeVos Institute of Arts Management.

The DeVos Foundation has also been a supporter of organizations affiliated with the free market with Life Action Institute and the Heritage Foundation. Their scholarship programs support students entering MA, MS or MBA students at the Thunderbird school of Global Management. They especially support those from developing nations. They offer scholarships to students who want to earn a BBA or an MBA at Northwood University in Michigan. Dick DeVos has shared his wealth with many charities and community organizations primarily those who support the development of young people’s education. He and his wife plan to continue supporting these organizations and adding others as they see fit.

Check out DeVos on LinkedIn to learn more about his life and career.

Keith Mann: Promoting Academic Excellence

A fund raising event held by Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners raised over $22,000. The fundraising was for the Uncommon Schools. The funds are intended to sponsor a student for the academic year 2014-2015 at a newly opened high school in Brooklyn which is part of the charter school. In explaining the motivation towards having the fundraiser, Keith Mann reiterated Uncommon Schools’ goal. The goal is to assist student who are from low-income families pursue college education. Thus, through the funds, these students will be afforded equal opportunity in terms of education. The sponsorship program will be first based on student testing. The testing will be conducted through PSAT and AP Testing. To ensure that the equipment and needs for the testing are met, Dynamic Search Partners had contributed $ 10,000. Dynamic Search Partners has been in partnership with Uncommon Schools for quite some time. It has committed itself to assisting students become successful while in college and after.

While holding the fundraiser, Keith Mann expresses his excitement to work with Uncommon Schools. He is passionate about academic excellence and he believes that this is an avenue to work closely with students. Keith Mann was greatly inspired by the desire and eagerness that students have to learn. I addition to this, he observed that these students are working to ensure they are in a position to enroll in colleges, get job internships and plan their careers. Uncommon Schools is a network that brings together 42 charter public schools. The schools are from New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. It seeks to promote student leadership and professional development.

Keith Mann is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is well versed in hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring techniques. Prior to being Dynamic Search Partners CEO, he was the Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search. He provides advice to professionals on marketing ad internal strategy. His clientele base is spread out in the United States, Europe and Asia. He has heavily contributed to the hedge fund world. In the year 2002, he introduced the Alternative Investment Practice. In addition to this, he is an animal rights lover and campaigner.


The World is Smiling Brighter Thanks to Avi Weisfogel

A person’s smile is their greeting card to the world. A first impression that can land a job or repel an opportunity before it has a chance to take root. Operation Smile is a worldwide movement that understands that how a person smile looks and makes a person feel about themselves that it is vital to their overall success as a person. That is why they believe that every child deserves high quality surgical care to repair significant dental and facial deformities. Avi Weisfogel is one of the main supporters of the organization and has started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money and awareness for this great cause.

Operation Smile is an international charity providing these surgical procedures to children and young adults who suffer from cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. What they really supply is hope that a problem can be fixed and that the future can be better than today. The goal of the funding campaign is to raise at least $2000 to add to the projects funding. Every year they set out on medical missions across the world to assist people and provide free medical care. The doctors involved volunteer their skill and time to the project but there are costs in travel and equipment that needs to be provided to safely perform these types of surgical processes. They also make sure to work with and train local doctors and medical personnel so that all cultural considerations are maintained and there are languages that need to be translated as well.

Avi Weisfogel chose this organization because they have been providing hope for others since 1982 when founders Bill and Kathy Magee started the organization. Originally they helped children in the Philippines and have since built Operation Smile into the global network of help that it is today. Weisfogel is a dentist in the New Jersey area and knows the value of a strong and attractive smile. He believes that all children deserve access to the highest level of medical care in the world. This organization brings the chance to have a wonderful smile to a world of needy children.

Weisfogel has been a practicing dentist in East Brunswick, New Jersey for 16 years. During this time he has provided smiles for thousands of people and has seen the difference that a change in appearance can make in the confidence of an individual. That confidence can go a long way in their ability to succeed in the world. His office is called Old Bridge Dental Care and they maintain the philosophy that each patient visiting their office is the most important patient there is. A comfortable and pleasant experience is provided by the hard working team that ensures a smile before, during and after any treatment. Operation Smile is a natural extension of this positive and successful practice and hopefully the world will be smiling brighter thanks to the effort of Avi Weisfogel.


Talk Fusion: Marketing for the Future

They offer unmatched video technology for business and social communication and are considered years ahead of the competition with their visionary approach to video communications. Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina after he was told that he could not embed a video into an email, after partnering with a friend who had the technical skills the art of adding videos to emails was created and Talk Fusion was off and running.

In a recent article, written by Lacy Rushin and published on HT, the benefits of video usage in marketing was highlighted and Talk Fusion is easily seen as a standout among the video communication market. Statistics about increased open rates (as much as 20% increase) and increased click-through rates (of 2-3 times) make any business owner or marketing professional consider the pros to adding additional video messages into their marketing campaigns.

The Relevancy Group added to the discussion that the internet continues to grow (into the focal point of all communications) and consumers continue to have decreased attention spans- which can be combated by linking a video in an email and increasing marketing revenue by 40%. With compelling stats for introducing video marketing into communication plans, I would expect to see an uptick in videos embedded in email and an increase in the bottom line for those companies that effectively employ the communication strategy.