David Osio is a financial advisory expert, entrepreneur and a philanthropist based in Venezuela. Osio is the founder and the current CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has vast knowledge and interests in tax and corporate planning, banking, portfolio structuring, and asset management. He graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela, with a law degree […]

The corporate world has a nasty habit of telling consumers what they should buy. Which sweater will flatter them. Which shade of nude lipstick will match them the best. However, women all over the world are quickly realizing that they do not want to be subdued and natural-looking. They want to shout out who they […]

Many people around the world have a distinct impression of New Zealand: an exotic land, full of wealthy people making complex financial deals. Their impression is much fancier than the more boring truth. As Geoffrey Cone points out, contrary to most people’s beliefs, New Zealand is not a tax haven. Nor are they anywhere close […]

Securus Technologies, a company that provides communication and technology services to correctional centers in the United States, recently announced that it will be releasing a new press release to correct the information that was recently reported by Global Tel Company, its greatest competitor. The press statement was released in May, and Securus Technologies say that […]

Real estate is a huge market and it is a somewhat difficult market for the people who are in the New Jersey area because of all of the buildings that are there. The people who work in real estate in New Jersey often struggle, but Boraie Development LLC has not had too much that they […]

There was a time, when the popularity of the internet was just rising, that I stated how I would never pay for internet because I believed it should be a free service. Well, over the years I have had to eat my words each month as I paid my bill. However, the entry of FreedomPop […]

Technology and fashion are two industries that are constantly changing. What many people don’t realize is that these industries’ changes are often coincided with each other. This link was recently established in an article that was written by Chris Burch. It was published on engadget.com. The article was titled; “Tech Fashion Trends For The Future.” […]

David Osio is a US based business mogul who is well recognized for his enterprises that are mainly located in Miami. He has been involved in many philanthropic undertakings in different parts of the world. The major fields that have benefited from him include medical research, music, art, and any other activity that can help […]

  Coworking has many advantages for individuals who currently work at home and for startups. In places like New York City and San Francisco, where traditional office space is very expensive, shared office space is an increasingly popular option with added benefits, in addition to affordability.   For startups and freelancers, shared office space offers […]

Not so long ago, an assertion was made that the foreign policy that has been implemented in New Zealand is friendly t foreign investors who are keen on keeping secrets about their investment choices. However, according to Geoff Cone, this is the farthest thing from the truth. He asserts that the foreign policy that has […]