NetPicks, The Online Forex Trading Company

NetPicks is an online trading strategy company that enables easier foreign exchange trading and currency trading. NetPicks was founded by Mark Soberman in Irving, Texas. The staff is filled with knowledge unveiling the mysteries behind forex trading. NetPicks led the way for other online trading ventures when they opened their doors for business in 1996.

NetPicks encourages FX trading in currency pairs

  • The U.S. dollar versus the Yen (USD/JPY)
  • The Euro versus the Yen (EUR/JPY)
  • The Pound Sterling versus the U.S. Dollar (GBP/USD)
  • The U.S. Dollar versus the Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)
  • The U.S. Dollar versus the Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD)
  • The Australian Dollar versus the U.S. Dollar (AUD/USD)
  • The U.S. Dollar versus the Mexican Peso (USD/MXN)

NetPicks gives traders an opportunity to trade currencies via electronic over-the-counter financial exchanges in the major cities of New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Sydney. Because trading takes place all over the world, web-based or Forex trading is a 24-hour business.  Read reviews here.

The most common form of trading is making trades on the spot (spot trading). People also have the option of trading in the forward markets and the futures markets if they want to hedge their risks by trading in the forward and futures markets. What traders like about the Forex market is its high liquidity based on volatile price movements. Investors value the many financial opportunities presented by the quick price changes.

Forex traders are allowed to leverage. In leverage trading a trader is allowed to open a margin account and then spend a small amount of the total investment volume. Traders would need a broker to open a margin account.

A margin account enables a trader to need only $1,000 to fund trades valued at $100,000. However, if the investor does not profit from his trade, he must reimburse the broker. So, investors who have the means to pay back the borrowed funds should be the only persons using leverage trading.

New traders should study the Forex market before starting to make trades. NetPicks advises a strong education before engaging in trades. The more sound the education, the better prepared the trader is to succeed. Traders should have a very good understanding of the different elements involved in evaluating currency pair price fluctuations ( One has to be familiar with how political news stories, monetary policies representing the various countries, political announcements and economic factors influence the fluctuating value of money.

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About the Investor: Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an investor and Corporate Counsel for several technology companies. He graduated from the University Of California at Berkeley and also received his B.A from the University of Iowa. He is an entrepreneur who counsels technology companies in industries of Internet defense and Biotechnology. He knew this was what he wanted to do because he felt that smaller firms can provide high quality, cost-effective legal service just as much as the bigger firms can. In a recent interview, he discussed his daily routine, his past and what the future holds.

Hagele’s typical workday is providing legal counsel related to general as well as intellectual properties. He also drafts and reviews contracts. All of this is done before noon. By the afternoon Mr. Hasgele handles client issues and brig resolutions to ongoing matters. He also spends time checking on strategies and progressions with investment partners. He feels that the best outcome often morphs as new information and opportunities become available.

Mr. Hagele claims one of the habits that has helped in his success is putting customers first. He also loves to ride his road bike. He usually does this during his breaks. Mr. Hagele feels that doing this gives him a fresh outlook.He also likes to read. One recommended book that he suggest everyone should read is Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Everyone needs something to do that is just for them. Something that is stressfree and helps to open your mind to new and different ideas.

Mr. Hagele has not always had success in his career. He has also had some failures. He once opened a restaurant with a celebrity chef and needless to say they had different ideas on how the money would flow. He learned that finding equity participants can really help to ensure that everyone is pushing for the success of the enterprise and not just for  themelves. Hagele has used that experience as the foundation for his other business ventures in the hospitality industry.

His worst job he ever had was working at a Chicago car wash during the winter time. It was there that Mr. Hagele came to the realization that he needed to take charge. Charge over his own life and his own education. He felt that he had to find something meaningful to do and so he did. Now a successful entrepreneur he is living his life to the fullest and cant wait to see what the future holds.

Igor Cornelsen Has Expert Investing Advice To Offer In His Retirement

Igor Cornelsen is an investment genius that is widely recognized in the industry as one of the best. Many companies and investors have sought out the advice of Mr. Cornselsen, including the likes of Burger King, which talked to Igor on investment strategies they could use to increase their revenue annually. Though Igor is from Brazil, he has spent time investing in markets and economies around the world. He currently lives at his residence in Florida where he can keep a watchful eye on his company Bainbridge.

One of the most important things to do when investing is to be patient and look at the long term. Igor has said that it is very important to learn the ebb and flow of whatever particular market and individual invests in and not to go investing willy-nilly. Some investments that look profitable now will not stay profitable in the long term, and it takes some time and an experienced eye to spot them.

Igor Cornelsen considers himself retired today, but he still puts in some work time at his company Bainbridge, consulting with clients on proper investment strategy and good stock picks. Igor splits up his time between his Florida residence and his residence in Brazil. He can regularly be seen playing golf in his spare time. Read more about Igor Cornelsen at Resumonk

Igor’s advice to a young investor looking to get into the business is simple: Start early and do not lose money. Igor Cornelsen has said that many investors that come to him have waited much too long to stay investing, either at all or in a particular market. Timing is key when it comes to the investment industry, and the early an individual starts investing, the more money they can earn in their future. That being said, it is never too late to start and no one should ever be discouraged by their age. Igor’s second bit of advice is important and often overlooked, do not lose money. This basically means pulling out of bad investments as early as possible and avoid unstable markets as well. The mission when investing is to gain, not to lose, so pulling out early is key to limiting losses for the long haul. Visit:

How Rocketship Education Closed The Education Achievement Gap

One parent of a student that attends a Rocketship Education charter school says that the team there “finds a way” to get rid of the achievement gap that exists between kids that come from low-income households and those that come from wealthy households. It’s been known for a long time that kids from wealthy households score better on state tests. There are a variety of reasons why but one of the biggest is that the public schools are far better funded than those in lower-income areas.

The team at Rocketship Education can “find a way” in other ways as well. For example, when one group of parents and kids were forced out of their homes due to extensive flooding the school came to the rescue by putting together an emergency fund. They’ve also “found a way” helping kids that habitually end up in summer school and after school hours remedial programs turn their lives around and end up graduating from college.

Rocketship Education is based in California and since its first school opening in 2007 it has grown to 20 schools which are located in three states as well as the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. The schools operate as a family so when parents have issues like a flood or other disaster Rocketship Education will help out by providing things like food, clothing, and furniture. They also help parents find temporary housing or come up with the money they need to rent a new place to stay. They have a partnership with Catholic Charities that really helps with a lot of this.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Rocketship Education has been able to help students effectively learn in the communities in which it operates. One of the key ways they educate children is by using a personalized learning style. Each person learns best in a certain way and public schools instead take a cookie cutter approach where everyone is taught exactly the same way, leaving some to thrive and others to fail. Instead, at Rocketship Education the students needs are addressed by letting them learn the way that works best for them.

Will Whitney Wolfe Herd Build An Empire Out Bumble?

Bumble is an amazing app and its influence is growing in the tech world. We have seen dating apps for a long time, but few have reached the status of Wolfe’s Bumble in such a short amount of time. You don’t have to look far to see that her app is impressing people and creating something you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. She is the driving force behind a new trend in dating apps that puts women in power and gives them the ability to choose who they want rather than rely on men to make the first move. The results are making Bumble a clear favorite and a possible replacement for the other datings app on top of the market.

The idea of creating app in which women make the first move isn’t something to be surprised about. The empowerment of women is certainly a wonderful thing but we’ve gone much further than you would expect. Instead of the normal things you might often find in the dating world, you can see people deciding what they want for themselves on Bumble. It’s creating a more equal sense of interaction often not seen in the world of dating. That’s changing how we date in a very serious way.

Whitney Wolfe’s success has certainly been impressive in and of itself but we clearly want to see it evolve into something much greater than what we now see. She’s trying to do this with the Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz aspects of the app. This gives people an entirely new way of thinking about things by making Bumble much more than a place to hookup. You can find so many examples of this through out the app but there is still a familiarity about it. Bumble takes a simple setup in twists it into other things we can enjoy just as much if not more than the initial purpose.

You can’t look at what someone has done in such a short time and call it their legacy, but it’s tempting when looking at what Whitney Wolfe has done with her work at Bumble. The future is going to be bright for her and we’ll see things change greatly over time. She’s changing herself and the world is going to understand that the work of Whitney Wolfe Herd is something to be acknowledged and respected. Bumble has made a bold change in society that will have effects for years to come.

Acquired by Securus

The leading government payment processing company of credit and debit card transactions, GovPayNet has been acquired by Securus.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, services thousands of agencies around the United States that are related to public safety, corrections and law enforcement. Its provisions entails the following, but not limited to: information management, inmate self-service, emergency response, investigation and public information. A Securus’ main goal is to strive and accomplish feats that makes our world a safer place in which to live in. If you’d like a full detailed description on the provisions of Securus and its history, visit their website to get such information.


Since Securus’ acquisition of GovPayNet, the payment processing aspect of their business has been able to reach 40 million payment processes in a year. This accomplishment has been made doable with the previous efforts of GovPayNet with its 2,300 agency contracts through 35 states of the U.S. With these agencies also being apart of the acquisition deal Securus can now extend their territorial advantage in the market and provide these agencies with new product solutions for a more convenient and versatile customer experience.


The Chief Executive Officer of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie states that he is definitely looking forward to endless possibilities under Securus Technologies and with a great team at GovPayNet, to continue to develop state-of-the-art technology, the combination of the two will allow incredible new business in better and more profitable areas, growing substantial amounts of revenue in the process, while in all sticking to the roots of quality customer service issued by GovPayNet.


With this acquisition, the two government focused companies should continue its positive thrive. With a documented and well known history of accomplishments by the two, it is only right to expect a promising future as they journey together.


Matt Badiali Recommends Expert Advise

Matt Badiali established the newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. He established the newsletter Real Wealth Strategist in the year 2017. He began his profession as a scientist and eventually became an expert in other areas. Matt Badiali became an expert in quarrying, energy, and farming affairs.

Matt Badiali obtained a B.S. from Penn State University. His B.S. he obtained is focused in science. Matt Badiali also obtained a Master of Science while attending Florida Atlantic University. His Master of Science he obtained is focused in geology. After he received his Master of Science at Florida Atlantic University he continued his education by reaching towards getting a Ph.D. He studied at University of North Carolina while trying to obtain a Ph.D. He was at the University of North Carolina for 5 years until an acquaintance acquainted him to economics. Working with his friend in economics helped him to come to the realization that he enjoyed using his scholastic expertise to help others with financial affairs. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

Since his leap into economics during his early scholastic years he has put a great deal of focus helping shareholders. On a daily basis he helps shareholders discover the absolute paramount funds available in energy related affairs, minerals, and indigenous resources through his successful newsletter.

Since the launch of Real Wealth Strategist many individuals have benefited from Matt Badiali’s advice. He has many followers that consider his stock suggestions very helpful and beneficial. Matt Badiali has traveled to several places throughout his career. When his career leads him to speak to a specialist he goes to where the specialist is which contributes to him living a traveling life. Some of the areas he has traveled to are Turkey, Hong Kong, Haiti, Singapore, Iraq, and Peru. Matt Badiali has also visited numerous collieries, oil developments, and business headquarters in order to discover prodigious asset concepts.

A typical work day for Matt Badiali begins early in the morning enjoying a nice cup of coffee and reading up to date headlines. After arriving at the office he begins writing for a few hours. Throughout his work day he looks over all the businesses that are part of the Real Wealth Strategist and looks at adding some more as well. Then Matt Badiali proceeds his day with calls, attending conferences, replying to emails, and more reading.

In conclusion, Matt Badiali uses his expertise and experiences to bond with his readers.

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NetPicks States That Trading is a Game of Probabilities

For people that are hoping to win 100% of the trades they make or even 50% of the trades, there is a message from NetPicks. No one is going to have a winning trade 100% of the time. As a matter of fact, trading is a game of probability. Therefore, it is important to understand the probability of winning. In order to understand the probability of a winning trade, it is important for people to understand the market and how it works. There are plenty of things that people need to know about so that they can take in the probability.  Learn from this useful link here.

With NetPicks one can learn about the importance of each factor that influences the chances of winning a trade. For instance, people will know about the spreads and where one starts in relationship to winning in a trade. There is also learning how to read trends and knowing when to let go. NetPicks makes it clear that it is okay to lose a few trades. The important thing is knowing how to minimize losses so that the trading account will be very profitable. While losses are to minimized, wins are to be maximized. This is where profitability comes in. Refer to to read an article about socially responsible investment.

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One of the most important tips in trading according to NetPicks is based on mentality. It takes a thick skin and some great financial management to finally become successful. Therefore, the best thing to do is not be wounded by a loss. Accept losses as part of the learning process. At the same time, do some research and read about the different strategies that traders. Find the best suited strategy and use it for trading.  Helpful tips available on

The strategy that is best suited to a trader is going to be one that helps him lose very small on trades and win very big on the winners.  Start getting connected, click on this.

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Ted Bauman’s Actionable Tips for Financial Freedom

Ted Bauman serves as the editor of the Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club and The Bauman Letter. He has specialized in privacy, low-risk investment options, asset protection and international migration issues. He was born in Washington DC and brought up in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Ted later moved to South African and studied a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. He set of his career life in South Africa and stayed there for 25 years. Today, Bauman lives with his family in Atlanta GA. He served various executive roles in nonprofit organizations as fund manager for low-cost housing. He helped to find the Slum Dwellers International which has helped over 14 million individuals in 35 countries.

Ted Bauman served as a consultant where he researched and wrote extensively on money, housing, and urban planning. He served clients such as the World Bank, South African Government, United Nations and European aid agencies. Ted Bauman returned to the US in 2008 serving as director of the International Housing programs for Human International. In 2013, he left to work as an independent researcher and writer.

Ted’s work on housing programs saw him travel to 75 countries of the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. What Ted gained from those experiences is that it is prudent not to put all the eggs in one basket. It is safer and profitable to store your wealth in many different countries and do international business. For instance, you can find affordable health care in Costa Rica, store gold in Switzerland and find ocean real estate property in Uruguay. In His Bauman monthly letter, he recommends a vast array of personal initiatives and economic opportunities to the subscribers. Follow Ted Bauman at

He writes every week in the Sovereign Investor Daily. Bauman works have been published in international journals including the Journal of Microfinance and Environment and Urbanization. You can also find his publications on South African presses such as Cape Times and New Internationalist among others. He, and father, Robert Bauman, co authored a book “Where to Stash Your Coins”.

Ted has spent his life helping people get in touch with the assets they need to live an independent life, one that is free from corporate greed and governmental oversight. Always, he is finding new ways to help protect and expand your wealth. The Alpha stocks Alerts is the platform he uses to share these tips. The tips will give you little known but actionable strategies that will put you back on your financial track.

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Glen Wakeman Works To Help The Entrepreneurs Of Tomorrow

A world leader in finance, Glen Wakeman is no stranger to the world of business. But, as many do, he started out at the bottom. After graduating college, he had to put in the effort to make his skills work in the practical world of business. Now, he gives his unique perspective on that world as an experienced mentor.



Bringing His Knowledge To Budding Entrepreneurs

Over many years in the world of business, Wakeman has seen his fair share of successes and failures, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than sharing the valuable lessons that he’s learned. He takes pride in defending his thoughts and establishing the importance of ideas. A master of establishing successful ideas via debate, he brings the best ideas forward, and often, takes them to success (



Connections Are The Key

Of the many pieces of advice that Wakeman can offer, one stands out among them. One of his guiding principles is understanding the massive importance of connections, both in securing funding and in keeping a business afloat. Connections provide a business with a solid link to success, and they can determine whether you get that vital first wave of customers, or whether your business will flop.


Wakeman offers solid advice on the subject, imploring upcoming entrepreneurs to stay in touch with every friend and acquaintance, despite time or distance. While busy days and the demands of running a business can make this hard, he notes that the convenience of social media can make these connections into a strong tool for becoming successful. He believes that this advice is one of the most important principles of running a business.



On His Horizon

But Wakeman isn’t just a savvy mentor, sharing past lessons learned the hard way (ForexWizard.Biz). He keeps an eye on the future, and seeking new opportunities, he has expressed interest in the trend of utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in business. With more data than a person could reasonably make sense of, machine learning, he believes, is the path to gaining valuable insight, and informing decisions based on the raw data. However, he does have concerns about this trend, noting an increasing lack of privacy, and stating that he hopes for a future where philosophy and politics are able to keep dangerous advances in check.

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