Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Manages a 5000 percent Growth In Three Years of Its Establishment

Waiakea Water is an excellent water company based in Hawaii. In 2015, the company announced its rapid growth of 5000 percent. This growth was extraordinary considering the firm was established in 2012. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water invests heavily in promoting sustainability, health, and charitable initiatives.

These three parameters have made the company famous and triggered its growth. With the brand’s popularity expanding in various counties in the United States, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has been prompted to produce and supply more bottled water. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://twitter.com/waiakea

As a way of celebrating this achievement, the company plans to establish a new manufacturing plant in Hawaii. According to the president and founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Ryan Emmons, the company sales have increased from several thousand to over 120,000 liters. The company is known to donate a few liters of water for every gallon sold. As the company sales go up, their donations to underserved communities in Africa increases.

Ladisco opined that Waiakea Water is a philanthropic franchise and has partnered with Pump Aid to donate clean water. Waiakea spring water is rich in minerals, electrolyte-packed, and naturally alkaline.

The packaging is unique and is from recycled bottles. The company takes pride in being certified by CarbonNeutral®. This prestigious certification has been instrumental in the brand’s success. The company is worth over $10 million and experiences a growth of over 170 percent annually. Waiakea water is available countrywide in Whole Food stores and Wawa.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water’s achievements

Ryan Emmons established Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water in 2012. It has featured on the list of the most sustainable, charitable, healthy premium water brands in America. The company prides itself on its sleek, patented design. It is globally recognized for offering high-quality water that contains a variety of health benefits.

Waiakea was recently listed position one as the top volcanic bottled water of 2017. In 2015, the brand scooped most of the awards for top beverages in North America. Most of the accolades were issued to recognize the brand’s corporate responsibility and innovations in health.

Waiakea water is unique since it is obtained from the most active volcanoes in Mauna Loa and filters through porous volcanic rocks. Waiakea filtration process takes less than 30 days and, hence, it is young water free from all forms of contaminants. This brand has a sweet, smooth taste, and it is 10 percent pure.

Jason Hope, The 21st Century Futurist

Jason Hope is an astute businessman, philanthropist, and technophile. It is, however, his work as a futurist that has put him in the limelight. He can predict future events based on what is currently happening in the world. His work has mostly been appreciated by the technology world.

As a futurist, Jason Hope has been able to discuss his views on the IoT– the Internet of Things. According to him, in the coming years, the IoT is going to be a household name. The businesses will understand the importance of data and utilize it, the manufacturing and healthcare sectors will embrace the technology, and lastly, there will be the birth of printed devices.


Jason Hope is also very passionate about philanthropy and loves to help other people. His chosen organization is the SENS foundation. He loves and is passionate about the type of work they do at the foundation. The foundation is involved with research on the anti-aging factors and how people can perform better to create a long lasting life.

According to Jason Hope medicine should not be for curing but prevention. That is why he supports this foundation so that they can defy the odds and come up with treatments that can stop the chronic diseases from ever developing.


Technology is going to define the future. Because of that, Jason as been involved with numerous projects like developing mobile apps and software- both gaming and desktop oriented software. He targets a wide range of avenues in research and the development sector. He wants to focus on developing technology that will improve the human life and bring about fun and enjoyment.

Jason Hope studies technology to be able to know the potential trends and utilize them. He continues to work with different business and company to be able to develop cutting edge technology.

Investment Opportunities

Jason supports future entrepreneurs who are interested in the technology sector. Most of the young entrepreneurs do have great ideas, but it is the lack of finances that holds them back. It is because of this reason that he offers the students in their senior year grants to help them jumpstart their careers.

If you have a business idea that you feel can impact the technology sector, then you can submit your request. Jason personally reviews all the applications and decides who receives the grants. You are advised to create a solid submission via his website.

Click here to learn more about Jason Hope.

Securus Technologies Has Made Visiting Incarcerated Loved Ones Possible From Home Now

There is usually a lot of traveling that takes place on the Christmas holiday, and for some people it can be difficult if that travel involves visiting a loved one in a correctional facility. But now, it’s all starting to change thanks to the development of video visitation technology. Video visitation is now offered by Securus Technologies, a big telecommunications company based in Dallas, TX. With video visitation, you don’t have to travel or take a lot of time out of your holiday to be with your loved one, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and use a webcam and internet connection to share special Christmas moments with them.


Video visitation is something that has become important for many correctional facilities and their inmates. It’s helped lessen wait times and check-in issues. It’s also proven to be a morale booster for inmates who wish to complete their time without any setbacks or conduct violations. And it can also be monitored by corrections personnel to make sure no dangerous threats or illegal activities are being conducted by inmates.


Securus Technologies has been building advanced communications systems for both inmates and corrections officers. With their phone card and billing options, inmates are able to have funds loaded on a calling card, and can also signup for voicemail services. Securus also has an instant mail delivery system that can be delivered electronically, and can save facilities costs on running mailrooms. The video visitation platform was started a few years ago and can be easily accessed at the Securus Technologies website.


To make sure inmate activities are closely monitored, Securus has setup an intricate security system complete with threat and contraband detection within its algorithms. Mail can be scanned through the Securus mail agent program. Voice calls can be monitored, and calls to cell phones can be traced through THREADS and Investigator Pro. Biometric systems within these programs even have voice recognition that can trace voices to any known criminal sources.


Why Businesses Need To Take Online Reputation Management Seriously

Think of an ordinary ID card. When you look at an individual’s ID card, you can immediately see details about them. Online reputation functions as the online ID card for people and businesses. It is, therefore, important to manage that first impression that people find when they search for your business online.

According to an article on businesssavannah.com, companies and individuals that do not manage their online reputations cannot succeed. Online testimonials are important, as 90% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on recommendations from other people. Businesses are continually reviewed online, and as a result, have no control over the messages being passed concerning them.

How can a business manage its online reputation?

  1. Post bold statements about the business.

The content published on the website, and other social sites should be detailed and relevant. The content should also be striking and confident. The customer needs to feel reassured and confident in their decision to trust this business with their hard-earned money.

  1. Make monitoring social media mentions a priority.

Social media is an excellent marketing tool. It can, however, work against the business especially when negative reviews are posted. Note that most customers visit social media review sites when planning to purchase a product.

  1. Build personal relationships with clients.

Communicating directly with clients makes them feel that the business is genuinely interested in their needs. This can lead to an increase in positive reviews.

  1. Deal with online wounds quickly.

If a business receives a negative review, it is important to deal with it before it festers and escalates. Using Reputation.com review sites to sort out any issues that have been raised is very effective.

  1. Have a solid online reputation management strategy.

The business needs to come up with a plan to deal with all the aspects relating to its online presence. Generating of positive content to post on the company website and blog helps to suppress negative content.

Most businesses need to realize the importance of having a good online reputation. Online reputation management draws people’s attention away from the negative, attracts them to the positive, and leads to increased sales. A business should never ignore what people are saying about it online.


Full Cycle Energy Hires Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is an entrepreneur and lawyer who is based in the United States. He has been very successful in his career. Sam Tabar has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Just recently Sam Tabar was appointed to work as the Chief Operating Officer of a company known as Full Cycle Energy Fund that is also based in the US. As one of the most experienced lawyers in the world, Samuel Tabar has brought a lot of changed in the energy company. Sam is also a respected hedge fund manager, and these skills played a crucial role in the appointment. He was once the head of Capital Strategies and Marketing for several institutions such as the Sparx Group and Merrill Lynch. Many people believe that he was the perfect candidate for the position.

In his current position, Tabar will be in charge of several activities. He will mostly focus on the fund management strategies in Full Cycle Energy. In the news published at the PR Newswire magazine, Sam said that he was very excited about the new role, and he would do his best to make sure that the company increases its revenue.

According to the PR Newswire, Tabar is expected to move the energy industry from the high-cost and polluting fuels to better environmental friendly and low-cost fuels. In the recent past, many people are looking for the fuel that doesn’t affect the environment, and this news is coming at the best time.

The Full Cycle Energy Fund Company was started in the year 2013. The primary mission of the company is to replace the expensive and polluting fuel situation happening currently with fuel that is valuable and clean. The company works hard to achieve their mission by investing and starting projects in different parts of the world that help to push this mission. In his new position, Tabar will be responsible for ensuring that the fund management in Full Energy Cycle is conducive so that the mission can be accomplished. Sam Tabar will work with the top administration of the company to ensure that these goals are achieved.

Ignition Financial Helps Customers Lower Payments

Customers may get their cars financed with agencies that will look beyond their credit, but this will usually result in higher interest rates. It is not uncommon for customers to bypass a search for the best interest rates if they believe that they are not really eligible for any good rates. When I am looking for ways to slash my payments I am going to consider the benefits of refinancing the auto loans.


There are many reasons to consider auto loan refinancing. One of the biggest reasons is lower payments. This is something that people may not be consider during the holidays. If the money is tight in the home they will find themselves looking for ways to generate more money in the home. If more money cannot be earned with seasonal work the easiest thing that one can do is lower the expenses. That is something that is often easier said than done, but Ignition Financial has been able to help a lot of people get their payments lower on their cars.


This is good because it will cut down on the amount of time that you have to pay for a car. Most customers do not really think about it, but cars depreciate tremendously in a short time frame. No customer wants to get stuck overpaying for a car that isn’t worth the original amount they pay for it. There certainly are a lot of people that get cars at higher interests because the economy may be slow. When rates are better and customers have better opportunities to get lower rates they are going to jump at the chance to refinance. Some people may save hundreds of dollars. It just depends on the amount of the car.


Another great thing about this concept of refinancing is loan the flexibility to change the terms. If you were previously paying for 72 months you may consider the benefits of change payments to 60 months. This may not have been something that you could do in the past because the interest rate was too high. Now that the rate is lower you will have the opportunity to pay the car off sooner so changing the terms of the loan may work for you. Once you pay the car off you will even see a drop in your insurance premium. This equates to more savings. That is why refinancing is valuable.


Wengie’s Life Hacks

Wengie is a very popular lifestyle Youtuber that has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. She makes videos about a variety of topics including beauty routines, DIY projects, hair tutorials, recipe ideas and so much more. One of her most popular videos is her life hacks video in which she shows viewers a simpler or easier way to do everyday things so they can save time and even save money.


In one of her first life hacks Wengie shows viewers how make a cheap quick and easy dish right in your microwave in just a few short minutes. She gives a few different recipes but they all require the same kind of technique. She simply takes ingredients that can be heated in the microwave like vegetables and throws them together in a mug to create a simple soup or salad. She heats them up for 2 or 3 minutes and you have a quick and very simple meal to eat. You can even make some tasty desserts like this.


Another great hack in the video is good one but also one you have to be careful when doing. If you are in a rush and notice one or two wrinkles in your shirt or on your collar simply take a hair straightener and run over the clothing once or twice until the wrinkle comes out. It says a ton of time and requires very little effort. Just be sure it does not get to hot and burn anything.


A really great hack in the video was to use your cellphone as a remote. Download an app that allows you to change the channel and turn up the volume right from your phone so you never have to get up or worry about a lost remote again.


These are just a few of the really great hacks Wengie mentions in her life hacks video. There are a ton more to check out that can help everybody life a simpler and more efficient life. With great videos like these it is easy to see why Wengie has so many loyal followers.

Lung Institute Using Stem Cell Treatment to Make Life Better For Those With Lung Disease

Lung disease is a debilitating condition that impairs an individual’s ability to breathe normally. People afflicted by this disease may have lifelong symptoms that lower their quality of life. Lung disease is usually caused by a variety of factors, such as smoking, genetics that increase a person’s chance of developing lung disease, air pollutants, and exposure to poor working conditions for a long period of time. A popular method for treating lung disease is Stem Cell Therapy.

Lung Institute, a leading cancer treatment center, treats lung disease using stem cells from the patient’s body. The process consists of harvesting stem cells from the patient’s body, separating stem cells from non-stem cells, and returning the stem cells into the patients. Lung Institute offers two types of stem cell treatment: Blood (Venous) treatment and Bone Marrow treatment. Blood (Venous) treatment is the less invasive of the two methods, and is less painful than Bone Marrow treatment while still providing promising results. Bone Marrow treatment provides a greater number of stem cells than peripheral blood, and typically requires blood work and paper work that includes an electrocardiogram (EKG) and a pulmonary function test. Both the Blood (Venous) treatment and the Bone Marrow treatment take about three days to undergo. Afterwards, the overseeing physician will prep the patient for follow-up appointments.

According to the Lung Institute website, the lung diseases treated can be any of the following, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, and Pneumoconiosis. Stem cell treatment at Lung Institute reduces the devastating effects of these diseases; a reality that may not have otherwise been possible. Since 2013, Lung Institute has treated 3000 cases and improved the quality of life for 70% of the patients treated. After successful treatment from Lung Institute these patients can once again perform simple tasks that most people would not imagine being difficult, such as running or completing daily chores.

If you want to learn more about lung cancer or lung cancer treatment by Lung Institute, visit https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/ and their Twitter.



Labaton Sucharow Represents SEC Whistleblowers

After the economic recession in the late 2000’s, the United States Congress passed a new law known as the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. With this new law, the finance industry would be more heavily regulated. Along with this increased regulation, anyone who knows about unethical activity taking place in the finance industry will have permission to report it. They will also be represented by qualified attorneys to assist them with this process. This new policy in the law is known as a whistleblower program. By enacting this new program, many individuals will be able to not only report wrongdoing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, but also get legal representation from a SEC whistleblower lawyer in a litigation case.


The main firm that provides legal representation to SEC whistleblowers is Labaton Sucharow. This firm has been around for a number of years specializing in litigation against individuals and firms that unfairly manipulate the financial system. With the help of a SEC whistleblower attorney, many individuals and firms can respond if and when they become victims of wrongdoing. The current owner of this firm is longtime attorney Jordan Thomas who has been able to make a career out of making wrongdoers in the finance industry accountable for their actions. As well as being the head of this firm, Jordan Thomas brings a lot of experience and expertise as he was once a part of the Securities and Exchange Commission. As a result, he is well aware of the legal regulations in the industry and uses his firm to provide clients with a considerable amount of legal assistance.


One of the best things about Labaton Sucharow is the services that it offers to clients. Along with general legal counsel, clients will also be able to take advantage of assistance from financial analysts, forensic accountants and general investigators. All of these professionals will work together to help the legal team come up with a good case. With this assistance, the lawyers will be in position to listen to clients talk about their situation as well as get legal advice on what to do. They will also be able to have a lawyer file documents to the court and defendant. As well as filing documents, the lawyers at Labaton Sucharow will also provide legal representation in case there is a trial. If any litigation is successful, clients will be able to get between 10% and 30% of any damages of $1 million or more.



Talk Fusion Has An Amazing 30-Day Offer To Talk About

The one thing that would be better than access to the fantastic full-service marketing systems of Talk Fusion is being able to access these services without cost. No, Talk Fusion is not turning into a charity — although the company does support and fund charities throughout the world. Rather, Talk Fusion is providing a special 30-day free trial offer to those who wish to see what the company’s marketing solutions are all about.


Talk Fusion is a top company that serves the online marketing niche. In addition to helping those in need of marketing, entrepreneurs can affiliate as representatives for Talk Fusion.


The free trial offer is going to cover 140 countries where the service is available in a number of different languages. No matter where the subscriber accesses the trial offer, all the services provided by Talk Fusion are accessible.


Prominently promoted in the literature heralding the free trial offer is Talk Fusion’s Video Chat. The Video Chat received a major industry award recently, an honors that raises esteem in the service. User confidence is sure to be boosted as well.


The varied other services presented in the Talk Fusion list include Video Newsletters, Video Emails, Live Meetings, and more. The Video Emails are among the most import for the company from a historical perspective. CEO Bob Reina pioneered the use of video within the content of an email.


Online marketing has to be very expansive in order to target the widest amount of potential customers. Using one method may not be anywhere enough to yield results and revenue. Talk Fusion delivers a vast approach to hitting many different areas of marketing. The free trial deal gives new subscribers 30 days to try all of them out.