The Swiss Startup Factory is a great place for people to come when they are in need of help getting their startups off the ground. Every person who is going to be in need of extra cash or some kind of help with their management or cash flow can come to the Swiss Startup Factory, […]

Jim Hunt is a diligent and skilled investment professional who is enthusiastic about his work. He’s set up an account on Youtube, a well-known video hosting site. He has posted a handful of video clips on the site. One brief April 2016 clip lasts for less than a minute and showcases Jim Hunt’s early bear […]

The Human Rights Foundation is a New York-based non-profit that exposes human-rights abuses around the world through active on-the-ground reporting. Their work includes traveling to foreign countries and interviewing political dissidents, organizing human-rights protests, penning honest and cut-throat criticisms of political figures, and lobbying international organizations to punish corrupt governments. The group is most well […]

Talk Fusion is already leading the way in communications software. Videos in email format and smooth and alluring video chat platforms have helped this company because a leader in the communications industry. This was quite impressive for someone that did not go to school to study technology, but Bob Reina has created an empire. Bob […]

Coriant, a leading supplier of cutting-edge networking solutions to top network operators in more than 100 countries, publicized the news about the naming of a new CEO and Chairman, Shaygan Kheradpir. He joins Coriant after working closely with the top management team since 2014 as an Operating Executive at Marlin Partners. Having participated in overseeing […]

Everyone has heard about WEN by now. It’s the original cleansing conditioner that cleans and freshens hair without all of the harsh, drying chemicals that are in most shampoos. Since the hair is not being completely stripped of its natural oils and radiance, it takes less work to make it look full and shiny after […]

Communication between parents and teachers has reached the digital age with the help of a free app: Class Dojo. ClassDojo is a free app and communication platform for students, teachers, and parents. It allows a connection between parents and teachers to create a positive environment and the empowerment parents need to assist their child at […]