The real estate market is vital to the American economy, but it constantly needs innovation. Innovators have brought unique change to the real estate market for the better. One of the biggest innovators in the real estate market today is William Skelley. William Skelley is an extremely bright mind in the real estate industry, as […]

Visual search engines search images based on patterns they recognize and give pertinent information based on the pattern. Through image display such as graphs, websites, diagrams or previews, the results are displayed virtually so that it’s easier to find the desired match. Slyce, TinEye, CC Search, and Compfight are just a few examples of Visual […]

The growth of Skout can largely be attributed to its Chief Financial Officer, Portia Kersten. She happens to be one of the most successful women having worked with companies in a range of industries to help raise capital and maximize growth potential. Portia Kersten is one of the people who have helped steer Skout to […]

It has long been the trend to attempt to look like your favorite celebrity. As the makeup industry drastically improved, so did the capabilities to look like your favorite stars. Both men and women influence the industry today, and stars that you would never expect are launching makeup lines. Rihanna, for example, is a beauty […]

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and CFO of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, along with NewarkWorks and some other organizations, as well as a few well known city figures, have all joined together to assist Newark youths in obtaining summer jobs this summer. This well thought out employment plan’s main goal is to […]

I have tried several diets in order to lose weight. Short of weight loss surgery, there really isn’t a lot that I haven’t done. When I start to lose a few pounds, I always seem to gain them back. I heard about a woman in Connecticut who lost 80 pounds from the NutriMost program. This […]

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club recently hosted the final two races the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup and the three event Melges 32 Blue Water Series. Dick DeVos along with his Volpe team including Mark Mendelblatt, Scott Nixon, Sam Rogers, Drew weird to, Peter Kinney, Erika Reineke and Mike Hill won both the final event and the […]

A fund raising event held by Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners raised over $22,000. The fundraising was for the Uncommon Schools. The funds are intended to sponsor a student for the academic year 2014-2015 at a newly opened high school in Brooklyn which is part of the charter school. In explaining the motivation towards […]

Talk Fusion is a world leader in video communication. They offer unmatched video technology for business and social communication and are considered years ahead of the competition with their visionary approach to video communications. Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina after he was told that he could not embed a video into an email, after […]